Peter Dunne should not be the person who makes medical decisions

In refusing to act on legalisation and putting in place a regime for synthetic cannabis but not including organic cannabis under that same regime Peter Dunne isn’t really the best person to be making decisions on medicinal cannabis on a case by case.

A cannabis-based product has been approved for a patient with severe Tourette’s Syndrome by the Associate Health Minister.

Peter Dunne has approved the use of the non-pharmaceutical grade product Aceso Calm Spray following an application from the person’s treating consultant.

It was chosen based on its low THC content.

Mr Dunne says the product was chosen over Sativex, a product shown to be effective in treating the condition, because of the reduced psychoactive side-effects.

“The application was comprehensive, innovative and considered.”   

While the guidelines for approving such products is ongoing, the Aceso spray met seven of eight existing criteria.

The Director of Mental Health and the acting Director of Public Health recommended its approval.

“Although it has been suggested that the information requirements for applications are too stringent, an aspect I expect the current guidelines review will look into, the application I received today suggests that they are not an impediment to robust, clinician-led, assessment-based approaches,” Mr Dunne says.

The company markets the product as a herbal supplement which combines hemp with naturally occurring cannabinoids and extracts from grapefruit and lavender known for their calming effects.

However, it says the claim of calming effects haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US and “isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease”.

That’s good for this person, but cumbersome in general for everyone else.

The way we handle drug legislation currently just hands the power to the gangs. Peter Dunne is the biggest roadblock to that making him a good friend of the gangs in the process.

Decriminalisation and legalisation would de-power the gangs and remove cannabis from the shadows, in to a far more transparent and controllable environment.


– Newshub


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  • Gaynor

    It should be between a patient and their doctor. I am sure Peter Dunne has no medical qualifications so he is definitely not the right person .

    • Isherman

      Beyond purely medical decisions, I’m not sure Peter Dunne should be making ANY decisions, irrespective of ministerial responsibility that he might have.

  • willtin

    As Dunne’s son James has had a vested interest in the ‘synthetic highs’ industry, there is no way he should have any influence over decisions relating to natural cannabis.

  • Whitey

    The fact that Dunne is allowed to make medical decisions is bizarre. He is not a doctor. He’s not even interested in the wellbeing of patients, he’s just pushing his own agenda based on personal beliefs. That attitude has no place in any medical decision.

  • Ross15

    To be fair to Dunne –he has the final yes or no but it is the clinical / medical advisors who really make the decision. Dunne said last night if they come out clearly in favour of a decision he effectively rubber stamps it.

  • Nige.

    His constituents must be embarrassed. Surely this will be his last term to be in Parliament. His legacy will be that he embraced those horrible so called “legal” highs and to ignore the evidence of the benefits of natural marijuana.

  • Dog Breath

    Is it Dunne or the position he occupies or the process being questioned or is it everything.
    The same could be said that sh_t heads are not the experts either for making decisions on what is allowed as a medicine.
    How do we make the process simpler but still have product Safety or do we take on that risk and hope for the best.


    I tweeted Peter Dunne the other day in regards to Pennsylvania adding Autism as a Qualifying Condition for Medical Cannabis, instead i was told it won’t happen here, maybe Peter Dunne should see how autism sufferers live, the US or the home of the War on Drugs is allowing Autism sufferers access to cannabis to treat their mood swings and etc

  • Lux

    I don’t understand how one person can have the power to say yes or no over this issue?
    Surely in a country such as ours, there should be panel of people who can debate the issue.
    Why does this person have such absolute power over it all?

  • Wolfman Jack

    Dunne and others like him are the dark side of MMP. Ego driven, low bandwidth, high interference and outdated.