Phil – never lied, never leaked – Goff staunch about police station closures


New Zealand Police is denying claims 16 Auckland police stations are going to shut down.

Labour MP and Auckland mayoral candidate Phil Goff said earlier this week that police sources had confirmed to him 16 Auckland police stations would close. Some would be temporary, and some permanent, he said.

But Acting Assistant Commissioner of District Operations Bruce Bird says the only change that’s happening is the upgrade of safety features at 105 stations around the country.

“In some of these stations, one of the options may be to limit public access at times when constabulary staff are on the premises,” he said in a statement.

“This does not mean the stations will permanently close, but the public access at some stations may be, as an interim measure, restricted to those times when a constabulary or authorised officer is available to work at the front counter.”

Commissioner Bird says the security review of stations is a project that has been in the works since last year.

Newshub then went back to Mr Goff. He said he expects the police to deny the claims, but his sources are “extraordinarily good”.

“The information that I’ve received comes from within the police themselves. The police are saying that these health and safety concerns – while they might be real – are being used as a pre-text for the permanent of closure of stations to the public,” Mr Goff said.

Interesting that Newshub went back to Mr Goff, instead of not running a different story in the first place. Something titled: “Police deny Goff smear attempt about station closures”.

Nope, the Media party run everything they get from the Labour Party without first giving it the once-over. Not even a sniff test.

And now, only Phil is right. And his “extraordinarily good” source, which will of course remain unnamed. (Not many of us name our keyboards).

Nobody else, from the Police Minister down to station staff, have a clue what he’s on about.


– Newshub


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  • Keeping Stock

    Phil Goff – your “tribal Labour” independent mayoral candidate.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I would not trust Mr Goff as far as I could throw him.

    • dumbshit

      Maybe wise to stay out of “spitting” distance as well!

      • OneTrack

        Especially if you served in the NZDF. Be careful if you are wearing a poppy this weekend, Phil might consider you a valid target anyway.

        • Skydog

          Goff would have to have the utmost audacity to attend an ANZAC day ceremony even as mayor or Joe public.

    • Orca

      If you need any help with that, many hands make light work. Just saying.

  • Big_Al

    Yep, good old Phil. Following in Andy’s footsteps with any fabrication they can muster to try and smear the National Govt. And “Honest Phil” wants to be mayor of Auckland!!

  • Peter

    As pointed out above, the only reason Labor/Goff/ et al can do this is that the Media seem willing to run these stories without checking to their veracity.
    It may be necessary to mount some sort of legal challenge to this activity to nip it in the bud. Maybe the scenic hotels misinformation and defamation would be a good place to start.

  • Tony Norriss

    So if there are no closures of police stations, I bet Goff will claim that it was due to the publicity he generated forcing the police to change their minds.

    • biscuit barrel

      You tell me how the Police are going to offer the same service with a capped budget ?

      • StreuthCobber

        Safety Budget: One auckland suburb now has a local ratepayer funded Safety Hub office for the community constable and wardens. ratepayer funded community safety patro car and petrol, where untrained citizens drive around taking notes of any issues. I think it would be good to have a review. How often is it used, is it effective, what happens in the event they come across a serious situation. It seems like once again the line between Central vs Local governemtn roles is being blurred. My question is local government seems to have plenty of budget for extra safety services (cars and offices and staff). Would these budgets and services not be more efficient, effective and safer for workers and volunteers under the Police. Goff however wants to grow local govt powers.

  • rantykiwi

    It’s quite funny how slow Phil is on the uptake. We had notification months ago that Onehunga police station would be closed for a short period to allow upgrading of the public service desk.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Get used to the lies, deceit and corruption Auckland, this muppet WILL be your next mayor.

    • Warren

      Dead right DM. Its hard to believe that this guy is going to be voted in by Aucklanders. From one muppet to the next.

      • OneTrack

        Auckland has a lot of people who want free stuff, funded by someone else.

        • Dog Breath

          Funded by the rest of NZ.

      • rantykiwi

        I certainly won’t be amongst those giving his name a tick come election time – but it looks like I’m going to be lumbered with him anyway. Let’s just hope he indulges in some Brown-esque behaviour before polling day and blows his chances.

  • stephen2d

    Typical modus operandi of Phil Goff. Anyone remember the supposed Mossad retrieving their “agents” from Christchurch after earthquake?

  • Orca

    It all depends on how you define “Independent”. Independent of original ideas, Yes; Independent of the truth, certainly; Independent of any concern for the people of Auckland, you bet. But independent of Labour?, not a chance, because dependence on Labour is what granted him his independence from all those other things.

  • Vutekno

    Angry Little says it “tribal Labour” what on earth does that really mean? Sounds like something from the “Lord of the Flies”

    Or maybe more accurately “Lord of the Lies”
    Ed: added last sentence

    • PhantomsDoc

      What does tribal Labour mean? Let me count the ways (others can also join in):

      Willing to throw public servants under the bus to further your agenda
      Willing to spend others money with no forethought or accountability
      Unable to account for your own money and spending (and overseas bank accounts)
      A liking for Swiss Balls
      A willingness to outright lie in parliament under the umbrella of Parliamentary Privilege but not outside it (due to getting hammered by legal proceedings)
      A great liking of calling for public inquiries while at the same time calling for more prudent spending of the public purse
      The ability to twist any information and feed it to the public and hope it won’t be scrutinised
      The ability to release press releases and have the MSM present them as professional journalism
      A liking for Nicky Hagars work but not his holding you to account…
      A love for criminal activity (when it benefits you) but having higher moral standards than any Tory (someone to the right of your views)

      Edit : A love of Asians

  • Orca

    Only one of these is a real donkey:

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Which hat was Goff wearing when this revelation was so faithfully absorbed by the Media party? Deceitful local body candidate or MP?
    He is certainly a dedicated liar only equalled by his dedicated tribal existence in the Labour party. No surprise he starts his quest for Auckland Mayor with a lie.
    Funny though for those who think Loose Lenny is a loser since they now have the chance to replace him with an even bigger loser. Good luck with that.

  • zotaccore

    Goff goofs again it seems. I have a feeling he was set up by “someone” who is his extraordinary source. This has been his life in politics too, there are many instances where he has failed to be ingenuous regarding claims simply to score points. He’s a tool.