Nasty Tamati calls McClay corrupt

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Tamati Coffey, bar owner, former weatherman and Labour Party windbag for Rotorua, has gone full retard on Rotorua MP Todd McClay.

You know those Panama Papers that tell people Aotearoa is a great place to launder money?

The NZ Herald has highlighted in the link below how Todd McClay put the IRD’s last review of foreign trusts and their taxes on ice, coincidently around the time John Key’s personal lawyer lobbied for him to do so.

A review that would’ve stopped our global embarrassment in the Panama Papers should it have been allowed to continue.

Mr McClay says the idea he was influenced by his boss’s lawyer “is insulting”, however when you read the corruption trail below, you’ll think being told it’s insulting is the insulting part.

Let us set the scene. John Key’s lawyer approached John Key to lobby on behalf of his business and industry. John Key said his lawyer should really talk to the Minister responsible, in this case Todd McClay. It appears the lawyer did so.

Five months later the review John Key’s lawyer was concerned about was put on ice. The reason? IRD had higher priorities.

Mr Coffey wants us to believe there was a “corruption trail” and, by extension, Todd McClay acted corruptly. This is a very serious allegation and Tamati must learn if he wants to play in the big league he has to be able to back these things up.

As it stands it is obvious from the reports why the review was put on ice. After all, what should IRD’s priorities be if not to maximize value for New Zealand?

Shutting down tax evasion by offshore trusts would gain New Zealand very little in revenue. If we are a haven as is claimed, the trusts are here only because of the loopholes. It isn’t like the country would be into a windfall if it tackled this problem. Meanwhile our taxation system faces much bigger systemic issues, such as GST in the age of the internet, corporate tax and general compliance issues.

Is Labour saying Todd McClay as then Minister of Revenue should have gone on a joyride dealing with foreign trusts when there were much bigger fish to fry elsewhere? Should he have turned his back on these other issues (which really are issues)?

Or is Tamati Coffey promising as an MP that he would nitpick and do nothing effectual?

Todd McClay has said the idea that he was influenced five months before by John Key’s lawyer is “insulting”.

For most of us Tamati’s stupidity in throwing this mud around is insulting. How low as a wannabe candidate can you go?

One thing he has to learn, though, is never go full retard…because, when you accuse people – like some of his commenters have, of crimes such as money laundering, then you really open yourself and your commenters up for a defamation action. On top of that he’s called John Key and Todd McClay corrupt, which is another defamatory allegation.

Whilst a hard-left hate-speech blogger might get away with calling the PM and his minister corrupt and accusing them of crimes, an aspiring politician really should be mindful of the law.


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  • Tiger

    I would have thought as a bar owner and hence businessperson, Tamati would appreciate the role trusts play in securing assets – legally? His commercial and political aspirations appear to be at odds. As the Daleks would say “this does not compute”.

  • Oiseau53

    Funny, the word “corruption” seems to have been deleted from the current FB post!

    • Urbanviper

      Well that is a small victory. So if they agree it was inappropriate to use the word “corruption” then perhaps an apology is in order?

    • Keeping Stock

      There’s another two mistake Full Retard Tamati has made – a) the internet never forgets, and b) the snipping tool can be your best friend and your most dangerous enemy.

  • Second time around

    I suppose Tamati Coffey as a bar owner has never spoken to Rotorua councillors about his wishes for liquor sales in the area. Corruption does require a personal consideration for the politician for which they are expected to procure the favour, otherwise it is just the free exchange of information guaranteed under Sir Geoffrey Palmer’s Bill of Rights.

    • Urbanviper

      Or spoken to noise control about other bars.

  • Kiwiracer

    When did money laundering become the catch phrase in this, as I understand it its all about tax liability overseas. . . . . . . . .

    • Hard1

      Mate, this is the left. Several years ago, there was a lefty fronted human trafficking ‘scandal’ here in NZ. The problem? Schoolteachers being recruited in the UK. Yamato is seriously lost in space.

    • Aucky

      Money laundering has become a much overused but convenient terminology evoked by the media. It conjures up visions of backroom casino deals and dodgy politicians meeting even dodgier financiers in the Cayman Islands. The MSM and the Coalition of The Damned have daily orgasms about the prospect of linking JK to such activities.

  • Christie

    At last – some decent and logical commentary on the subject, rather than the crazy rants of left wing journos adding 2+2 and getting 458. The whole point of this is that there would have been little benefit for IRD, because if any of those foreign trusts are evading tax, it is most likely in an overseas jurisdiction. IRD definitely have bigger fish to fry.

  • cows4me

    Doesn’t Tamati’s union mates owe many thousands in unpaid taxes ? Hypocrisy as a word doesn’t do these leftist idiots justice.

  • Damon Mudgway

    I never realised New Zealand had become a global embarrassment over this Panama papers ‘scandal’.

    Thank heavens for Labour enlightening me. Now I can proceed to be sufficiently outraged.

  • Mark

    If politicians are not there to curry favor for their constituents,why do we have them? It certainly is not because they are protecting our freedoms…

  • Teletubby

    According to the companies office Tamati is a shareholder in two companies, one of those, T2 Media was mostly owned by a trust up until September of last year. I’m pretty sure by applying Labour Logic this means Tamati is guilty of tax evasion and/or money laundering. It stinks to high heaven and he needs to come clean

  • leftrightout 2.0

    Am I to think that foreign trusts didn’t exist during labours last occupation in govt? As if you read anything in MSM or from the left this is all new and seems to have only start since JK came into power.

    Never mind that to date nothing illegal has taken

  • kayaker

    There seems to be no discipline within the Labour party. They’re kicking out in every direction, then some.

  • Metricman

    Go Tamati keep it up, we love it, come on, more, more, more. Wooooohooooooo !!!!!!! You beauty. Yap away, sling more mud, as much as you can find. By the way it completely doesn’t work, and will virtually guarantee Labour will remain ineffectual in opposition for as long as it wants.

  • PhantomsDoc

    If Labour are down and broke, would it be a strategic move by National to instigate a legal action over this? Would/could the Labour party come to the aid of one of their MP’s???

  • rustyjohn58

    He’s just trying to himself further up the labour list for the next election. As he already ticks a couple of minority boxes he just needs a bit more publicity and bobs your uncle.

  • Dumrse

    I think you are all over doing it. If the facts are right… Tamiti Coffee is a bar owner. A bar owner. That makes him a businessman therefore there is every chance he could complete assignment one of business 101. How may Labour MP’s can have that level of detail on their CV ? Im going to step outside of my comfort zone now and suggest that with a little exposure Coffee will be one of the more qualified Labout MP’s be it list or otherwise. I think he thinks he knows what he’s doing.

  • Usaywot

    Anybody see that Green twit on TV news the other night. He kept using the word “perception” over and over. Are they complete idiots? Voters are dumb enough to think the Greens “perception” is fact