Public Service Announcement: Help sponsor a KidsCan child

A first-hand account of what it’s really like for families living in hardship in New Zealand as they send their kids back to school.

KidsCan visited the Waikato with Tristram Clayton and saw Kihikihi School, which is waiting for their support. Mum, Renee Hei Hei, and School Principal, Andy Morgan, talked about the challenges of hungry tummies and making a little money stretch a long way for their kids. They also visited a current KidsCan partner school, Waihi Central School, and spoke with the principal about how KidsCan is helping the school and their kids focus on the important stuff – their education.  

Today KidsCan provides over 114,000 children in 530 low decile schools with access to their food, clothing and health programmes.

Sadly, though, there are still 14 schools, that’s 1,661 children, waiting for their support. You get involved by supporting a child for 50c a day to help provide the basics they need to engage in the classroom, simply visit

Sending kids back to school can be a stressful time for many low income families. We currently have 14 schools, which equates to 1,661 kids, waiting for our support as they start the new year. We are looking for more caring Kiwis to support a New Zealand child for $15 a month. That’s less than 50c a day.

You will provide a child with:

  • Food at school
  • A waterproof, fleece-lined raincoat
  • A pair of shoes
  • Two pairs of socks
  • Basic health and hygiene items.

Your support provides a child with the essentials they need to engage and learn in the classroom.

As a supporter:

  • 100% of your contributions will go directly to the kids
  • You can choose the region in New Zealand you would like to support
  • See the tangible difference your contribution is making through our quarterly newsletter
  • Receive an annual tax receipt as all donations $5 and over are tax-deductible



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  • KGB

    I have resisted doing this until now, but I have pulled my head in in regard to blame. Do I believe the responsibility rests on the parents shoulders…yes. But it isn’t the child’s fault they have dead-set useless parents.
    That $25 a week increase to beneficiaries should have been ‘targeted’ help. I personlly support school lunches and no increase in actual monetary reward. It was handed out without strings or responsibility. It remains my biggest criticism of National. It was a “left-wing type handout.”
    The act of ‘giving’ should feel a lot more rewarding than the disappointment I feel that nothing seems to change.
    Sorry about the rant. And well done WO, I am sure you have convinced many like me into letting go blame and just acting.

    Edit sp

    • KGB

      I need to add that when committing to $15.00 a week, the lady on the end of the phone asks where we heard about the need? So this is also a wonderful opportunity to show that we “right wing nutters” have huge hearts and credit WO.
      Just do it. It’s only 50cents a day?

      • jv7

        And without having the guilt trip thrown at you