Oh, NZ journalist receives death threats. That’s a pan-media story these days?

When it happens to me it’s just desserts and the natural consequences of my unwanted behaviour.


One comment read: “You should probably euthanize yourself before publicly humiliating even more.”

Another said: “If any pitbull attacks again I hope its [sic] you for your f***** up comments!!!”

MediaWorks contacted police who have since acted; one person has been issued a warning.

Ferals with Internet access.  

It happened on the West Coast, it is happening now, it will continue to happen.

I’m looking forward to the news that Garner’s emails and Facebook page have been hacked, and Hager will release a book about it for the 2017 election.

Because that’s the next step when a right-wing Journalist gets death threats.

No, of course not.

There are no parallels here whatsoever.


– Newshub


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  • Peter

    Without practicing Eugenics we are probably stuck with with this feral breed – I meant the dogs of course and not the idiot owners…or did I.

    • kereru

      Like attracts like, I guess. Don’t they say you end up looking like your dog?

      • dumbshit

        Well I don’t know about “looks”, but if the dog ends up “thinking” like the owner, what chance does it have?

        • kereru

          Nah, it’s the other way round – owner looks like dog. I was picturing a pitbull in full snarl. Not a pretty sight.

      • Peter

        Mine is a scruffy little Aussie Terrier with a floppy ear so i guess so.

        • kereru

          Aww, very cute. I like scruffy dogs with plenty of character.

  • Orca

    If nothing else, this attitude surely confirms that the real problem lies with the dog owners and not the dogs. Nature or nurture? Looks to be largely nurture. Gee boy, you are just like your daddy!.

    • niggly

      Yes, this does go to show that certain “types” of dog owners are the real problem, not so much the breed itself.

      Any dog breed can be compromised if they are not treated well by their owners.

      And with these examples of “ferals”, if that’s the way they interact with people on social media (making threats and expressing such anger etc) I’d hate to think how they actually treat their own dogs.

      • Orca

        Certain unscrupulous dog owners, who want a “security dog” first choose a breed known to be potentially aggressive, and then deliberately push it over the edge with cruel treatment. You can pretty much guarantee that the dog guarding your nearest gang house or towing yard has been raised this way. Worse still, there are dog “fight clubs” in Auckland, in which the treatment of the dogs is so severe that they would also maul their owners if let out of the cage.

        • willtin

          Let the dogs out.

  • Dan

    Most of us would have read how often dogs look like their owners, but it seems that the comparisons go beyond that. The question is, who reflects who?

  • Nechtan

    So one the MSM’s own gets death threats and they rally round, Cameron and his family get the same and its ignored or worse reported as somehow deserved. Hypocrites.

    • SlightlyStrange

      And when the PM gets it, well, he was obviously asking for it.
      As for Judith Collins, well. Her too.

  • Old Dig

    First guns now dogs. Same argument though, banning a certain type of dog (or gun) will only effect law abiding citizens. The feral criminals (like the one that wrote those hideous threats) wont be affected.

    • Hard1

      Guys with illegal guns are pretty much muzzled anyway. Show a gun in public and everyone will call the cops.

      • Old Dig

        When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

  • Superman

    The left are so nice and peaceful.

  • John Colbert

    Poor Dunce ….. I mean Dunc’s.