Not just useless but absent as well

Len Brown has been a disaster for Auckland, but not only is he dead set useless, but he is mostly absent as well.

Mayor Len Brown had the worst attendance at Auckland Council’s most important meetings last year.

The Herald on Sunday has analysed attendance records for all 21 elected councillors across the four committees that made the biggest decisions – the Auckland Development Committee, the Finance and Performance Committee, and the Regional Strategy and Policy Committee – collectively known as “Committees of the Whole”.

Council’s primary decision-making arm, the Governing Body, which also expects all councillors to attend, was also included.   

Across 47 meetings, outgoing mayor Brown and experienced councillor Christine Fletcher were around the table the least, attending 33 meetings (70 per cent).

Brown’s record last year was an improvement from 2014, when he attended 30 of 50 meetings across the four key committees, a grade of 60 per cent.

Brown is paid $259,500 a year to be mayor, deputy mayor Penny Hulse receives $146,200 and councillors are on $101,900.

That’s probably more money than Brown has ever earned. He was basically a flea market organiser and a third rate conveyancing lawyer in a suburban office before his ego let him stand for public office.

History will not remember him well.


– NZ Herald


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  • Tiger

    So taking money without doing anything? In the real world this is called defrauding your employer. Unless his Key Performance Indicators are so low, he is actually meeting his expectations…

    • Kiwi Sapper

      Sadly, no politician, either central or local government has ANY key performance indicators.

      At least this year, the Auckland Ratepayers Alliances is presenting every candidate standing for office with a pledge to sign before election time.

      Further, they answer to no one once in office.An excellent reason for Central Government to introduce recall legislation. Sadly they will not because it could result in them being recalled.

    • Orca

      In essence, we are literally paying him to stay away, which in his case, makes sense to me.

  • rexabus

    I guess he’s probably got more important matters to attend to in the ngati whatua room.

  • “That’s probably more money than Brown has ever earned”
    I’d be willing to bet its more than any of them could ever earn. Who would pay the whining Scots socialist a 100k? Eh? No one.

    Please. Not one of those fleas is worth a 100k.

  • Oh Please

    I’d prefer to pay $250k per annum for him to stay the hell away at all times.

  • Anthony

    That’s a lot of sickies. I’d call it job abandonment. This isn’t good enough. Time to refund the ratepayer for non performed duties, and step aside for somebody who wants the job

  • George Carter

    Strange, he always seems fit and well for the overseas jaunts and the big photo ops?