Nikki Kaye gets sledged by Tracey Martin

Nikki Kaye cops a sledging from Tracey Martin on Facebook:

What the hell is going on Nikki Kaye ????

I contacted your offices last year about community funded swimming pools in closed schools being demolished without any notice to the communities?

Do you not think that rural communities deserve to be spoken to about the assets they fund raised for?  

How it is sensible to suggest that Iwi want a flat pile of dirt when there were solid buildings, recently upgraded fibre to the school, pool and tennis courts?

How much did this cost to destroy and who asked for it to be done. You are the Minister in charge Nikki, will you front up and enlighten us to the bigger plan?

This has only become usual practice since you became the Associate Minister with responsibility for school property??

She was talking about the removal of a rural school that featured on TVNZ last night.

I might have been sensible to locate a charter school there, but that won’t happen now the buildings have been levelled.


– TVNZ, Facebook


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  • Francis Urquhart II

    Who is Tracey Martin?

    • Nige.
    • Sailor Sam

      She used to be Winnie’s understudy, but got usurped by an ex-army mechanic/cook.

    • zotaccore

      The woman with a mouth the width of the Grand Canyon who, when observed in the debating chamber, yells and screams about in order to be heard. Problem is, she doesn’t have much to contribute and on points of order, usually gets sat down for disrupting the house. That’s about all I know about that woman :)

  • Orca

    Tracey, if you happen to be reading this, here is a wee tip. Strange but true, in most regions you need a resource and building consent to remove a swimming pool, and the procedure and fees are exactly the same as those for installing one in the first place. This is quite a big pool. Try asking for a copy of their consents to remove the pool.

  • RockinBob625

    Puhlease, thats hardly a sledging. As for the “news” story, the school pool was filled in in January and the tennis courts also destroyed at the same time. Its now April. TVNZ only went there as a media hit, plain and simple. The story didn’t sell unless the diggers were there doing their thing.

    A school building is taken down as it was an asbestos risk, and the others have been relocated. As for the foreman asking them to move, Health & Safety is a foreign concept to some. Get out of the way, and off the property.