Show me the homeless people Phil!


It is a question I’ve had for some time.

If we have an Auckland housing shortage, should we not have about 100,000 homeless by now?

And since we don’t, where is this “housing shortage”? ?


UPDATE: ?For the sake of balance (the thing we always get accused of not doing) I subsequently received this reply.


If the problem is genuinely as large as it is, it seems to be to be mostly invisible. ? Not sure if better utilisation of available accommodation is immediately “overcrowding”, and homelessness is clearly not an issue as we don’t have tribes of people living under bridges. ? As for substandard conditions, I suspect a lot of garages are better than being outside.

I myself life in a rental that had the garage converted to be another room at some stage in its history. ?Even where the garage door was removed and a glass front put in. ? Not sure if that would be sub standard or overcrowding, but I guess there is part of the answer to “where are all these people living then?”.


– Pete, Twitter