So Little visits our troops in Iraq to see how the people he doesn?t want to be there are doing

You’ve got to love the hypocrisy and sanctimony of Andrew Little.

Invited on a ministerial tour to our troops in Iraq he somehow manages to get the Media party to call it his secret trip. Never mind that it was Gerry Brownlee’s trip or that Mark Mitchell went as well…no, for the Media party it was Andrew Little’s secret trip to Iraq.

Labour leader Andrew Little has made a top secret visit to Iraq to visit New Zealand troops based at Camp Taji and is now questioning whether the two-year term will be extended.

Mr Little has just left Iraq after Camp Taji with Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee and Chief of Defence Force Tim Keating.

Labour opposed the 2015 deployment of troops to help train Iraqi soldiers fight against Islamic State (Isis), but Mr Little said he accepted the invitation from Mr Brownlee because he believed it was important to see first hand the work of the troops and the conditions in which they lived.

Mr Little praised the “skill and professionalism” of the troops he met. ?

He said it had not changed his mind on opposing the mission, which was based on concerns about the lack of motivation and discipline in the Iraqi Army.

“They are doing an amazing job up there, I don’t want to take away from that. I explained to them the reason we didn’t support the mission was because we had doubts about the Iraqi Army. I think there are still questions about whether enough has changed in the Iraqi army.”

He said the test for that would be whether Iraq was successful in taking back Fallujah and Mosul.

Mr Little said it was obvious the job New Zealand was sent to do would not be completed in two years.

What an arsehole. Our commenter Isherman nails it:

Andrew Little goes on safari to Iraq to visit NZ troops at Camp Taji, a deployment he opposed then and now…but goes anyway. He doesn’t think any good will come out of our guys training the Iraqi army, but our guys are doing a top job. He thinks its inconceivable that we haven’t yet been asked to stay beyond the two years for the training mission, but no such request has yet been lodged to extend the operation. Can this clown be consistent in anything?

JK says he was invited because it was important that the troops knew they had widespread support in Parliament…from a guy that doesn’t support the deployment…wait, what?

He’s a disingenuous clown. He’s the sort of prat who gets fragged while taking a dump.


– NZ Herald