Roskill Bikeways steal car parks


Stated as being a boost for “Cycling and Walking” the Puketapapa Local Board and Auckland Transport are seeming to wage war against people needing to park near Mt Roskill Grammar School. It might look flash on paper but this routing manages to fail in several ways.

First, cyclists do not travel down Somerset Rd, they travel down Denbigh Ave and on the closed road running between the schools. There is no reason to go down Somerset.   

Second, there is already a complete cycle path down the other side of the motorway, easily accessed from Dominion Rd, (as well as a wide footpath running between the end of Carr Rd/Denbigh along Frost Rd to the over bridge to the park).

Third, this plan includes permanent removal of all parking spaces along Somerset Rd. No plans are shown for replacing these lost parking spaces.

This was noted back in Dec 2015  “note the community concerns that the removal of the parking will affect the sporting needs of existing major sporting codes played by clubs, schools and social recreation within the area.  This is due to the parking required to accommodate gear transport, school vans, club and school teams on arrivals and departures from the turf and friends and family supporters in large numbers from the local community plus the wider Auckland region.” – Motion Lost

So just wondering where school students or users of the Hockey turf will park now?


I wonder how many real cyclists there are using this route everyday? I bet is is bugger all.

What is happening is the Council is making using a car problematic while forcing us to ride bikes. Anyone would think we lived in the 19th century not the 21st century.


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  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    “the Council is making using a car problematic while forcing us to ride bikes.”
    Knowing an insider in AT, that is exactly their plan. Expect a lot more of this.

    • Kevin

      Also force us to use public transport. And I believe without any doubt that it is deliberate.

      • Alan Beresford B’Stard

        Yes quite right Kevin, public transport is a big part of the mix.

        • sheppy

          No matter what they do it won’t change the fact that public transport doesn’t go when you want to, doesn’t go directly to your destination from your actual location, doesn’t easily carry luggage, is slow, and finally is uncomfortable.
          No matter how bad they make the journey for those that pay for the subsidised public transport, namely tax and ratepayers who happen to be called motorists, public transport wil still be rubbish for those who don’t do regular journeys between designated stops

          • Andrew W

            Wait a minute – I’m a taxpayer and ratepayer, how does that automatically make me a motorist? How does that work? Is that full-time?

          • sheppy

            I meant:
            “No matter how bad they make the journey for those that actually pay for the subsidised public transport, namely ratepayers and motorists, public transport will still be rubbish for those who don’t do regular journeys between designated stops”

    • Orca

      A little piece of philosophy. By definition, if you have to “force” the public to do something, then it cannot be to the public good. Anything that is to the public good, they will do willingly (e.g driving cars).

    • FornaK

      There is no way in hell I’m dressing up as a MAMIL, and cycling to and from work.
      One, it’s too far from home.
      Two, the public transport doesn’t suit my shift work.
      Three, I can’t be arsed!
      It’s my democratic right too travel how I want to and where.
      Bring on the self drive cars I say!!!

      • Andrew W

        If you do shift-work you’re likely not travelling during peak anyway, so you’re not so much part of the problem. So all good then :)

        Some of those who work daylight hours in denser areas or closer to home however are more likely able to use well-facilitated PT or bike routes, and if more did, it will help clear road-space for freight, trades, and shift workers.

  • Quinton Hogg

    I see that the plan includes yet another set of lights on Dominion Road. Oh joy.

    And as for the quiet route parallel to Dominion Road i have never seen a cyclist use it. at all.

    • Aucky

      Same as the cycleway that runs parallel to the motorway through Grafton Gully. Term 1 at Auckland Uni and AUT and not a cyclist in sight.

      • johcar

        I travel pay that cycleway every day on the way to work. There are almost always half a dozen cyclists using it in the brief moments of my passing it…

    • Andrew W

      I tried the parallel route to Dominion Rd once, and kept losing it – kept ending up back on Dominion Rd. It’s so indirect, it’s awful. Not going to try again. It failed because it’s been done poorly. These pics show what not to do – which is what they did.

  • Vlad

    This is a collective scheme shared by the Auckland Transport and Council zealots and also, regrettably, their counterparts in National Government. Hundreds of millions are being spent. On the plus side, the money is only being thrown away on painting lines on the road and a bit of widening, so when sanity returns at some time in the future the evolved technology of cars can use the space. In the meantime we have to endure this fashionable absurdity.

  • edenman

    Council & AT have lost the plot (if they ever had one). Mt Eden Rd has been modified to cater for the forthcoming double decker buses. They have moved all the power poles back from the kerb to the fence line, they have in one part narrowed the road by at least !/2 metre. They will of course have to widen the bus lane. It is going to be fun to watch the lycra clad come steaming down the bus lane and wham the kerb is directly in front of them. Will be watching with interrest. The cost must be high with so much footpath having to be relaid only about 3 years since they concreted it all. No problem the ratepayers will cover the cost again

    • Oh Please

      For some reason, double decker buses means they have removed some of the parking down Mt Eden Road as well. I cannot fathom why. Utter ignorance is the order of the day at AT.

  • Orca

    I recall having a discussion with Auckland Council over new bus/cycle lanes down Mt Eden and Dominion Roads. In particular I was commenting about how they had promised to relocate any parking that they had removed, onto adjacent local roads, and yet they had not done so. The response was, “you are right, we did promise that, and we have learned from that mistake, from now on we won’t be providing any replacement parking, and we won’t be consulting on our projects so much”. I don’t know if I am allowed to mention Denis Mander’s name here though?

    • PhantomsDoc

      This Denis Mander???

      “Queenstowner Denis Mander has spent three decades cycling to work and he isn’t letting the resort’s chilly winters stop him.
      The Queenstown Lakes District Council transport manager cycles more than
      100 kilometres a week going from his Quail Rise home into town and back
      – and says the dark minus-seven degree mornings don’t put him off.”

      – Mountain Scene

      • Orca

        Oh thank god, he’s gone, 5 years ago it seems. Thanks for that. Queenstown, I’m sorry, so sorry.

  • Tiger

    So the quangos have not got the memo about self drive cars? Cars that park themselves away from you when you have been dropped at your destination, cars that talk to each other, making traffic flow better etc? Retards.

    Seriously who rides a bicycle to work anyway, arriving all sweaty or wet or worse!

    • sooty

      Probably some of those who turn up for work at Auckland Council or one of the council affiliates. Most likely hot showers and a breakfast are laid on for these intrepid trailblazers, fighting their way through Auckland traffic on their dedicated, underutilized cycle lanes.

    • Andy

      Many workplaces have a small room, called a bathroom, to change clothes and freshen up in.

  • While I doubt there are to many in this ward that are WO readers if you are, below are the local board troughers that helped rid you of your roads and parking. I know who I’d be voting for next time…anyone that’s not below!

    It’s time a message was sent to these do gooders and champions of the public’s right to do whatever they feel best.

    The message is BUTT OUT!

    • Orange

      Looking at the meeting minutes online, Ella Kumar was actually the one asking the good questions about what was going down with Nigel seconding the motion. The others look like they turned her motion down. I’ve been very impressed by Ella when meeting in person.

    • Aucky

      They look like the church council from the Vicar of Dibley.

  • shykiwibloke

    Quite simple. People will vote with their feet – and Tauranga will benefit

    • Kiwi Sapper

      I don’t fancy moving to God’s waiting room………I am heading further south to Wanganui /Manawatu .

  • Paul Marsden

    You really have to question the sanity of those whom advocate for this continuing absurdity, which is strangling Auckland to death. The escalating cost of lost productivity and the cost to local businesses (whom pay rates), is mind boggling.

  • Orange

    I can think of two more points
    – The proposed route is longer than the two immediately available alternatives.
    – The route is bicycle UNfriendly because of the branches, twigs and foliage which come down from the trees in quantity each time there is a half-decent breeze. The Council, in accordance with its apparent policy these days, sees no obligation to keep the road clear of such debris.

  • Taser

    I’d love to see these idiots do their weeklý shopping & carry it all home on their bike.

  • LesleyNZ

    The only way to stop this cycleway nonsense is to get rid of those councillors and council employees who keep banging on about riding a bike starting with Ludo Campbell-Reid, so-called Design Champion and General Manager of the Auckland Design Office at Auckland Council. Who on earth employed this guy? Next on the list is Auckland Transport which needs a good pruning and cleanout. The reason why these cycleways are popping up like the Mt Roskill one is because the above mentioned are working hand in hand with the cycle action lobby groups and the likes of Generation Zero. They have been given a free reign by Len Brown’s lot. Their aim is make everyone catch a bus or train or ride a bike.

  • The other Neil

    Go read the AT Transport for Future Urban Growth Report. They are basing their decisions on feedback from 770 people and 620 feedback forms (plus some self selection stuff from the auckland transport blog) across ‘affected’ parts of Auckland. Not those who will help pay or be subsequently affected by the decisions. This is not democracy or a sensible basis for decision making. It does not represent the views of Aucklanders, but sadly the people who could be bothered to engage. They use word frequency and selected quotes to present the case. There is no statistical analysis, no confidence intervals and I suspect that the nature of the consultation means that the results are effectively random and no real conclusions can be drawn about preferences.