Mediaworks stopped just short of destroying Budget Lock-up then

via Scoop

via Scoop

Treasury chief executive Gabriel Makhlouf says a media lock-up for the Budget will go ahead as usual but the practice could be reviewed in future.

Mr Makhlouf has written to media, saying he had “taken stock” of Treasury’s stance on the three-and-a-half-hour media “lock-up” before the Budget after the Reserve Bank announced it was cancelling all lock-ups following the discovery of a leak of information by Newshub, which is owned by MediaWorks.

Mr Makhlouf said he had decided the briefing for the Budget on May 26 would continue as usual. “However, I will continue to review both the overall status of future Budget briefings, and the ability of organisations to attend, in light of the adherence to lock-up conditions.”

He warned media of the importance of the embargo rules, saying a “high degree of trust” was placed in media at the lock-ups. The Budget lock-up is held at Parliament and attended by media, commentators and analysts. Under the lock-up rules nobody can receive or transmit information from outside the room until the Budget is formally released at 2pm.

Treasury warns it will monitor compliance with that.

The Reserve Bank should just have punted Mediaworks for a number of years.  Tarring all media with the same brush was a bit extreme.  They probably hate doing them, so they used the excuse to just cancel it and send everyone an email at the same time.

As for the budget lock-up, there is a lot of analysis that is provided to media before they are released into the wild.  This is essential so that in the scramble to get everything out at the same time, the accuracy and detail doesn’t suffer.

These days 80% of the budget content has already been pre-signalled through speeches and press releases, but it still needs time to get on top of the detail.


– NZ Herald


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  • stephen2d

    Why silence on the “journo” who caused a leak (and who apparently doesn’t work for Mediaworks anymore)?

    • biscuit barrel

      Doesnt work for ‘Newshub’ or just transferred elsewhere?

  • axeman

    Nup the response is fair, nothing like peer pressure to make you conform to the rules.
    It is called consequences, and if Newshub think they are better than the rest and can break the rules just wait till the organisations turn on them then, and it sends a clear warning.

  • Orca

    It seems to me that the whole idea of the media lock-up is based on an old-fashioned view of the media, in which their reporting is based on a study of the facts, how quaint. These days their story will have been written well in advance of the budget, and as usual, they sure aren’t going to alter their propaganda based on annoying facts anyway.

  • WBC

    Actually I think a broad tarring right now is a good thing, and probably a little late in the piece. The media are finally being told that they too must have some ethics.

    They’ve been running like rabid dogs trying to get the next cover for the News of the World for too long.