Rudd disses Clark for President of da World

Kevin Rudd is a the best of times. He has been called much worse.

But now he has attacked the candidacy of Helen Clark for the General Secretary of the UN job….probably because he wants the job and if he can’t have it then Helen Clark shouldn’t.

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has effectively dismissed Helen Clark’s chances of becoming the next UN Secretary-General, saying she was “very capable” but it was his “firm belief” an Eastern European would get the job.

 Speaking to Indian newspaper the Hindu, Mr Rudd, who is widely rumoured to want the job himself, was asked about Helen Clark’s bid for the job.

“As I said it is my firm belief that this time we will have a UN [Secretary-General] chief from East Europe. As for Helen, I think she will be a strong candidate if we cannot find agreement between the P-5 and the other members of the Security Council on an East European candidate.”  

Mr Rudd said he had known Helen Clark for a long time. “She’s a very capable person and strong PM of New Zealand as well as a strong internationalist.”

The P-5 are the five permanent members of the Security Council who have a power of veto over the Secretary-Generals’ role — Russia, France, China, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Asked about his own intentions of standing, Mr Rudd referred to his view that an Eastern European would get it. “Last I looked my name is not Ruddovich.”

His chances are next to impossible.

There is some talk though about Clark, who is now being seen as a compromise candidate.

I’m supporting Helen Clark because if she gets that job she won’t be back here anytime soon.





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  • Christie

    I support Helen Clark too, but not because it means she won’t come back. I think she’ll be great at the job, and it will be huge kudos for her and for NZ.

    • Evan

      I don’t want her to get it because if she does it means New Zealand will be hard pressed to ignore the lunacy that flows out of that organisation. How can we say no to any UN edicts if one of our own is running the place and we’ve shown to be happy for her to get the job!?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Rudd is right. International commentators seem to list her as an also ran purely from being wrapped in a skirt.
    While it would be like a warrantee return seeing her back here it is also true the majority see her as unfit for such a task. Most are aware of some of her not so pleasant character traits. While they would not relish being inflicted with more of the same again here their conscience is uneasy about inflicting her on the world.
    This is just an ego trip is for personal glory but sadly the country would be exposed to considerable backlash in the remote chance she gets the nod.

  • Orca

    I have some reservations about Aunty Helen for the job, firstly because of her anti-semitic tendencies, which seem very much at odds with such a UN role, and secondly because of her pro-refugee views. She will probably try to force more refugees on us, as an example to other countries, and John may go along with that. That said, many of the other candidates have similar views ( it is the UN after all), and I would rather it was Helen than Angela Merkel.

  • Eiselmann

    If it was the turn of Australians’ called Rudd, to be in charge of the U.N , he still wouldn’t be the most likely Sec-General of the UN…and there’s nothing wrong with Helen that many more years in New York and a further career on the overseas speaking tour won’t solve.

  • Dave

    Us QLDers and Julia Gilliard well know, Krudd as he is known, has a black belt in White Anting! Some are also certain he had a career in the freezing works, he seems to have pretty good knife skills as well.

    • biscuit barrel

      Abbott is doing the same undermining of Turnbull- they are most likely in the coming election to have their majority swept away and may even lose.

  • jumpnmcar

    Bill Leak is Australias best conservative cartoonist ( yes, there is such a person ), his work on this ;

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    Rudd is a buffoon in many respects, heaven forbid if for some miracle he gets the job as Secretary General