Newbie reporters accidentally report the facts

In Canada there has been a cover-up. Girls in an elementary school have been kicked, choked and hurt by refugee boys. The mainstream media with one exception showed no interest in covering the story. The newspaper that did cover the story quickly edited facts out after the story went viral and eventually removed it all together.

I was  curious as to why the newspaper had covered the story  in the first place given that no other media was interested in the story and the reason was as sad as it is fascinating.

Insiders at the Chronicle Herald noted the paper’s staff has been on strike for 12 weeks, with many inexperienced reporters taking their place. They suggested managers may have missed the holes in the story’s reporting because of overwork and exhaustion. In a Facebook post, Martin O’Hanlon, the president of CWA Canada, the union representing the paper’s staff, said, “This would never have happened if real journalists were on the job instead of scabs.”

In my mind those ‘inexperienced’ reporters recognised a genuine public interest news story. Their crime was not knowing that media organisations  these days are more interested in political correctness than telling the truth.

The Rebel media decided to find out the truth and managed to contact three families. One thing all the complainants had in common was their compassion for the refugees. Even though their children had been hurt by them they believed that the problem was because of a lack of resources. They pointed out that these children who couldn’t speak a word of English needed to spend some time learning English and Canadian culture before being dumped in large numbers inside the school system.

The families spoken to by the Rebel Media reporter asked for their identities to be protected due to fears that they would be labelled racists and bigots. One mother feared this label even though she had been actively involved in welcoming and helping refugee families with clothing and other necessities.

In New Zealand we have been very successful at helping refugee and migrant children. This is because we don’t deal with huge numbers.One refugee or migrant child with no English can be helped and given support in a classroom successfully.On the other hand imagine if 20% or more of the classroom was made up of children from a different culture who couldn’t speak a word of English.

In the Canadian school, soccer has been banned from the school yard due to the school’s inability to stop the refugee boys choking and being rough with the girls during sport. Due to the lack of interpreters the school has difficulties communicating with both the refugee students and their parents. According to one Canadian student, if a refugee student chokes a Canadian student they are given time out on a chair whereas if a Canadian student choked a refugee student they would be sent to the Principal’s office and there would be serious consequences.


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  • Orca

    So soccer has been banned for everybody at school because the refugees can’t behave acceptably during sport. And when they don’t behave acceptably during lessons, I guess they have to ban lessons for everybody as well?

    • Abjv

      Just the girls.

  • contractor

    It completely beats me why on earth any modern and civilised nation would want to allow in cultures who have an irrefutable tendency to behave as an underclass, many of whom fail to integrate and adhere to the standards of the host society. Totally bizzare.

  • Left Right Out

    Square pegs round holes…… It is such a massive clash of culture

  • phronesis

    Same old story. The family fears that they will be labelled “racists and bigots” for protecting their own children from violence. While the real racists and bigots are the school and teachers that treat the black kids differently because they are apparently too stupid to know any better.

  • Dan

    Smells like Dodgy Union spirit! The union rep stating, “this would not have happened if brainwashed and indoctrinated real journalists were on the job..” Proof indeed that dodgy unions and the MSM are singing from the same songsheet. Nothing new though is it!

    It says a lot about a real jounalist then doesn’t it?

    There is a good point raised, and that is regarding the inability of these refugees to even communicate in English. Surely the good-hearted policy makers have established a system of integrating these people into a foreign society? If not, they will remain disenfranchised from society and that makes them more prone to being troublemakers in the future. But I guess when leaders like Trudeau and others climb over themselves in collecting refugees this support system goes out the window.

    “This would not happen if real politicians were on the job…”

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Get ready Dunedin. This could be coming to a school near you soon. Or perhaps only handled by an “experienced” journalist.

  • Old Dig

    So the story had facts edited out and then it was removed completely. This sounds so much like the ministry of truth from the novel 1984, this is sickening and scary. The thought police have taken over.

  • They are only school kids now, wait until they have grown up a bit.