Rural Road Lice busted




You know my views.  What do you think about it?


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  • Dave

    We actually need to get back to the basics here. These riders are racing, they huddle together going as fast as they can over the time they are riding. They are only interested in their ride, and the time. If we drivers told the police that, we would be in a lot of trouble “I’m sorry officer, i can usually get home in 12.33 minutes, I needed to get home”

    What is wrong with riders maintaining single file on ANY single lane (each way) road at all times.

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      I suspect they’re just out on a training ride, enjoying the scenery and sunshine.
      Having said that, I agree single file would be sensible when you know you have traffic behind you.

      • Mark

        Indeed probably out enjoying themselves,yet incapable of paying the same attention/consideration to other road users they want paid to them.
        There are rear view mirrors available for bike/helmet mounting,don’t see many in use thou,because sadly the majority of cyclists are not at all like the ones brave enough to post on WO.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    I’ve been behind tractors in my car plenty of times, and none of them seemed keen to pull over and let me pass. Hypocrisy perhaps?

    • Dave

      Perhaps, but when do you see Tractors travelling along 3 to 4 abreast knowingly holding up traffic and not moving no matter what. In most cases, a farmer will waive you past when you’re sitting behind their tractor as soon as its safe to pass.

      • KatB

        I see plenty of haymaking contractors travelling for miles not pulling over where possible. They don’t have to be 3 to 4 abreast to hold up traffic for miles. Yes these cyclists should’ve gone single file but legally they can ride two abreast. The problem I find when I’m out by myself cycling, is when I stick as far left as I can, cars will pass me when there’s oncoming traffic so then there’s three of us abreast and it’s me the cyclist that gets forced off the road, nowhere to go because I’m already off to the side of the road as much as I can be. Sometimes I find it safer to take up more room so cars have to make a conscious effort to go around me and not run me off the road. When I’m driving I actually find sometimes it’s easier to pass if the group are huddled together 2 abreast rather than having to run the gauntlet and get past a string of single file riders. Having said that, when I ride with others we always go single file when other traffic is around, unfortunately the courtesy often doesn’t extend both ways.

        • ” Yes these cyclists should’ve gone single file but legally they can ride two abreast.”

          And therein lies the problem. The solution is to change the law and make riding two abreast illegal.

          I’m tired of having to pander to other peoples exercise regimes on the roads I paid for. If they want to chat use the exercycle’s at the gym.

          • contractor

            Ah but to go to the gym they’d presumably drive spewing CO2 etc into the atmosphere!
            Nah, I agree with you roads are not sports tracks for free riders.

          • KatB

            Yip if you think a single file law would help, go for it, while you’re at it maybe some education for drivers that don’t realise their car has a steering wheel and I totally agree with you, I’m sick of paying for roads to only have to pander to drivers that want to chat to their passengers and drive like Sunday drivers.

          • Me too. I can talk to mine without turning my head, without decreasing speed and without getting in the way of other drivers.
            Those that can’t shouldn’t be allowed on the roads.

            It’s well past time all these arrogant twits that think they can do whatever they like such as reading the paper applying makeup and toddling along at 90 because “it’s a limit NOT a target” were told to piss off and walk.

          • Asian_driver

            They could use cellphones , its not illegal

        • Michelle

          is that rural roads?

          • KatB

            Hay making contractors? Sometimes but mostly state highways, which in the Naki, until recently there haven’t been a lot of passing lanes, still not a lot. Especially if you’re heading north, Mt Messanger, Awakino gorge, not a lot of passing opportunities. Me riding? mostly rural roads, I try to avoid as much traffic as possible.

    • Michelle

      Have you ever driven a tractor or even a car on the sides on the roads?

      They are lethal as you lose traction on one side and you can get dragged into the drain or you end up swerving across the road
      Something that size would on doubt sink into the grassed area and become dangerous

  • Whafe

    It is a sad fact that there are cyclists out there that give the good cyclists a bad name.
    This group should be keeping an eye out behind themselves and when a tractor / vehicle etc is coming up behind, be doing single file… It is not hard…
    It may well make more sense to me in that I come from a farm etc…

    • Orca

      What was the name of that one good cyclist in New Zealand? I must send him a Xmas card!

      • Whafe

        Whafe :D

      • kayaker

        There’s two. Also send a card to Kayaker. Cheers!

      • KatB

        Yeah, one to KatB too thanks.

      • johcar

        And one to johcar!!

  • cows4me

    This will fix them .

    • Dave

      I see the silage/baleage truck, and raise you a few cows. Like to see the lycra brigade ride through the herd.

      • Toasty

        So how is clogging the road up with cows any less selfish than cycling on it?

  • John Colbert

    Throw the book at that clown for taking a photo whilst driving

  • Oh Please

    New Zealand roads are full of selfish idiots, some on bikes and some in cars. Half of Auckland’s traffic problems would be solved by car drivers having a little spatial awareness and not blocking off side roads – drivers along Sandringham and Dominion Roads please take note. [The other half would be solved by Auckland Transport being disbanded.]

    • noble kiwi

      It would appear that nine cyclists are legally enjoying a public road while leaving plenty of room for a normal road vehicle to pass. A single person using a camera while driving a vehicle which is obviously of of abnormal width, capable of a speed not much in excess of the group’s speed, claims inconvenience.

      How could the group be aware that the vehicle trailing them was of abnormal width and therefor unable to pass when given a straight stretch of clear road.

      Road lice or a selfish farmer?

      • Platinum Fox

        To quote the NZ Road Code for Cyclists:

        “There must never be more than two cyclists cycling next to one another. When the road is narrow or vehicles cannot pass, everyone should cycle in single file.”

      • OneTrack

        Maybe one of the bikes could look in their rear view mirror. Oh. Wait. Maybe they could just turn their head and look, and then warn their mates to pull over to let the guy doing his job get past.

    • Michelle

      Had the unfortunate pleasure of driving to and from the airport on Friday and today what a nightmare
      Went south to Wellington and up the coast and it was a dream run up and down the highways over the weekend and this morning no problems

  • Mav E Rick

    No one owns the road and tractors can be as big a pain as cyclists, especially if they have something hanging off the back of them which covers the width of the road, even if they have a couple of wheels in the ditch. From my point of view, there seems to be plenty of open space ahead. Why doesn’t the old boy open up his tractor and get past and stop whinging? Awwwww….it’s perhaps his tractor is a clapped out piece of crap and hasn’t got enough grunt to get past – so he whinges about the cyclists ahead. Farmers are always whinging anyway – so who cares.

  • TriGeekNZ

    Ahhh the regular beat up on cyclists. Wondered when the next one would be.

    The vast majority of cyclists share the road very well with fellow road users. Plus it’s perfectly legal to ride two abreast. And not only is it perfectly legal, it’s actually safer for both the cyclists and the driver.

    Let me elaborate. I could about 10 riders there. Riding in single file makes around 20 meters from the front to he back. Meaning the driver is in danger from oncoming traffic for about 25 meters plus the distance the cyclists travel in the time the driver is exposed to danger.

    Now if they are two abreast that time halves, and the safe passing distance is not much different. So instead of a beat up you could actually stop and think about the positives and share the road the same way as the vast majority of cyclists – of which I am one.

    • Michelle

      If it was social ride then why couldn’t they have stopped somewhere for a couple of minutes to let this tractor pass
      They don’t look to be a competitive ride just a social one the competitive ones l see on the road are keeping left and going for it

  • Disinfectant

    Tractor needs a horn.

    • Michelle

      They have one and l hope he used it but these people seem to think they are “special” and the rules don’t apply to them
      They are obviously not locals who would have let the tractor pass safely

  • Caprice

    Speed differential between tractor and peloton would not be that great. I am flat out at 40km in the John Deere, and I have overtaken friends in tractors while on my bike.
    Bit rude if it looks like he wants to pass, and what is worse, a great draughting opportunity gone to waste. Not the end of the world.

  • Rick H

    Copied and pasted from the “Official New Zealand Rode Code for Cyclists”.

    “Be safe and courteous when cycling in groups
    General considerations for group cycling

    Group cycling can be a very enjoyable experience provided
    you know how to ride in groups. The ‘rules’ that should be followed are
    listed below:
    Each cyclist should know the route and where the next
    stopping/meeting place is (meeting places should not be too close to

    There must never be more than two cyclists cycling next to one
    another. When the road is narrow or vehicles cannot pass, everyone
    should cycle in single file.”

    Read that last sentence.

    If vehicles can’t pass, everyone should ride in single file.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Such a contrast to the many miles of specially provided cycle lanes throughout the country that there never seem to be any bikes on.

  • taxpayer

    Its legal to ride two abreast you know, LEGAL!!!.
    So we keep being told.
    I just hope they tell the undertaker that when they are being embalmed.
    “That truck came round the short blind corner, must have been doing 94km at least, I was almost in the middle of the road chatting to my mate, doing 20km, it was legal, do you hear? Legal!!! how long does the embalming take and can you get that wheel mark of my face for the funeral?”.
    Or there is the argument that motorist have to wait up for tractors and heavy vehicles, so why should they get upset waiting up for cyclists?
    Well because tractors and heavy vehicles are only there because they have to be, in the course of making a living and keeping the country running, not because they are using the roads as their personal playground.

  • MrHippo

    Something about that hard tiny cycle seat that presses on sanctimony and entitlement glands…

  • Hailstormers

    Been stuck behind cyclists doing 30km and been stuck behind tractors doing 40km. Both are arrogant and they both never pull over.

  • Andy

    I got stuck behind one of those tractors on the open road slowing us to 30kph for seven kms. I didn’t whinge about it.

  • WBC

    See them all the time riding two abreast through a narrow bridge near here. They don’t seem to understand that if they end up paralyzed while proudly standing (riding) up for their high and mighty attitude to owning the road they don’t pay, for they will still be paralyzed… I’m not saying anybody would try to hit them but at night or in the frequent morning fog around here in winter, there is not much warning of impending stupidity for a driver, and it is not the car that will be hurt, it will be the cyclist and even more importantly, that cyclist will be responsible for the drivers feelings of guilt; now that is true selfishness.

  • John Colbert

    Nioce add placement lol ….