Shock for Andrew Little in latest INCITE|Curia poll


In our latest edition of INCITE: Politics which will be released today there is a catastrophic result for Andrew Little in our monthly INCITE|Curia polling.

Exclusive to us Curia looks again at how New Zealanders think our political leaders are doing. This is the only public poll in New Zealand that reports on approval of party leaders.

We asked 1,000 New Zealanders “Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Key/Andrew Little is handling his job as Prime Minister/Leader of the Opposition?”

And the results are devastating. Andrew Little has slumped 12 points while John Key has increased slightly by 1%.

It is clear that last months results were a ‘dead cat’ bounce and Andrew Little is now back under the pump for his lack of performance.

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But, it is obvious now that Andrew Little is a dead man walking.  The party now has to decide if they want to burn up another person on an election they will lose or leave Little in place to take the hit.

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  • In Vino Veritas

    Subscribed. Does this come by email?

  • geoff2112

    I have too….haven’t received anything????

  • September Reynolds

    No point changing now.Leave Little to take the hit. Anyone with SERIOUS ambitions to become the next Labour PM knows that taking the leadership now would be catastrophic for their chances. It’s moot anyway because as been pointed out here numerous times the next Labour PM most likely isn’t even in Caucus yet.