More good news


Jobs up, confidence up, inflation down and main benefit numbers down.  What else can go wrong for Labour?

The number of people on the social housing register — the waiting list — has fallen 4.6 percent compared to the same time last year.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says figures for the March quarter show there were 4585 people registered, and of those, 1036 were already housed and were waiting for a more suitable property.

Social housing is mainly state homes plus some provided by community organisations.

Ms Bennett says the decline is the result of a more targeted approach to meeting individual needs.

“Regular contact with people on the register ensures ministry staff have the most up-to date information about their circumstances,” she said.

“Frontline staff working more closely with people to explore all alternative housing options is also helping to reduce the number of people on the register.”

The only concern I have is that things may be peaking a little too early for the 2017 elections.  Even so, if things do take a turn the momentum of contentment will carry forward for some time before the doom sayers have any effect.


– NZN via Newshub


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  • Orca

    I wouldn’t worry about National peaking a little early because Labour also appears to be peaking early as well, what is it lately, around 10 smear-campaigns a month, they can never hold that momentum!

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Even with a glass half full of iced water most indicators confirm that the peak has not yet been reached though many commentators will always find not only a half empty glass but only a negative to refill it with.
    Over simplification but no less true. That is what stability means and the lefties struggle to understand since it has not been the case for so many of them in their limited memory.
    We are just starting the drying time as the new trade agreements signed need time to kick in. This will see more domestic growth as established exporters as well as new entrants gear up in anticipation of market growth. This is no boom or bust transition or an artificially created option from intervention but rather planned and well executed steps to progress.
    Try adding wide angle or better still a fish eye lens to really get the big picture or if you are old school close the aperture and adjust the f stop to get the whole nine yards.

  • RightofSingapore

    The hateful Left will just accuse the Govt of heartlessly booting people off waiting lists and manipulating data-the lack of evidence for such claims won’t actually matter.