Paddy goes over the top again as SIS does its job

The Media party is in a frenzy, but none more so that Patrick Gower who has gone full retard over the SIS actually doing what they are paid to do.

New Zealand SIS agents spied without a warrant by using an rarely used act reserved for the prevention of a terrorist act.

A release by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service shows it used a Section 41D Authorisation which enables the spies to carry out surveillance in an “emergency situation”.

The legislation, the Security Intelligence Act 1969, says use of the power is necessary for detection, investigation, or prevention of any actual, potential, or suspected terrorist act or facilitation of a terrorist act”.

It was used sometime in the six months between July and December last year.

Minister responsible for the SIS Chris Finlayson confirmed use of section was “rare”.

I’m glad we have pro-active spy agencies protecting us. Because the news media sure as hell aren’t capable of finding out any information unless it is spoon fed to them or from Twitter or Facebook.

The media idiots who think this is a bad thing don’t realise that the general voting public think it is great that our spies are effective.

What’s the alternative? Not do their jobs and run the risk of a terrorist incident?

Imagine what Gower would say then.




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  • STAG

    Gower really anoys me, do you job, report the news.

    A little used section of a hugely import act to prevent acts of terror within the country was activated within the last year to protect to population from a serious and possibly murderous act.

    Report that!!! Not its use but why! Do your job man.

  • R&BAvenger

    I share the sentiment. the Media Party’s take is “Breaking News – SIS does its job”. Our benign defence environment is nothing like it. Europe is paying the price, post-Cold war of similar thinking and going all out in enjoying the peace dividend.
    Ordinary citizens are paying with their lives, while going about their business. they have been betrayed by their leaders who have had their heads in the sand.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Good to see the SIS doing it’s job.
    Imagine Gowers Hysterics if there had been two occaisions when the powers were used.

  • oldmanNZ

    its like the MSM treat it as being offensive, some one was offended.

    so they spied without a warrant:
    was anyone injured, killed? no
    was anyone innocently publically humiliated? no
    was anyone actually aware or cared? no
    did they find out the 11 secret herbs? no

    was live saved? possibly

  • Michelle

    Just imagine the stink from Paddy if something happened in his back yard then the shoe would be on the other foot asking why it wasn’t prevented by the SIS

    Grow up Paddy and become a proper journalist instead of a sensationalist

  • Isherman

    Actually Paddy, I would feel much better about the ability of the SIS/GCSB (and SAS for that matter) to get on with their jobs without you and your muppet mates sticking your noses in at all. You’re not reporting ‘news’, you’re on a crusade, mistakenly believing that you and your ilk are somehow the flag bearers for the benefit of our society. Let me be blunt, you’re not. This new era of ‘transparency’ around the activities of our Intel services doesn’t actually sit well with me. You just better hope the MSM fixation of prying into the our security services never compromises an active operation…this isn’t a game, and it isn’t ‘the ……news’ as you so eloquently put it in the Library.

  • Keeping Stock

    I wonder if this was in response to the Fonterra 1080 extortion case. That was certainly a case of economic terrorism.

  • Seriously?

    The way I heard it is that the 24 hour no warrant power was used due to urgency, and during that time they sought and obtained a warrant to allow subservience going forward.

    Good law, used as intended.

  • R&BAvenger

    Gower : But they did it without a warrant.
    The thinking public : Under the current law, in specific circumstances, they are allowed to.
    Nothing to see here, move on.

  • Gazza

    Paddy, have you not heard? you never go ‘full’ retard…. The way things are going overseas in the UK / Europe this is exactly the time that the likes of the SIS and GCSB should be lifting their game, so as far as I am concerned….go hard and keep us safe

  • Woody

    Wow, Security Agency caught doing there job – riveting news.
    It would be more riveting if the headline read “Journalist found doing his job” – not holding my breath on that one.

  • Superman

    Why does the SIS release this information? All it does is let the bad guys know how they operate and give crazy journalists something to complain about.

  • andrewo

    …and as we all know: You NEVER go full retard!