So how are Australia’s restrictive gun laws helping stop criminals get guns?

So, Australia has vastly more restrictive gun laws. How’s that working out for them?

Not that well, by the looks of things. Criminals with guns. Drive-by shootouts.

It’s kind of hard to see how the gun laws are working. They haven’t stopped criminals getting or using firearms.

A bloody war between rival crime gangs is about to escalate following the execution of convicted killer and standover man Wally Ahmad at a Bankstown shopping centre yesterday.

Ahmad, 40, was shot dead outside the Crunch Fitness gym on the rooftop carpark of Bankstown Central in Sydney’s south when an unknown person opened fire just before midday.

Two others, including a 53-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman, sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and are both in a stable condition at Liverpool Hospital tonight.  

The shooting is believed to be in retaliation for the murder of Safwan Charbaji at Condell Park in Sydney’s West earlier this month.

Mr Charbaji, 32, died after he was shot in the chest and Abdullah El Masri, 35, remains in an induced coma after a shootout outside Ahmad’s A Team Smash Repairs on April 9.

Ahmad was being sought by police over that incident before his murder today.

It is understood that Ahmad, who was convicted of the 2002 killing of Mayez Dany, was at the smash repair business during an argument prior to the shootout.

Meanwhile back here in New Zealand the enquiry into guns continues. Plenty of haters want to take the opportunity to push for stricter gun control.

But it won’t work. Australia is evidence of that.

What we need is more punitive responses for possessing firearms without a licence, along with the Police doing their job properly.


-NZ Herald


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  • biscuit barrel

    Since when is the gangsters knocking each other off become a problem, the police dont really do that sort of thing anymore ( in fact they are going to disband the NSW armed robbery squad) and crims dont seem to want jump out of windows like they used too.
    The numbers support their firearms strategy with deaths from guns per 100,000 falling from 2.71 to 0.87. yes they were declining but the decline rate then doubled.
    As most gun deaths are either suicide or from a person known to the victim, the crim side isnt such a big deal.
    When I worked in Melbourne over 30 years ago, the company I worked for had armed security on its premises at all times, it was that sort of town. When the payroll arrived the place swarmed with extra armed guards.

  • Mark156

    Do you still get armed guards in Oz?

    • Greg


  • Greg

    Most of the shootings in Sydney involve “Lebanese refugees” with illegal guns.