Radio NZ learns about steel products the hard way

Last week, NZ company Steel and Tube came under fire from Radio NZ for allegedly misrepresenting its products. It apparently had incorrect labelling on its certification of certain steel products, suggesting it had been tested by a certain laboratory, when it hadn’t. Not tidy.

But then the Radio NZ investigation went full retard. Phil Pennington stated that Radio NZ’s own steel from Steel and Tube was evidently not up to scratch.

On Friday, Radio NZ issued a correction that falls well short of the apology deserved. It turns out that RadioNZ don’t know what they are talking about. Hack Phil Pennington got products confused and arguably defamed the company.  

In the story below RNZ reported that steel bars purchased from Steel & Tube  for use on its transmission masts near Taupo were below required strength. Steel & Tube has challenged the story on several points.

RNZ accepts the company’s statement that the material was threaded rods, not steel bars. It also now accepts that the test certificates were not related to the rods RNZ actually purchased.

We also accept Steel & Tube’s statement that the  threaded rods RNZ purchased were compliant to the specification (grade 4.6) requested by and supplied to RNZ.

By not apologising, Radio NZ are just making a rod for their own back.

They really deserve to be taken before the Press Council for this…though the Press Council is a toothless organisation.


– RadioNZ




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  • Second time around

    Steel and Tube’s share price is stable despite showing a few recent blips. It seems that its shareholders are not too concerned about Radio NZ’s claims and the Commerce Commission enquiry, and it most likely means that the in house testing does meet appropriate standards- because it was developed with the advice of a certified testing company, there is every reason to believe that it would. I wonder where the stories are coming from.

  • Edward Ellis

    You are usually right, but not this time. S&T might be playing fast and loose with the facts. RNZ has run (about) 10 stories about the quality of their steel mesh and they have vehemently denied… let me see… One. They haven’t given any information about how their in-house testing works (if there is any) and whether there is any external checking. And meanwhile they blandly assure everybody that their product meets the standards. I wouldn’t be rushing to judgement at this stage.