Peter Dunne lectures UN on drug policy. Yes, you read that right

Peter Dunne has urged the world to be bolder when it comes to drug policy reform.

The Associate Minister of Health gave his statement to a special session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on the world drug problem this morning (NZ time).

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In it, he criticised the “glacial pace” of drug reform and the small, incremental steps toward change over the past few decades.

“As encouraging as the shift has been, the fact is that compared to the global narcotic industries, we are moving at a glacial pace, hamstrung by an outdated overly punitive approach.

“I put it to those assembled here that globally, we need to be bolder in our approaches.”

Mr Dunne said New Zealand was taking a proportional, compassionate and innovative approach to its drug laws, citing the 2015 National Drug Policy and the Psychoactive Substances Act, which governs synthetic drugs.

The Act requires makers to prove the safety of their products before they’re allowed on the market.

But he warned “boldness” doesn’t mean reckless, and policy changes must keep likelihood of harm at a minimum.

Mr Dunne also laid out New Zealand’s position on medical cannabis, saying it must be subjected to the same tests as any other therapeutic pharmaceuticals.

“Identifying the greatest therapeutic benefits and determining the most appropriate ratios, dosage and delivery mechanisms will only come through a robust, scientific approach.

This is the same Peter Dunne that unleashed synthetic marijuana on the population without any trials. ?I guess we can conclude he learned from that, but now we’ve gone too far.

Marijuana is one of?the most studies substances in the world, and mountains of research already exists on its use in medicine.

So on the one hand he’s saying to the UN they must hurry up, and then he says that nothing should be done until all proper medical studies are done. ? Studies that usually take decades before anyone gets to see the results and then another few decades go by arguing and doing more studies. ?(Insert troughing noise here)

In the mean time, you chronic pain sufferers, glaucoma patients and people with seizures can just take the risk of buying some Mary Jane from?your local gang distributor and take what you think will work, as there is absolutely no strength, efficacy or dosage control.

Oh, here’s an interesting bit of trivia: ? People who have died of a Marijuana overdose in the last 10 years?



– Simon Wong, Newshub