Rewards of hard work and sacrifice now require guilt for having earned it

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George writes

What is becoming monotonously tiresome is the ongoing chorus about “the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer”, “the haves and the have nots” “unfair wealth distribution”, “tenants in our own country” etc and etc.

All socialist bleatings of course, but nevertheless this constant reference is having the desired effect of implementing this socialist propaganda as the template of our society.

Successful people are bad people, they are greedy, they worship money, they avoid tax and worst of all, they buy houses that no one else can afford.

My old dad’s only demand of me was to “Make something of yourself son as no one will do it for you”. And he was a socialist!

These simple words have stuck with me throughout my life. It’s my bed, and only I can make it warm and comfortable.  Half of my adult life I struggled.  The second half of my adult life I reaped the rewards of that struggle.

It appears there is no room now for “struggle” or more to the point, “The Kiwi dream” has to be fast tracked, and to hell with the struggle.

Very few of us have had it easy. Our achievements are the result of considerable sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, setbacks became motivators not deterrents. Yes, we are all cut from different cloth. Our struggles would have varied, but one thing is for sure, we were all stugglers once, and some of us may still be, but its just that some of us didn’t, or won’t give up.

Sadly some do give up and others don’t even bother, but I’m buggered if I will subscribe to their envy and criticism simply because I chose not give up.


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  • Metricman

    Spot the socialist,
    he is all too willing,
    to swap his penny,
    for your schilling.

  • jaundiced

    Excellent observation George.
    Front page on Stuff is an outrage about the fact that a four night stay in Washington by Chris Finlayson, on government business, cost $4000. That’s terrible because Mr Loser couldn’t afford to do that. Mr Loser couldn’t get a job representing the government on such important business either.

    PS, that included $100 for a steak meal.

  • papagaya

    NEVER apologise for being successful. It was bad enough that Paula Bennett recently said it was “not a good look” that she owned four houses. This shows how far the socialist rot has spread.

    • Rob

      Especially when the Green Kevin Hague topped them all with 6 houses!

    • Rob

      Especially when the Green Kevin Hague topped the list with owning 6 houses!

  • RobT

    “We were so poor” that we had to search through all our clothing and down the sides of chairs for 10c to put the milk bottle out.
    That was 45 years ago when we were first married and had moved into our old decrepit house.
    Through plain mingyness and discipline we soon came right though!

  • JustanObserver

    I have no concept of this … “White-Guilt” I have read recently.
    Years ago my parents told me that if I worked hard, I could have what ever I wanted and could afford.
    Apart from my 2 previous divorces … and what my ex-wives wanted.
    I have all I can want and afford (for now), but I will continue to work hard for my family & me.
    Blissfully … Guilt-Free !

  • Rob Knox

    Green-eyed envy is an awful thing sometimes. It means that you have taken your eye off your own ball and given up. Better to bring down those around you who have stuck with the plan. Makes you feel better about yourself somehow!! We worked bloody hard for years to get what little we have, a home, some savings and happy kids. We went without when we had to but never envied others doing well – good luck to them. In this country very few people inherit an easy life, people who have “made it” usually have a background of hard work, risk taking and planning for the future – subjects foreign to many entitlement-driven kiwis.

  • kayaker

    I remember my Dad and Mum saying something similar to us when we were kids. I think that was the mark of their generation. They both served in WWII, married a year after the war at the age of 29 (considered late to marry back then, but the war got in the way). They had to start from a big fat zero. Built their first home at 40, four children. Capitalised the family benefit, paid off the mortgage over time. I remember there were tough times, but no complaints, just quietly got on working hard. No credit. Home garden, fruit trees, chook run etc. They launched the four of us into being good world citizens (if I say so myself).

  • Oh Please

    What the McDonalds workers never understand is that setting up a business is a risk. You take the risk, sometimes after a whole heap of work (80+ hours a week and no sickies) it pays off and you might turn a profit. This is why I take exception to the idiots like the Invercargil woman who blew $50k of my tax money on a ridiculous cushion shop – and expected the Government to bail her out again. I have nothing but admiration for those who have made it big in the world – and as a result I will never, ever vote Labour or Green because their policies are based on treating success and hard work as a crime.