Pope embraces “imperfect” Catholics, like people who are divorced

Presumably he also embraces his pedo priests as he outlines a “more merciful and loving church”.

Catholic Church leaders in New Zealand are welcoming a document outlining a more merciful and loving church.

The 260-page treatise called “Amoris Laetitia,” (The Joy of Love), one of the most eagerly awaited pronouncements of Pope Francis, calls for more compassion towards “imperfect” Catholics, such as those who divorced and remarried, saying “no one can be condemned forever”.

Just as well, as the Church has embraced pedophiles for decades, and people who were divorced were starting to worry if they would ever be loved by God again.  

New Zealand’s Cardinal John Drew said the Pope took particular care in talking about those that are divorced and now in new unions.

“He appeals to us all that they not be made to feel that they are excluded from the church family.

“In particular pastors and those involved in family ministries are reminded of their obligation to exercise careful discernment of situations and to avoid judgments that do not take into account the complexity of different situations as well as people’s differing degrees of responsibility.

“The emphasis is on showing love and tenderness and working to integrate all people into the church community no matter what their situation.”

Under current church teaching, Catholics who divorce and remarry in civil ceremonies cannot receive communion unless they abstain from sex with their new partner, because their first marriage is still valid in the eyes of the church and they are seen to be living in an adulterous state of sin.

“No one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel! Here I am not speaking only of the divorced and remarried, but of everyone, in whatever situation they find themselves,” Pope Francis said.

Bishop Charles Drennan, Bishop of Palmerston North, said the statement was an appeal to bishops and priests “that we be pastors of open hearts not closed minds”.

This is what pisses me off about the Catholic Church. Clearly they have no understanding of the plan of salvation and are still hung up on “deeds” and church control.

Forgiveness was taught by Jesus Christ, not this sort of man-made control. Christ was very explicit…accept the plan of salvation. That is all you have to do, and you are saved…and yes, that means all sinners from the pedo priest to mass murderer and the adulterer, and the poof and petty thief…all can be saved and it isn’t through the intercession of a priest or a church.




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  • 10cents

    [MOD redacted] if the Catholic Church is more openly accepting of imperfection, then they won’t be so inclined to hide child rapists. I dunno – maybe it helps to remove the excuse of secrecy if it doesn’t need to be hidden?

  • Monty’smate

    Obssesive hatred of Catholics and the Catholic Church has been a sad and bitter theme of Whaleoil for many a year. It becomes rather a bore, frankly.

    • You don’t see a problem with the church embracing divorcees so they may find God as “imperfect” Christians, but not acting against the criminals in their own ranks? In fact, hiding those, protecting those and still being completely obstructive when it comes to bringing these people to answer for their crimes to their communities under the laws of the land?

      This blog outs any kind of hypocrisy. I suggest that with Roman Catholicism, it’s too close to home for some. Easier to be frothing bout dem Muslims.

    • D.Dave

      I don’t see hatred of Catholics , or their church, on Whale Oil. What I see is a call for the organisation, and others, to stop hiding pedophiles and abusers within their folds. I do not, and have not seen belittling of others faith, or beliefs. I do see people who choose not to believe in Deity’s and religious indoctrination. The use of words like ‘sky fairies’ is no more, or less offensive, to me than ‘angels’, god,s or Saints.
      It is all about allowing personal belief, whether it is in a form of “greater life” or not. If some one chooses to be offended by this, then, perhaps they are in the wrong forum.

    • Teakay

      “The Catholic Church is a Victim” – Yeah Right!

    • KatB

      Being a Catholic myself, I don’t see it as obsessive hatred of the Catholic Church and even if it is, people are welcome to their opinion. There are certainly things the Church needs to be called out on and criticisms that are fair. On a personal level , I know what the Catholic faith has done for me and hopefully through my actions people can see some goodness from it. Long may I live in a country where people are free to criticise or even mock my faith. I know in my heart my own intentions and nobody’s else’s opinions on that matter really matter to me.

    • kereru

      Why does the slightest degree of criticism of either the Catholic Church or its doctrine draw the use such words as ‘hatred’ or ‘bitter’? Is rational discussion not possible? It certainly is with my lifelong friend who is as a brother to me, and is also a very loving Catholic.

      Could it be something to do with the fact the Bible teaches us to bring the unbeliever to faith in Christ – but the Catholic is always speaking of bringing people into the Catholic Church? Why is that?

      In Christ’s Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20. Jesus spoke of the ekklesia (GK the ‘called-out’ ones), the ‘body’ of believers, a living organism, with Christ as its head. And it is to Jesus Christ, who alone bore the penalty for our sin through the shedding of His blood, that we must point others for forgiveness and salvation – because He alone can confer it. Not any Church, not the Apostolic Church, not even the Catholic Church, but to Christ alone, to the glory of God alone.

  • Dan

    The last paragraph of this post nails it. Since it is Sunday allow me to give a small sermonette.

    Salvation comes only through Christ and not via a third party. No amount of deeds and sacraments can save anyone, but only though God”s grace that he offers forgiveness to those who repent (in, turn away from sinful living as defined by Him). Not only that, but His forgiveness is FREE.

    In many respects there are ZERO perfect people. We are ALL imperfect and yet some of these have salvation. That is what grace is.

    • Intrigued

      You’ve nailed it Dan. That’s how I see the grace of God too and have viewed it always.
      It has been with significant resentment towards the church authorities that I stopped going to mass after experiencing divorce. I was so incensed that the priest I’d respected for 30 years counselled me to try and get my first marriage (from which I bore a son!) annulled in order to remarry. It was as if this was more important (to comply with the dictates of the church) than the reality of my years of marriage which were very ‘real’ as was the birth of my son. I didn’t want to nullify those years. They happened. They helped shape my life, my subsequent choices and who I am today. The fact that my ex didn’t want any more children and I did was what he seized upon as a ground for annulment. But for me it wasn’t the only factor leading to the demise of our union. I had never contemplated annulment – it was all his idea I guess to keep me in the church! Annulment is all about invalidating, voiding and obliterating the act of marriage as if it never happened. He just didn’t get that I could not in good conscience take that course.
      My personal belief in God has not wavered but my respect for the church was shattered. Pope Francis is making positive changes and I applaud this step. Will I start going to church again? Not sure. Maybe in time. But one thing’s for sure – I don’t need organised religion to feel and know the grace of God in my life.

    • kereru

      The saying, ‘I’m not perfect, just forgiven’ sums it up, for no human being save One, has ever been perfect.

  • Teakay

    As a divorced former Catholic I feel qualified to comment. I do not want or need “forgiveness” from anyone who is so deluded that they think that they have the right to impose their belief in fairy tales about extraterrestrial beings on the rest of us. These beliefs (regardless of the “brand”) have caused the deaths of millions of humans over thousands of years and each group still insists that their beliefs in their deity gives them the right to demand special treatment like access to taxpayer dollars. It’s time for us to take a much closer look at these fraudsters.

  • Clutch Cargo

    Heres a fact I did not know until recently. One of the lowest ages of consent in the world is 12. Guess where….Vatican City.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Raised to 18 in 2013 because as Mrs Luke Johnson facetiously pointed out in her recent column on lowering the age of consent “God’s watching you over there.” Mrs Johnson naturally made no comment on the age of consent in Islamic countries.

      • Clutch Cargo

        Dont know Mrs Luke so cant comment. I also chose not to comment on the age of consent in Islamic countries……..no one consents to anything in those places so bit of a moot point. Even the goats look around nervously.

        • Duchess of Pork

          Otherwise known as Ms Rachel Smalley, arch critic of all things Christian and Catholic.

  • 61dart

    So, the Pope says that those who are divorced should not have to suffer condemnation forever and should be forgiven and brought back into the loving arms of the church. Just a moment, isn’t everlasting condemnation a basic scare tactic of the church for those who do not follow the nonsense doctrines they have established. Do what we say or you will fry in hell forever!!

  • Chris Bell

    The Catholic Church is not a Christian church – there are Christian Catholics but the church itself is decidedly unchristian – I should know – I have seen it from the inside and now the outside. I left the Catholic Church when I saw how evil a Catholic School principal was to a special needs child (mine) and when I asked for help from the diocese I was ignored – now I am in another church, this time Christian, and I have seen nothing but love and acceptance for all.

  • GalacticEye

    However anyone defines God, that love is always available. No one can deprive someone of it. For a person under the auspices of a church to say that God’s love is not available is a travesty.

  • Sceptic59

    Now I am finally at ease with myself and my life because someone has said it is OK

    Oh wait!

    I was before

    What a strange situation???