Ratepayers Alliance want Councillors to sign pledge

Tuesday last week Jo Holmes from the Auckland Ratepayers Alliance was interviewed on Paul Henry regarding the Council?s $27 million Auckland ratepayers may now have to pay to fix the Council?s?headquarters. The Auckland Ratepayers Alliance have created a ratepayers pledge to discover which of the council candidates will not increase ratepayer debt and which candidates will only support democratically elected statutory members.


Looking towards the Local Body Elections in October this year the Ratepayers’ Alliance are currently planning our campaign to defeat those Councillors who supported Len Brown’s 9.9% rates hike.?We want new Councillors elected who stand for affordable rates and sensible spending.

One of our key tasks will be?identifying candidates who are willing to sign our??Ratepayers Pledge.? We need to ensure all Auckland ratepayers can identify the candidates who stand with us.

The Ratepayers? Pledge, which we will be asking all?candidates to sign, is:

I _______________ pledge that:

  1. I will not vote for any budget measure which increases total rates (including levies) above the rate of inflation.?
  2. I will not vote for any budget measure which increases the Council?s net debt.?
  3. I will support any measures?which promote democracy and?prevent unelected Maori statutory board members from having voting rights on Council committees?except where required by law.

The reason for the pledge is to identify who is with us, and who isn’t. We want to deliver “how to vote guides” to households listing the candidates who have signed the pledge.

-Ratepayers Alliance e-mail

That how to vote guide sounds very useful. I do appreciate the Ratepayers Alliance doing the research for us. I look forward to receiving it.