Researcher confirms what we already know: politicians are good at nothing

Everyone knows that politicians are mostly tits.

Now there is some research to show they are good for nothing.

Our MPs are now less likely to come from traditional careers in business and unions and are more likely to be “generalists” who turn to politics as a career.

Political researcher Geoffrey Miller and public relations expert Mark Blackham researched the histories of all 121 members of the current Parliament.

They found that business owners, agriculturalists and unionists have a falling share of the voice within their parties.

They’ve been replaced by people with no specific career interests, or careers limited to government and politics.

“National is no longer dominated by business experience and Labour no longer by unions,” the researchers said.

“In fact, the whole of Parliament is now dominated by generalists, people of no specific experience, and government specialists – people whose only experience is working for government or in politics.”

Beige politicians. Brown Bread. Boring.

They say that while the battles in Parliament are still talked about as business versus unions, MPs actually have little experience in these fields.

The single most common career in Parliament is in business (19 MPs) but they’re outweighed by those with no single career (23 MPs) and those with careers in government or political organisations (15 MPs).

Ten MPs are career politicians, with no work experience outside of Parliament.

“Politicians portray themselves as ordinary people, but our findings show many of them are anything but,” the researchers said.

“Across the spectrum, previous work experience for many new MPs increasingly consists of working for a political party in Wellington, in a role funded by the taxpayer.”

They conclude that Parliament is reflecting something ordinary people are experiencing – the tendency to go through a range of jobs rather than a single career.

Labour MPs would be the worst. Most are careerist politicians, or unionists.

Politicians are just higher order bludgers really.

Good luck for the likes of Clayton Cosgrove finding a decent job.


– Newshub


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  • Brian Smaller

    I cannot think of a better reason to have Parliament only sit for a max of three months a year (unless there is a national emergency) and that all MPs only get paid expenses and the cost of maintaining electorate offices – no salary or other perks.

  • Sally

    I blame MMP and the party vote List for the lack of talent. The pathway is go to University, study Politics, get a job with a political party, work your way onto the list. Bonus points for Labour work for Unions and for the Greens, work for an activist cause. Being a politician is like a job promotion and stay in for 9 years and set for life.

    • Positan

      Going back to FPP would be a giant leap forward!! Every MP elected would be the first choice of his/her electorate – i.e. chosen by the people, not the party. FPP would also remove all the time-wasting nonsense and the 99% useless rhetoric of the “minor’ parties whose future presence, if at all, would depend solely on how much their policies actually resonated with the electorate.

      Given its observed performance, I’m utterly baffled why MMP has lasted as long. It can only be that Kiwis in general are now far sillier and less discerning than they used to be.

      • Its lasted this long because it gave us more of the self same troughers who are the only ones that could get rid of it.
        Turkeys DON’T as a rule vote for an early Christmas.

        National had an opportunity to reform MMP but chose to do nothing!

  • RobT

    Maybe time to reinvent the whole thing, obviously not working on too many fronts. Way too many time wasters, loafers, and coat tail riders. Plus all the duplication of roles within The various parties, leading to gross waste of money on salaries.
    Run the country as a real business appoint a CEO and directors based on their qualifations and past track records. Stop all the squabbling and back stabbing, and pay salaries and bonuses only fair results.

  • Annoyed

    I love how they pretend that being a Unionist is a real world job. They don’t have any real accountability (just like a list poliltician).

  • Chris Bell

    Since when has being a unionist been a job? That said, no surprises here. And these deadbeats call the shots in our country! Can we have a list of names on the MPs for each category?

  • Oskar

    One thought is to have term limits for all List MP’s except the party leader. Three terms max would seem reasonable and then they have to stand down for one term. I appreciate that many Labour and Greens List MP’s would revert to working for the party or as a unionist or an activist but it would mean the List MP’s is being continually refreshed and may even encourage some to try and win an electorate seat rather than just coast along on a high list placing.

    • WBC

      That sounds like a very good idea, If after nine years you still can’t get any mandate from a constituency you are clearly not a representative of the people’s will.

      And the effect on the Greens… Oh my :-)

      Edit: reference to Green Party lack of any social mandate.

  • cows4me

    60% of them would struggle to mind a budgie cage. It’s actually really quite depressing. We live by the proclamations and mutterings of those that make your 2.1 heavy strainer look like Einstein.

  • Nige.

    This is why the yanks are backing Trump.

  • sandalwood789

    I believe that all election candidates should have to pass a “competency test” before standing for election (and the pass mark should be about 80%, not 50%).
    The test would have questions like “what effect on unemployment rates would increasing the minimum wage have?” ( Answer – it would increase them as employers laid off workers to meet higher wage costs ).

    At present, there is no standard of competency to be met (and it *shows*).