No expectations means no disappointment as Key preps voters for a boring budget

Sounds like a business-as-usual budget.

There isn’t going to be anything in next month’s budget that will surprise people, Prime Minister John Key says.

Cabinet met on Monday to sign it off, and Finance Minister Bill English will present it on May 26.

“There’s nothing in it that you would say is shock and awe,” Mr Key told reporters on Tuesday.  

“There’s nothing that will surprise people in the budget, the work the government has been doing is quite consistent.”

Mr Key says there might be something in it about the release of land for housing, as there was in last year’s budget.

The Prime Minister confirmed on The Nation programme last Saturday that the Government would be providing funding for infrastructure improvements for freedom campers.

If the PM is talking freedom camping then you know this is going to be a boring steady-as-she goes budget.

No doubt the left-wing will scream about how John Key is destroying this country…despite the fact that not a single programme of Helen Clark’s has ever been scrapped.


– Newshub


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  • Ceebee

    They are just saving it up for next year – why roll out the goodies too early ?

  • Drhill

    I suspect Sue Bradford and her rent-a-protest group from Action Poverty will be protesting the day after the budget is announced – they would probably protest even if everyone was given free puppies

    • Sailor Sam

      They will protest the infrastructure improvements for freedom campers, after all we cannot let poor overseas tourists enjoy the fruits of our taxes can we?

    • Doug

      Free puppies? How can we afford to feed them when we can barely feed ourselves?
      Free puppies? What gives us the right to enslave a sentient species?
      Free puppies? But I wanted a pony

      But you are right, if more was given to one of the screaming groups, another one would start going, his does that help us?
      It all is vaguely predictable, especially from the left… I wonder how many more protests there could be with free puppies? I am sure a proper screaming face could come up with some more