Northland mayor hates visitors and local Iwi just want cash

You can’t really believe some people. In Northland some local inbreds, including the mayor, have had a fit over a webcam that was in place for just one week at Shipwreck Bay.

It seems they don’t want visitors and local iwi are pissed off because they didn’t get paid.

The property owner who allowed a webcam to be installed at his holiday homes to broadcast a popular surfing spot, says he has received threats and didn’t expect it would cause such an uproar among locals.

Sports website Surf2Surf recently broadcasted live footage from Ahipara’s Shipwreck Bay for its subscribers.

The website owners approached the owner of three apartments which face the water in March, asking to install the webcam on his property. They offered him a free wireless connection in exchange.

But territorial local surfers not wanting to share the waves with out-of-towners allegedly used black spray paint to cover the lens of the camera and threatened the property owner.

Surf2surf director says he also received a threat, over Facebook, and has complained to police about it, as well as complaining about the vandalism of the camera.

The owner spoke to the Herald on condition of anonymity, out of fear of retribution.

Nice people up north; you could even call them feral. You’d think the local mayor would welcome visitors…but nope…

Northland mayor John Carter blamed the webcam for the influx of visitors coming to the area.

“Visitors, as a consequence of the webcam, are leaving waste behind, including human waste.”

He said Surf2Surf installing the webcam without communicating and discussing with the locals was “disrespectful”.

The area had a lack of infrastructure to cope with the influx of people coming to the town.

Mr Carter was now urging Surf2Surf director Paul Brunskill to “come and front up to the locals”, even if the webcam was being taken down.

Who does John Carter think he is…some sort of Boss Hogg type character? What sort of mayor doesn’t want visitors?

He said access to Shipwreck Bay was through private property, owned by the local iwi, who weren’t happy the company was getting financial gain by broadcasting the beach.

Someone forgot to pay the taniwha tax.

Surf2Surf director Paul Brunskill told the Herald, the webcam was only broadcasting to subscribers for a week last month.

While he didn’t personally know the “small group” who vandalised the camera, he claimed he knew they were local surfers.

Mr Brunskill said he was in the process of “polling users” to see if their subscribers would still be interested in broadcasting surfing conditions in Shipwreck’s Bay.

If there was a strong response, the website would consult the local mayor about installing a webcam in the area.

However if locals and iwi in the area weren’t happy with it, he would abandon the idea.

Yeah, fuck ’em. There are plenty more places that would love a bit of tourist traffic. But honestly, how inbred and isolationist.

Next time John Carter is whining about lack of investment in the Far North you can point him at this episode and wonder no more. Who on earth could be bothered with attitudes like that?


– NZ Herald


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  • Uncle Bully

    Here’s what the FNDC Mayor said on his personal profile page.

    “I’ll work with the community, iwi, businesses and the Government to maximise economic, environmentally sound opportunities; invigorating business and creating employment. We’ll harness our opportunities to the Far North’s advantage!”

    Yeah, right! More like chase opportunities away.

    He seems to be a National party lackey. Good luck taking Northland off Winnie if they stand him in 2017.

    He should have stayed in the Cook Islands where they appreciate that sort of do-nothing local politician.

  • Wheninrome

    There is the point that access is through private land, reasonably important I would have thought. I have a nice view from my lounge window, I don’t want it advertised to all and sundry as to view it they would have to come through my front door, a silly analogy but the point is private land owners do have rights.

    • omlete

      Most common access to the surf breaks is over sand and rocks below the high tide line, not private land.

  • Cadwallader

    Didn’t John Carter once introduce himself as “Hone Carter”on talkback radio? If this is he, then he is a former National MP. It strikes me as counter-intuitive that the warmest and closest to being equatorial area of NZ, is perhaps the most depressed and therefore depressing. This region would thrive if tourists were welcomed there not solely to visit but to invest. Mind you this area spawned some of the most rabid Maori activists whose agenda has little to do with enterprise and nothing to do with co-operation.

  • rua kenana

    Locals should have more control over what happens in their area than visitors. They are the ones who pay the rates, carry the burden of general upkeep costs, clean up the very frequently left-behind mess, put up with the rubbish, illegal fires, human excrement etc.
    Tourists/visitors should provide clear benefit to an area, not just to a few tourist operators there, before one can get excited about them.
    If visitors want to pay for the problems they so often cause that’s fine. But they so often don’t, and even when they do it’s often tourist operators without a strong commitment to the area who walk away with the proceeds.

    • Woody

      Visitors can’t provide any benefit to an area if the feral locals chase them away with malice.
      I can see how it would be a problem though, visitors equate to jobs. Jobs available in the area would mean that the beneficiaries would have to work as the excuse “No Jobs here” would no longer exist.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      Not half as much mess and rubbish as the locals leave lying about if my recent sojourn in the area is any indication. Many of the local properties and surrounding areas are an absolute disgrace.

      • rua kenana

        Yes. I too think the way some other people choose to live their lives is an absolute disgrace.
        But of course it’s none of my business.
        Maybe big brother from Wellington should step in to sort out these people who cause disgraceful feelings in others.
        I pay $6000 rates in a tourist area where I don’t live, get zero (actually negative) return from tourism, zero services from the local council, fortunately little mess and rubbish caused by locals, but sometimes some from visitors and tourists. Yes, it’s very definitely an absolute disgrace.
        So what should be done? Get locals to clean up their act?

  • Dave

    The mayor and his cohort of thugs with their feral behaviour are very shortsighted. This is an opportunity. Imagine if they grant the surf operator a license to take up to 10 people on a surf tour twice a week, $50 a head and $10 going to the landowners. Plus the balance go to providing local amenities. It might not sound like much, but the flow on opportunities, a coffee on the way, a drink or counter lunch at the local pub and so on, all potentially relieving the pockets of the surfers and providing income of locals. Oops, it’s more likely the locals are just selfish, they don’t want jobs, or to share their surf, life is great for them, native fishing rights, surf, and live off the dole.

    • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

      I am not surprised the Mayor drives a old Kingswood and as for a counter lunch in the local I believe would be a knuckle sandwich.

  • Dumrse

    My work takes me to the FN and I will make sure I don’t cause any offence by getting out again as soon as I finish. By that Mr Carter, I mean I will drive out, in my time, to find a motel that is away from you and your iwi. Your attitude to your visitors is appalling.

  • Stirmyporridge

    Ahipara is a dump, always has been always will be. There’s some nice views to be had by the Bach owners up on the hill but the rest of it is the land that time forgot. Fat Horis milling around the takeaway shop / Dairy and blatting along the beach on unwarranted and unlicensed 4WDs. It’s no place for a holiday unless you want to feel threatened and unwanted.
    Leave them to what they’ve got and keep paying your taxes to support their ‘life style’. Carter sounds like he’s gone well and truly native and should be ashamed of himself.

  • Doug

    I would love to go to Northland for a holiday, unfortunately that is one of the areas which appears to have too many ferals, so maybe I will take my holiday money elsewhere

  • SaggyNaggy

    I’ve always thought we would do well if we just carved out a little enclave around the Bay of Islands and cast everything else North of Wellsford adrift. It’s “Here be Dragons” territory up there. A bunch of layabout thieves and rapists on the take, the lot of them.

  • Raibert

    There is obviously an opportunity for the local Iwi to profit from this if they are willing to put in some effort. Build public toilets, provide access at a reasonable fee, welcome visitors. Then all involved would benefit. Or is this a case of the local Iwi wanting the ratepayers to provide infrastructure for them to profit from?

  • LesleyNZ

    Northland is lawless. Winston Peters really does need to start sorting out this lawlessness. He is the local MP – isn’t he?

  • seismac

    “Hone ” Has obviously gone Trop
    Perhaps he should come south to the southern most point in NZ and see how we welcome all and sundry
    Good for locals good for DOC good for IWI
    Visit Milford sound —-5000 per day , yes per day 300days per year ,nobody stays the night , clean and green ,in and out ,happy happy days Learn something about todays NZ Dope No Hopers