Penny Bright ordered to pay $13k in costs, but ratepayers still out of pocket

Penny Bright is fully capable of paying her outstanding rates but just doesn’t want to.

Auckland Council has today been awarded more than $13,000 towards costs incurred while recouping unpaid rates from activist Penny Bright.

Ms Bright owed $34,182.56 in rates for her Kingsland house, as of June 30, 2015.

The $13,249.20 of costs awarded by the Auckland District Court is in addition to the rates owed, which backdate to 2007.

Earlier this year, the court ruled Ms Bright must pay the rates owed to the council.  

Ms Bright has refused to pay her rates until the council maintains full and accurate records of private sector contractors.

“It is our public money and when I’m the mayor of Auckland I will have a small team of professional forensic accountants based and paid for out of the mayoral budget. They will report to me and find out where every dollar of ratepayer money is being spent, invested and borrowed,” Ms Bright, a candidate for the Auckland mayoralty this year, said previously.

In a very small number of cases, the council will seek to recover rates through a court ordered sale of the property. This is only after all other options have been exhausted and the ratepayer is still refusing to enter into any payment arrangements.

Penny Bright doesn’t get to have a say until she does pay her rates. She is bludging off the goodwill of other ratepayers.

Her sneaky little hose supplying water from the neighbour should be the next thing cut off.


-NZ Herald


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  • RightofSingapore

    I don’t want to pay my rates, they’re too high and our Council leaders are hopeless troughing spendthrifts. Naturally I am watching this case with interest.

  • STAG

    Hose from the neighbours? So she is not even protesting honestly?

    Call in the bulldozers!

  • Keeping Stock

    I laughed at this bit in NBR’s story on Ms Bright:

    She referred to herself as an “anti-corruption whistleblower,” which was deemed irrelevant by Judge Gary Harrison,

  • Santa Fe fan

    Why is it her house hasn’t been sold yet after countless court orders, but earlier this year Council sold Charlotte Marsh’s for not paying her rates (to the council anyway).

  • one for the road

    Dillusional (“when I am Mayor) and deceitful (water from the neigbour) woman. Shouldnt be allowed to run for Mayor and waste more money…..

  • KGB

    Water from neighbours??? I didn’t know AC was withholding services…great!!!
    Or has she failed to pay her water bill too?

    Is her rubbish & recycling collected?
    Does she use the Libary?
    Does she walk in the local parks?
    I hope she’s also locked out of Aucklands Public Toilets!
    When standing on a principle…be principled Penny.

    • XCIA

      Puts a new slant on the old saying “I’m off to spend a penny” ;-)

  • OneTrack

    Does the council maintain full and accurate records of public sector employees including the troughers in AT and the mayor’s publicity aka propaganda department.

  • Nick K

    The council should demand the costs be paid within 10 working days and if not it should commence bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Grizz30

    Put her house on the back of a truck and sell its parts as scrap. Then allow a developer put high intensity housing on the section.

  • Sally

    We all should vote for Penny. We can then all take our lead from her and stop paying our rates. She won’t mind. She will also not mind not getting paid as mayor nor will she complain about no staff, she will be running the super city all on her own as a volunteer.

  • Mick Ie

    She is a blight on Auckland Council ratepayers.
    AC should show consistency by forcing the sale of her home like they did the one in Manurewa. God forbid she ever became Mayor – Imagine if she refused to pay the City of Auckland’s bills too?!

  • Dog Breath

    Loved the team of accountants all on 6 figure salaries doing line by line checks on where every cent is being spent. Totally dumb.