Rachel Smalley doesn’t understand the most fundamental concepts

Whaleoil faithful Isherman writes:

Rachel Smalley is having a little cry this morning over the UK Labour MP Naz Shah being stood down, over posting comments that the State of Isreal should be moved into and inside the US…”problem solved”, as she says. Of course, this type of sentiment has become all too common in the Labour party of Jeremy Corbyn, and they have been forced to act.

But Rachel thinks this amounts to shutting down of any criticism (legitimate or otherwise) of Israel, and that any criticism of Israel is automatically equated with anti-Semitism. She says…”Israel is a country it seems, that is above criticism”.

Hardly Rachel, you will find, if you take your blinkers off for a moment, it’s probably the most criticised country anywhere. But worse that that, she is apparently ignorant of the country itself.

“Is it because in New Zealand, we live in a secular state, so to us State and religion don’t go hand in hand”

Newsflash deary…Israel is a secular state…always has been.

She bemoans how she was criticised beyond anything she has experienced for her strong and vocal criticism of the IDF hitting a UN school in Gaza 2014, in which civilians including children were in fact killed.

Well, nobody denies that, but Rachel, by admission of Hamas itself, and subsequent ‘investigations’ by the UNRWA, it was found and proved that Hamas do and did store weapons and sometimes fighters inside these UNRWA schools, and not just this one, but as many as seven that have been identified.

Now, it might not have occurred to her that this makes them a military target, and further, such use of civilian infrastructure is itself…a war crime.

So Rachel, spare me please your tears. We know where you sit on the issue, you are no better by describing the only fully democratic secular state in the region as a “killer regime”.

I noticed you were in no hurry a couple of weeks back to laud the fact that Israel has invested a Muslim Arab (Israeli) as national deputy police chief, or any of the other civic realities that you would only find in open democratic secular societies.

No, you only want to find what you consider the ‘bad’, and as such you are as unbalanced as anyone you criticise who see things differently, so spare me the tears.

Keplar Smalley does just one hour of on-air time a day; less than 50 minutes once you take out the news and the ads.

Talk radio and current affairs commentating requires a huge amount of prep and a broad knowledge base.

Any good host has the self-awareness not to blunder into areas where they know their knowledge isn’t up to scratch.