More proof (if it was needed) that German humour is problematic at best


Germany’s Angela Merkel has agreed to allow prosecutors to pursue a case against a German comedian who mocked Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan, prompting accusations she’s failed to protect free speech and has split her ruling coalition.

Erdogan had demanded that Germany press charges against Jan Boehmermann after he recited a poem about the Turkish leader in a show on German public broadcaster ZDF on March 31, suggesting he hits girls, watches child pornography and engages in bestiality.

You see, that’s not funny.   Strike 1.  

A section of the German criminal code prohibits insults against foreign leaders but leaves it to the government to decide whether to authorise prosecutors to pursue such cases.

German free speech is also rather interesting in the sense that you can’t insult a foreign leader.  Imagine that here?  No more coverage of Hillary, Trump and that guy that put his todger in a dead pig head.

This put Merkel in an awkward position.

Indeed it does.  The whole world can see the place is a messed up humourless wasteland.  They should have stuck to running the economy and making decent stuff.

She has been the driving force behind a controversial European Union deal with Turkey to stem the flow of refugees into Europe and critics have already accused her of ignoring violations of human rights and press freedoms in Turkey to secure its cooperation.

The chancellor made clear in a statement that the decision to allow prosecutors to investigate was not a verdict on the merits of the case itself.

Amazing.  A foreign politician wants someone prosecuted for trying to be funny (and clearly failing, I mean, Germany), and that country’s top politician goes, “Oh, ok.  Why not?”.

Be good for a laff, eh?

Boehmermann’s lawyer, Christian Schertz, said Merkel’s decision was “completely unnecessary”, noting that Erdogan had already filed a separate legal complaint against Boehmermann.

Oh my!  Erdogan already started legal action, and now Merkel has added another!

I have to admit I was wrong, this is indeed slapstick funny.   This is clearly meant to be funny on a totally different level.  I see that now.  It’s meta-funny.  Or, if you’re up with the popular meme:  funception.

Omer Celik, spokesman for Turkey’s ruling AK party, defended Merkel’s decision.

“Without a doubt this is the right decision,” Celik told broadcaster TRT Haber on Friday. “This is an insult against our nation and state. That person’s statements on that television channel were not criticism but direct insult.”

Well, Omer Celik.  You’re a pig’s trotter.  There.  I look forward to your legal action.

The cult comedian made clear before reciting the poem about Erdogan that he was intentionally going beyond what German law allowed.

That reminds me – remember Labour trying to ban any criticism of politicians through parody and humour?


And that one wants to be President of da World!

Yeah.  You stopped smiling now, haven’t you?


– Reuters via Newshub


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  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    Not only are we going to pass along millions of Muslim invaders, but we are going to force you to pay for it; open the door to Turkey being in the EU and make you prosecute your own people for not liking it. I’d say that is a pretty good cuckolding.

  • Left Right Out

    I’m guessing John Oliver won’t be broadcasting from Germany then

    • Boondecker

      It will be interesting if this heavily liberal mouthpiece says anything in support both free speech and his fellow comedian in Germany. I doubt it.

      Oliver, as lame and unfunny as he is, only takes swipes at his targets when he knows he can get away with it.

  • Clutch Cargo

    Actually……have you heard this one……it’s really funny…….Angela Merkel is considering contesting the UN Secretary General role, wow, than’t an absolute hoot……..whats that?…….she’s serious?……..your’e kidding me?…………..oh crap…….that’s not funny!!!!!

    • OneTrack

      And what is funnier, they are considering it. What is the take away message here? Spend taxpayers money as fast as you can, implement as many socialist control policies as you can, or throw your entire country under the bus, and you too can have a go at the top job in the UN.

      • Clutch Cargo

        Oh in that case……perhaps Helen is more qualified than we thought!!!!!

    • Dan

      I thought you WERE joking, until I did some background checking. But I think her biggest hurdle will be whether the rest of Europe will support that. My guess is that she will at least have the full unbridled support of most of the Middle East, North Africa and the ‘stans.

      But just imagine the damage!

      • Disinfectant

        I still think “Clutch Cargo” is joking.

      • EpochNZ

        Actually, I heard that on NewsHub the other day while driving to Chch. Apparently, the general feeling is all she needs to do is “show interest” at the second ballot and the job is hers due to her “extraordinary handling of the current refugee crisis”.

        I nearly ran off the road…

  • RightofSingapore

    Sounds like a politically motivated prosecution-I thought there was supposed to be some convention about politicians not having control over the charging of citizens?
    Germans-great scientists and engineers, no sense of humor

    • Graham Pilgrim

      Sorry, but I disagree with your last remark. I worked in Europe for many years in close contact with Mercedes Benz. Yes. By and large, the Germans are great scientists and engineers, but they can also have a great, (and wicked, like mine), sense of humour. I have often shared a good time with Germans at all levels of the social spectrum.

      • Tom

        Sorry I lived in Germany for 7 and a half years, they dont have much of a sense of humour. Best joke I heard. “how do you tell a rich German from a poor German? A poor German has to wash his own Mercedes”

        • Graham Pilgrim

          It is all too easy to generalise and stereotype. To be honest, I don’t think Kiwis have much of a sense of humour, unless it is at someone else’s expense. We’re very good at taking the mickey out of others, but when the tables are turned, we can become quite defensive and aggressive.

        • willtin

          They do have a sense of humour evidenced by their three switches to control the indicators on a BMW bike, whereas the rest of the World’s manufacturers supply all three functions (turn left, turn right, turn off) with one.

        • M C Chinaman

          I’ve heard a lot of jokes in my time- good and bad. And that was one of the better ones.

      • OneTrack

        I do hope the Germans have a good sense of humour, because the joke is definitely on them at the moment.

  • Chris Fleming

    Angela Merkel is simply the worst chancellor Of Germany has ever had.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      Adolf Hitler was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 until 1945. I don’t think Ms Merkel compares, although having said that, I am no fan of hers!

      • willtin

        God forbid that her legacy is also, the destruction of Germany as we know it.

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          Unfortunately I think it will be.

      • OneTrack

        We will see what the Germans themselves think about that in five to ten years.

  • Orca

    I assume that during the investigation, Interpol will be given authorisation to check if each and all accusations made against Mr Edogan are true or not. If he wants to prosecute someone for saying that he watches child porn for example, surely the truth of that must first be checked.

  • bristol

    Slowly but surely, bit by bit, our freedoms are being taken away. Mark Steyn sums up the situation very well in this article…

    • JKV

      Thanks for that. How depressing but Mark Steyn is spot on as usual.