Mike King sabotaged?

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After reading something on The Nutters Club Facebook page yesterday I felt compelled to share the story. I met Mike King, whom Cameron knows well, when he and Cameron were on a panel together on Maori TV. He is a genuine bloke who cares passionately about helping people with depression. Since I have experienced depression up close and personal myself, I have a lot of time for Mike and The Nutters Club.

Today Mike accepted an invitation to Taihape Area School to talk to the yr 7-13 kids after the recent suicide of a student. He has just been informed that a Ministry of Health funded service provider is putting on a Rural Suicide Strategies Course at exactly the same time and it is compulsory for local stakeholders to attend. Is this a deliberate act of sabotage?

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This means there will be NO specialist youth support services attending and making themselves available for the kids before, during and after Mike’s talk why?

The organisation knew Mike was speaking today because they rang him to confirm last week. This is a national disgrace but typical of the crap Mike is subject to all over the country with funded agencies putting their self interest ahead of our young people!

For the record: The ministry of health has paid these organisations $250,000 to deliver 40 talks to a maximum of 30 people per talk. Mike through the Key to Life Charitable Trust has delivered 40 talks this year up and down the country to upwards of 1,000 people a session for free. Who is providing the most value for money?

We do our damnedest to help, collaborate, champion and communicate with funded service providers and yet they seem hell bent on treating us with complete disdain, why?


…We have remained silent for far too long, trying our best to work within the system and not rock the boat. For the last 8 years we have done our best to try to collaborate, co-operate, champion & help those providing support services.

Why on earth would those who are in charge of support services & funding appear hell bent on preventing this from happening?

The Key to Life is hope.

From the Principal of Taihape Area School:
Recently my School, and the Community of Taihape, suffered a terrible tragedy with the suicide of a 16 year old boy. This incident has had a profound effect on the health of the school, and community generally.
Any traumatic incident undoubtedly challenges the ability of support service to provide adequate, appropriate, and timely assistance.While we have received support of varying effectiveness from a number of services, with Youthline in particular very proactive, the support from our immediate school community, and from within, has been paramount.
Recently however we hosted Mike King for two sessions. The first was directed at parents, whanau, and community members, the second more at our Year 7-13 Students. Both sessions were absolutely outstanding, with a number of community members and parents choosing to return for the student session.
Mike is a wonderful entertainer, but it was the realism and relevance of his message that struck a cord with everyone. His presentations were engaging, and meaningful, to the lives of our young people. He didn’t brush issues under the carpet, but developed the themes of depression, anxiety, and mental health in a real and empathic manner.
The buy in from our students was overwhelmingly positive, with many seeking ongoing contact and support from Mike. The immediate question from many was “when is he coming back?”
And thanks for your words too Katrina….
Taihape Is A Great Place To Live
Mike Kings speech last night as TAS, was invigorating, very easy to listen to and very heart spoken, although it was one persons opinion it was an opinion of someone who had seen it all, and had made the decision to conquer, if the kiddies at TAS take away one thing from Mikes talk today, it will be one very beneficial thing.
Thanks Mike King for coming last night it sure has the brain cells rotating today, and a lot of thought has gone into past thoughts and beliefs.
Whether the services were there today for support, you alone will fill their hearts, and they will listen,

-The Nutters Club facebook page

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