Nothing to see here either Chippy – Status Quo for the Education System Works Fine?

Chris Hipkins wants to close down Charter Schools that are making a difference to Maori and Pasifika families because the unions are telling him to tell the country that the system works fine for everyone anyway and that there is plenty of “choice”.

The statistics speak for themselves but Hipkins either can’t hear them or read them and he definitely can’t understand them.

Roll Based Statistics 2015

 Y11 NCEA Level 1 % Pass

Asian 88
European 82
Pasifika 73
Maori  64

 Y12 NCEA Level 2 % Pass

Asian 90
European 83
Pasifika 77
Maori  71
Y13 NCEA Level 3 % Pass
Asian 76
European 70
Pasifika 58
Maori  53
Y13 University Entrance Pass Rates
Asian 65
European 58
Pasifika 30
Maori  32

He simply relies on passive communities to accept this year after year, and the future social issues, because he assumes they will vote Labour anyway.

Chris Hipkins isn’t thinking of children when opposes charter schools, he is thinking of protecting the unions.


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  • Miguel

    The UE marks are the most telling in my opinion. While just over 50% of Maori pupils manage to get NCEA Level 3, less than a third get UE. I believe that UE requires a minimum number of credits in university-appropriate courses, so things like maths and the like. These numbers indicate to me that the few Maori and PI people that do stick around to sit NCEA Level 3 are doing ‘soft’ subjects that, while netting them the certificate, aren’t worth much when it comes to moving on to the next stage in their education.

    • Aquarius 61

      What would also be interesting to see here are the actual student numbers in each level these percentages are based on, as well as the percentage that pass.
      I’m sure we’d also see a big decline in numbers between each year. So not only are Maori and Pacifica failing spectacularly well, the chance of those groups that do pass, progressing through the levels is also poor.

    • Whitey

      That’s exactly what’s happening, and unfortunately a lot of it comes down to those wonderful state school teachers. The sad fact is that many teachers have, shall we say, preconceptions about what Maori and Pacific students are capable of achieving. Therefore they push those students into the “soft” subjects. But those “soft” subjects aren’t worth much in the real world and don’t provide the students with a good foundation to succeed in life.

  • johnandali

    I would like to see an assessment of literacy and numeracy rates by age groups in this country. I suspect that this is the main problem in Maori and Pacifica achievement rates. Perhaps somebody could tell Hipkins and his left-wing mates that one of the reasons for the establishment of charter schools is to do something to raise literacy and numeracy rates in the target group. Or doesn’t he really care, because his opposition to charter schools is simply to cover up the shocking inadequacies of the left-wing-controlled school system. His opposition will be for political reasons and not for any other reason. And that’s exactly how the left-wing thinks.

  • Dave

    Some advise for Labour and Andy Pandy. Andy needs to consult with Maori and offer an immediate solution to correct the stats that show Maori failing education overall, and in fact being beaten by PI students.

    All Andy has to do, is declare a crisis in the Maori education, and then declare that Asian and maori education results are to be combined when he is elected thereby fixing the Maori Education crisis.