RIP Ronnie Corbett

On days like this I do hope there is an afterlife, because the Two Ronnies will be back together again.

Legends, both.   Rest in Peace Mr C.


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  • gerard

    Another top flight man gone, Sad sad sad. RIP.

  • Wheninrome

    Yes, it is Goodnight from him and its goodnight from me”:

  • Eiselmann

    Very talented and funny man and by all accounts a very nice guy, watching the Two Ronnies was always a delight. RIP Ronnie and thank you for making me laugh.

  • Isherman

    “There was a fire at the main Inland Revenue office in London today, but it was put out before any serious good was done”

    RIP, and thanks for all the laughs which I still remember well from my younger days.

    • WeaselKiss

      “And finally, a group of Carribean witch doctors arrived today for their yearly conference, they flew in on a mumbo-jumbo jet”.
      What memories eh?

  • rantykiwi

    I guess we’ll see a new series entitled “The No Ronnies” released shortly.

  • kereru

    The Two Ronnies – unique and highly talented with the most amazing timing.

    Just watched a skit involving a ‘sheikh’ in a grocery shop. No way could that be aired now. Imagine the self-righteous outrage, the demand for apologies and the setting up of yet another useless cringing group standing up for ‘inclusion, tolerance and diversity’ – at the expense of the taxpayer they imagine supports this claptrap. What has happened to us in the last 20 or 30 years?

    • KatB

      Yes, it’s when you watch those old skits, you realise just what has happened to us in those last 20/30 years and we didn’t even realise it was happening.

    • Kurrunulla

  • Keyser Soze

    This skit is up there with dead parrot as possibly the GOAT.

  • Charlie

    Hopefully this bad news is just another of Ronnies April fools jokes.

  • YankeeManu

    His cameo in Ricky Gervais’ extras was magic. Merchant and Corbett in a cubicle coaxing Gervais to come in then getting busted by the head of the Baftas is priceless.

    • KatB

      That was priceless wan’t it. Ronnie Corbett allowing the proverbial to be taken out of him the whole episode. He must have been fun to work with.

  • Lloyd Olivecrona

    And here is the news:

    “A ship carrying a load or red paint has today collided with a ship carrying a load of blue paint. The crew are believed to have been marooned.”

    A sad day indeed.

  • Superman

    Loved both of them. Their play on words was excellent. I wonder what family they have?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    RIP and thanks for rendering up some of the best of British humour for our enjoyment.