Richie McCaw and Dan Carter join me on the list of people John Key isn’t allowed to txt

The Media party are making a big song and dance because John Key txts Richie McCaw and Dan Carter.

Only they would think the PM shouldn’t be allowed to txt people, like their massive fuss over whether or not John Key txts me.

Prime Minister John Key has revealed he texted former All Blacks Richie McCaw and Dan Carter to draw their attention to his video promoting a flag change.

Both high-profile All Blacks went on to publicly support the alternative flag design that was defeated in a public referendum in March.

Key’s chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, disclosed details of the texts after an Official Information Act request, NZME reported.  

Eagleson said the Prime Minster could not remember the exact date the text messages were sent and did not have copies of them.

McCaw weighed in on the flag debate in February, not long after being crowned New Zealander of the Year.

He posted a photo on his Facebook page of the New Zealand and Australian flags hanging side-by-side at Twickenham during the 2015 Rugby World Cup final in London, with the message: “This is the moment when I decided a new flag would be great for our country.”

About the same time, Carter appeared in a video alongside a number of other sports starts and prominent Kiwis who were all pushing to change the flag.

Eagleson said it was unclear whether Key texted the now-retired All Blacks in his role as Prime Minister or in a private capacity. Key had decided to volunteer the information, he said.

So Richie McCaw and Dan Carter join me on the list of people the Media party thinks shouldn’t be sharing txts with John Key.


– Fairfax


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  • Graham Pilgrim

    It would be interesting to know whether Liam Messam and Piri Weepu received any “texts” concerning the TPPA, which they both publicly opposed!

  • Muffin

    He should start texting angry and material girl, then make sure that gets made public… The leftsphere’s heads would explode

  • Woody

    In my humble opinion, he can text anyone he wants so long as he is not planning the downfall of the country. What’s more it is no body’s business except the willing parties in the textual transaction, he can even text angry to ask his opinion on something if he wants a good laugh.

  • zotaccore

    I wonder if the loonie left would complain if he was sending texts to Helen Clark in the effort of providing support to her? This is all a bit over the top really, but unexpected.

  • Crowgirl

    I don’t know how this is “news” – I’m pretty sure he mentioned texting McCaw back when he put his flag change video out. Did the Herald really need to do an exclusive reveal on something we already knew?

  • oldmanNZ

    one would think, a leader of NZ, a Prime minister, can text whoever he likes.
    not only text, but call and email.

    or is twitter allowed, as the left seems to use twitter all the time.

  • Usaywot

    If I was JK I’d have a phone using a psuedonym that the people you want to text (only trustworthy people) know and nobody else. Wouldn’t that be easy to set up?

  • Rick H

    Surely, John can txt anybody he wants to – and it is absolutely zero concern to anybody on the left or MSM.

  • Vlad

    Fisher’s Official Information trawling on this comes under the category of petty, mildly spiteful and trivial. The fact that John Key and Richie McCaw swap texts has been known and unremarked for years. If he sent a text to Dan Carter asking him to look at the video, so what. The OIA was meant for better things than snide non-stories trying to throw petty mud at the PM.

  • Timebandit

    Dear John Key,
    Please feel free to text me anytime you like … the Misses would LOVE it.
    Many thanks,
    D(aka Timebandit)

  • spanishbride

    Ironically John Key had gone all GCSB on his ministers and checks their communications on their work phones. He wants to make sure that they are not talking to the wrong people. This is the side of Key that is not publicly known by many people. It is the action of a dictator and one that lost him a lot of my respect.

    • Dog Breath

      Not sure why you consider this wrong if true. It’s called making sure there are no surprises as PM and leader of the National party.
      Can’t imagine him having the time to scroll through the phones of 59 MP’s if it took 2 minutes per MP to read all the txt and call log on each of their phones that’s 2 hours a day. Even a week sounds nonsensical. Do you honestly believe he would put that much time into what is claimed. I think your source is feeding you BS.

      • spanishbride

        He has staff to do it. They don’t need to read the messages unless they are to people on the forbidden list. Last time I checked freedom of speech and association was still part of our democracy. By all means as PM tell off your ministers if they do a Moroney but to forbid them from communicating with friends and others because he disapproves of them is unacceptable in a democratic country.

        • Dog Breath

          Still think your source is feeding you BS, it’s a bit far fetched as a claim. To give your views credibility I think you need to start revealing sources and facts rather than speculation.

          • spanishbride

            It is not a secret ask any National Party minister. The orders from on high have been very clear. Key got so much heat from the MSM for texting Whaleoil that he wants to prevent it happening again. Turns out his fears are well founded as Fisher keeps making OIA requests for certain ministers phone records.

          • Warren

            Are OIAs only for MPs. Can someone put in a OIA in for Fishers and Littles phone records. Surely there would be dirt there. Or as usual are the left protected as with the dirty politics. Not accountable for anything.

          • spanishbride

            Like with Nicky Hager, journalists’ sources are protected even if they are criminals.

    • Graham Pilgrim

      Or is it the action of a Prime Minister attempting to protect his Government and Party from moronic behaviour from loose canons, like Sue Moroney and Materia Turei?

    • kayaker

      I’m sure if any of JK’s team txtd any of the All Blacks, ex or current, he’d not have a problem with that. Lighten up.

      • spanishbride

        Lighten up? Seriously? That is your argument? No one tells me who I can communicate with, not my husband, not my boss, not my parents, NO ONE. You may be comfortable with being controlled because in your mind it is harmless but I think long term. Once you submit to small things the demands inevitably increase. I don’t actually think it is a small thing to be told that I am not allowed to communicate with someone because my boss thinks the MSM might make a story out of it. What if that someone is my mother, my brother, my sister, my uncle?Where would you draw the line Kayaker?

        John Key should never have allowed the MSM to dictate who he is allowed to communicate with. Instead of being a strong leader and telling the Media Party to take a flying leap he kowtowed to them and his weakness is now forcing his ministers to do the same. Can you imagine Winston Churchill allowing journalists to tell him what he can and can’t do?

  • Dog Breath

    I read the article and fumed. It’s over who cares. Then I realised what they and Labour are up to, they are trying to isolate Key by shaming those he has contact with until the watershed point is reached and no one will want to be in his contact list and the reverse. Dirty Politics in full swing.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The Mud Mob continue be all cost plus liabilities with endless OIA requests but quite frankly the Prime Minister can txt who he pleases with little or no complaint from the majority.
    The shallow puddle the Media party splash around in must be getting short of water and space. Perhaps it is time for many of them to get a haircut and get a real job. Away from any keyboards would be best.