No surprises here as Michael Wood nominates to replace Goff in Mt Roskill

Michael Wood has been taking one in the chook for Labour for years.

He got two hidings against Maurice Williamson and Jami-Lee Ross beat him in the Botany by-election. He has effectively been Phil Goff’s under-study.

Now he is readying himself for the big time.

Puketapapa Local Board member Michael Wood has officially put his hand up to be the Labour Party’s next candidate for the Mt Roskill seat in Parliament.

The father-of-three made the announcement he was standing for the Labour nomination at a gathering of supporters and local party members this afternoon.

He said having served the community on the local board for the past six years, he knew what the electorate needed.  

“I have the understanding of Mt Roskill at the grassroots level to win the trust of local residents and to continue our proud local history of principled and competent Labour representation.”

Mr Wood said he wanted to help the community in several key issues.

“I will be seeking the nomination and then campaigning for the seat on a platform of ensuring that barriers to real opportunity, such as the current lack of quality affordable housing, are knocked down.”

The centre-right in Labour will lose one weasel and replace him with a union hack and journey-man politician if Michael Wood does win the nomination.

Personally I think he is beatable but not by a useless National candidate. National would do well to select a strong candidate for the demographically changed Mt Roskill electorate now that absentee MP Phil Goff’s grasp on the seat has gone.


– NZ Herald


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  • PsychoKea

    If National was smart they would run an Indian candidate

    • Orange

      Parmjeet is Indian but also Sikh, not Christian.

  • Stuarts.burgers

    So how do we define ̂a strong candidate for the demographically changed Mt Roskill electoratê
    Do we look at the population of 44.2 European, 39% Asian, 14.5% Pasifika and 45% born off shore, 44.8% who stated on a Census form they were Christian, 10.5 stated they were Hindu and 5.9 who claimed to be Islam/Muslim.
    Do we look in the leafy suburbs under One Tree Hill or the Bush Clad cliffs of Ben James Drive and Saran Place or will a parachute candidate work better for National.

  • Raibert

    Love the Poli speak ” knock down barriers to real opportunity ” says nothing. What is he actually going to do about affordable housing? Is he going to ensure more land made available or just continue current failed policies?

    • Woody

      “Knock down barriers to real opportunity” To me that doesn’t sound like anything to do with housing, sounds more like removing the benefit for layabouts so they feel empowered to get a job and improve their own circumstances instead of the likes of me having to dip into my pocket to fund their “entitlement”. Labour are in favour of labouring? Right??


      Very pleased to hear that Mr Wood single-handedly is going to solve a problem ‘everyone else’ has been unable to solve. Good luck….

    • ” knock down barriers to real opportunity ”
      Socialist speak meaning-Give more taxpayer money to immigrants.

  • Keeping Stock

    Michael Wood; keeping Mt Roskill free from penis lollies since forever…

    Once again, Labour focuses on the issues that matter.

  • OneTrack

    Shouldn’t Little be grabbing this safe Labour seat while the going is good?

    • Aucky

      Keep him south of the Bombays please.

      • OneTrack

        I’m just wondering how dar Labour’s vote has to go before only the electorate MPs and any list MP’s ie Little, are left out in the cold.

      • Effluent

        Anything over about 1,500 miles will do just fine, thanks.

  • SaggyNaggy

    I only know this fellow second-hand, but he strikes me as a Justin Trudeau beta male, minus any of the charisma. He won’t be a bad MP, but mainly because he will remain in complete insignificance. I doubt he will do or say anything worthy of attacking.

  • David

    National need a competitive retail politician, they are very good at placing minority MPs on the List but they sadly have limited cross-over appeal and seem unable to win seats. The Indian community is extremely diverse and an Indian candidate is more likely to polarize and divide its own than to unite. Parmjeet’s real electorate vote according to Farrars Dec 2014 Analysis fell in the electorate by 16% last time which after useless Jackie Blue is something. She is very unpopular with volunteers and not trusted within the Indian community. In a bi-election a safe pair of hands is needed. Denise Krum would be a good fit.

  • rangitoto

    I’m sure the labour carpet baggers will surely be lining up to have a tilt. How do they select their candidate?