So Little visits our troops in Iraq to see how the people he doesn’t want to be there are doing

You’ve got to love the hypocrisy and sanctimony of Andrew Little.

Invited on a ministerial tour to our troops in Iraq he somehow manages to get the Media party to call it his secret trip. Never mind that it was Gerry Brownlee’s trip or that Mark Mitchell went as well…no, for the Media party it was Andrew Little’s secret trip to Iraq.

Labour leader Andrew Little has made a top secret visit to Iraq to visit New Zealand troops based at Camp Taji and is now questioning whether the two-year term will be extended.

Mr Little has just left Iraq after Camp Taji with Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee and Chief of Defence Force Tim Keating.

Labour opposed the 2015 deployment of troops to help train Iraqi soldiers fight against Islamic State (Isis), but Mr Little said he accepted the invitation from Mr Brownlee because he believed it was important to see first hand the work of the troops and the conditions in which they lived.

Mr Little praised the “skill and professionalism” of the troops he met.  

He said it had not changed his mind on opposing the mission, which was based on concerns about the lack of motivation and discipline in the Iraqi Army.

“They are doing an amazing job up there, I don’t want to take away from that. I explained to them the reason we didn’t support the mission was because we had doubts about the Iraqi Army. I think there are still questions about whether enough has changed in the Iraqi army.”

He said the test for that would be whether Iraq was successful in taking back Fallujah and Mosul.

Mr Little said it was obvious the job New Zealand was sent to do would not be completed in two years.

What an arsehole. Our commenter Isherman nails it:

Andrew Little goes on safari to Iraq to visit NZ troops at Camp Taji, a deployment he opposed then and now…but goes anyway. He doesn’t think any good will come out of our guys training the Iraqi army, but our guys are doing a top job. He thinks its inconceivable that we haven’t yet been asked to stay beyond the two years for the training mission, but no such request has yet been lodged to extend the operation. Can this clown be consistent in anything?

JK says he was invited because it was important that the troops knew they had widespread support in Parliament…from a guy that doesn’t support the deployment…wait, what?

He’s a disingenuous clown. He’s the sort of prat who gets fragged while taking a dump.


– NZ Herald


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  • Wheninrome

    Are we sure he is not on a jihardi mission, Would ISIS want him or would even that be a step too far for them?

  • Cadwallader

    Why didn’t Labour send Goff complete with a gob full of saliva?

    • Sailor Sam

      Goff is far to busy denigtrating Judith Collins on the state of policing in Auckland.

      • biscuit barrel

        hes far too smart to be denigrating Collins. That wouldnt end well.

    • zotaccore

      The last time I saw Goof was when I was serving in the Middle East and he came to visit. He embarrassed himself continuously and after he left we all had a good laugh about how much of a numptie he was. I’ll never forget the stupid questions he asked and the dumb look on his face.

  • R&BAvenger

    Little, proving again why he is not and never will be, PM material.

  • jaundiced

    He has the audacity to suggest that his support or otherwise of the deployment will depend on whether Iraq is successful in taking back Fallujah and Mosul. You either support them or you don’t. Its like saying your support of the All Blacks will depend on whether they win the next game.
    Who needs ‘supporters’ like that.

    And, for good measure, he says they need longer to accomplish their task. So we can count on his supporting an extension?

    Andy, for once,just stand FOR something.

  • Sundreamer

    I heard the Iraqi’s insisted he came. After the recent polls they figured he was suicidal and could drive a truck

  • Justme

    I suspect the next article will be on how much Gerry Brownlee’s trip to Iraq cost.

  • john Doe

    From experience the Officers and Soldiers would have been pleased to see the back of little as he left. Labour has done nothing to enhance our defence capabilities. They are generally not liked. Goff and his ilk did nothing to give troops any confidence.

    • biscuit barrel

      Done nothing ? Quite reverse. National only has money for the airforce (and now SAS)
      Virtually all the equipment they have now was ordered under labour government. helicopters, LAVs, Frigates, OPV. You name it.
      The recent buy of high end turbo prop trainers is an example of waste, as they are only good for jet pilots intial training. All the graduates immediately have to be converted to helicopters and slow twins for their future careers.

      • Rick H

        fromn “STUFF”

        Last updated 19:43 24/05/2010

        The previous Labour government paid nearly $680 million for the LAVs in 2003.
        Green Party MP Keith Locke said there had never been a need for so many LAVs.
        “It’s welcome news that the Government is selling off a third of
        the LAVs that were very much surplus to requirement – only three have
        been used since we’ve had them,” he told NZPA.

        Way to go, Labour, well actually Phil Goof, was it not?

        • biscuit barrel

          So putting our soldiers who go in harms way back on flat bed trucks is the way to go.

          Keith Locke ( what ever happened to him- no dont ask!) is your expert on military equipment ?

          The US military has LAVs, so do Canadians, so do Australia, so they were the ideal equipment that the army requested.

          Since if we needed them in a hurry, we need them available right away. So its normal to have most in storage at one time.

          if the labour party was asked what vehicles the army needed, they would be Prius so they can run diversity seminars, thats why the army was asked and had a requirement for an affordable, modern fighting vehicle. It was the first modern equipment since Vietnam days

          if it was up to me we would get rid of the light artillery and convert to large mortar firing LAVs.

          • Rick H

            Keith Locke? – he was going to go over to Iraq and be a “human shield”_ protecting Saddam from the US and A.
            But, he got a cold, or headache, or something, so didn’t go.

            He is not my “anything, he was simply quoted by the author of my post up there in the article of the Stuff page.

  • niggly

    Little: “I explained to them the reason we didn’t support the mission was
    because we had doubts about the Iraqi Army. I think there are still
    questions about whether enough has changed in the Iraqi army.”

    What a silly thing to say – as if Labour and Andrew Little are experts on the Iraqi Army and give me strength (to deal with his stupidity) the only thing Labour and Little know about the Iraqi Army are their own per-conceived ideas (selectively sourced from the MSM, who aren’t exactly experts either) that suit the Labour narrative.

    It looks like to me that Little has been proven wrong (again) and can’t do the decent thing and accept that as a result of his visit that things are actually much better than they first imagined.

    • JohnO

      Probably our troops doing the training agree with Little and also have doubts about the Iraqi army.

  • kayaker

    Of particular note is Angry’s body language in the photo opportunities in Iraq. A mix of passive aggressive; gangsta; cynical; confrontational; loser, defiant; an OMG I got this wrong, but I’m gonna make a dick of myself anyway by making some vacuous comment about the Iraqi army etc. I could go on.

  • Keeping Stock

    I’m going to swim against the tide here. I say “well done” to Little for going over there and checking things out for himself, and for being prepared to change his initial stance based on what he observed personally.

    But it’s also a political masterstroke from Key and Brownlee, and if there is to be an extension to the deployment, Key now effectively has Little’s support. I would far rather a foreign deployment of NZ troops have widespread and bipartisan support from the Parliament.

    • one for the road

      And that just proves that an engaged opposition, supportive and informed (as opposed to unengaged, unsupportive, uninformed) can be successful and be ready for their day in power – but that for Labour and Angry is a long way off.

    • jaundiced

      Not sure if the bit about ‘being prepared to change his personal stance’ is quite right. When asked if the visit had changed his view, he simply would not give a straight answer.

  • Toby

    How and Why does andy keep falling for this setups by national.

  • RoboRob

    Couldn’t believe how the media reported this. I initally thought, ‘what how did little get over there’, than later realised he just tagged along with Brownlee who got absolutely no coverage.

    This morning I watched Paul henry (who I like) and had to watch the headlines ‘Further Panama issues for Key’ and couldn’t believe it. The first so called issue was keys accountant does overseas trusts (but not for Key). Now we have ‘Keys accountant, who specialises in trusts, presented before a select commitee’. So what. of course key has a good accountant, why wouldn’t he?

    Are people who work for polititions no longer allowed to participate in our democracy? Why wouldn’t the media Slam Labour for asking for an independant investigation into it? Why didn’t someone ask how this ‘issue’ is bringing NZ into internationaly disrepute (as claimed by King and co)? I bet this has ZERO international coverage.

    Urgggh. I just can’t believe the shallow reporting.

    • one for the road

      MSM and all the haters just suffer from the Tall Poppy disease.. Aka TPS.. it is rife and has been for many years, although I think with social media and the downfall of old technology, if thas become more prevalent…

      • RoboRob

        Im sure it is a bit of that, but I tend to think there is a bit of an agenda. I used to listen to Radio live every day (while at work) but slowly they have replaced all the hosts I liked. I just think people like to hire people like them. I can’t listen anymore. I listener lost.

        I didn’t mind a mix of left and right hosts but now it’s mostly left and left-middle. No variety or divergent opinions. Duncan garner is obnoxious, just shouting populist slogans without thinking, it gets tiring.

        Rant over

        • Uncle Bully

          I used to think Sainsbury was OK on radio while he was filling in for Plunkett, but now that he’s on full time, I don’t listen to his drivel anymore. As for Jackson and Mau, what a load of manure! You’ve summed up Garner well. Make that 2 listeners lost.

    • I’ve stopped watching Paul Henry. I figure he’s got a job to do, but he’s sold his soul to have it. Which is fine. Just don’t expect me to watch that drivel.

      • biscuit barrel

        It seems thats where the OCR ‘leaker’ has ended up- as punishment.

      • Woody

        I have no time for Paul Henry, never have so wouldn’t watch him even if we did turn the TV on in the mornings.

  • Mav E Rick

    Little is over visiting our troops in Iraq, something he vehemently opposed, so I was absolutely gobsmacked to read this morning that he is over there to check them out. It is a bit like me being absolutely opposed to brothels , but I’ll just pop in and visit the prostitutes to make sure they are happy. I cant see my wife buying that one and neither should the public buy this latest stunt of Littles.

    • Second time around

      I look forward to seeing the photos, come next election, of Little supporting our troops in Iraq, Little dressed out like Gerry Brownlee in an expensive flak vest.

      • biscuit barrel

        Key has said Mission accomplished when 2 years are up. So no chance of them being there for next election. Unless he ‘goes back on his word’

  • Bombastic

    I thought this week had been uncharacteristically gaffe-free. This now explains it. Perhaps while he’s there, Little could declare a crisis in Iraq and get it all sorted.

    • zotaccore

      Yes it appears now that Angry Andy is aiming for a gaffe-a-week, possibly even more than one. I don’t think it is outside of his ability to screw up more than one even each day of the week. He is galactically stupid, however his supporters still appear to think he will be successful in 2017.

  • Left Right Out

    “He said it had not changed his mind on opposing the mission, which was based on concerns about the lack of motivation and discipline in the Iraqi Army.”

    This comment interested me as before our troops arrived there were desertions and rogue Iraqi soldiers attacking other soldiers it was on the msm constantly especially in the buildup to the deployment…… I may have missed it, but I don’t remember much of this happening since our guys arrived

  • Johnny Bravo

    Did they bring Andrew back? I hope not!!

  • Teletubby

    So Labour is opposed to troops being in Iraq but Andrew Little still goes all that way to check it out ( with a couple of nice stopovers I will bet) but still not a single Labour MP has made it to a charter school to check them out

  • Andy

    When you are stuck somewhere and people come in to look at you, and you know they are going back to very comfortable lives back home while you cannot, that makes you sick. It doesn’t make you stronger. you feel used.