So re-writing history is now an investigation?


The Nation is one of the more dishonest media organisations out there.

Now they are claiming a special investigation which is in reality a re-writing of history from a liberal elite, guilt-laden 21st century view.

An investigation by The Nation has uncovered some unpleasant history behind many of New Zealand’s public statues.

Genocide and racism can be linked to some well-known and celebrated colonial figures.

Governor Grey’s statue has stood since 1912, only now attracting some closer scrutiny — is this still a figure to be honoured?

“He did some very, very nasty things. He basically oversaw what some people would call today a genocide,” says historian Damon Selesa.

Historians say he has blood on his hands, leading an aggressive attack in Waikato and beginning the Waikato war.

On Auckland’s One Tree Hill, the monument erected by John Logan Campbell is dedicated to Maori. But Mr Campbell’s intention was that it would memorialise the Maori race, which he believed was dying out.  

In south Auckland stands the Marmaduke Nixon statue. As the commander of the colonial Defence Force cavalry, he led a mass killing in Rangiaowhia in 1860.

“There’s some evidence that they shot women and children as they came out of burning buildings. It was a terrible atrocity,” says historian Jock Phillips.

Public rage against statues has seen them pulled down in many places — Lenin, Hussein, and there are no statues of Adolf Hitler left in Germany.

The Rhodes Must Fall movement began at Cape Town University, where Cecil Rhodes is no longer a revered figure from history. The mining magnate and politician was a white supremacist, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

“We’ve got to accept that the past is full of what we would regard as evil men, who at the time were not regarded as evil men; they were regarded as heroes,” says Mr Phillips.

The question may be what should happen to these New Zealand colonial figures when viewed through the eyes of 21st century morals.

The question is why does Tim Watkin and his bunch of lefty loonies get a million dollars a year of taxpayer money to produce this shit.

How have they “uncovered” this unpleasant history? Almost everyone I know already knows this stuff. It is hardly new.

But so what?

They are comparing every white dude with Hitler…what next?

Margaret Thatcher killed loads of Argies as they marched backwards, will Tim Watkin and his lefty tools at The Nation be demanding statutes of the greatest post-war Prime Minister of the UK be pulled down because they are small-minded revisionists and some Argie ratbags are upset?

These are the same type people who think ‘Bomber’ Harris should have been tried for war crimes.

My God we need better media in this country.


– Newshub


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  • john Doe

    Good grief these keyboard wariors need to get out more. It was called colinisation. The white invaders were spreading about the world and taming the natives. It created fiction and there were wars and atrocities and deaths. Now 200 years later there is no need for everyone to start appologising to all and sundry. It is history. It was how our nation was formed. Suck it up you liberal do gooders.

    • First there is the apology, then comes the compensation.

  • Sailor Sam

    Buth there is only one decent media outlet her in NZ and we all know which one it is is – WOBH

  • sandalwood789

    Oh, so we are talking about genocide?

    Ok then – what about the genocide that the *Maori* committed when they invaded the Chatham Islands in 1840 and *massacred* the Moriori there?

    • Chris EM

      Was thinking the same thing, sandalwood. Also the fair skinned, golden haired people who already inhabited this country when the Maori arrived. Surely it was genocide that wiped them off the face of the earth.

  • sarahmw

    The one I would question is George Grey’s . His part in the Irish famine is shameful and well documented. But going ahead and removing statues because of past history? I don’t know and where do you stop.

  • Boss Hogg

    Is this the same Tim Watkins that Larry Williams has on “The Huddle” from time to time? If so, no wonder I yell at the car radio whenever he speaks.

    • Hard to call it speaking, more like a collection of splutters, howls of outrage and uhmms and ahhs.

      • Boss Hogg

        I just made the mistake of looking at Tim’s Pundit web site. Looking at the role call of contributors made me feel ill initially and then I had a really good belly laugh. What a bunch! Now I won’t yell at him, I will just chuckle and move on. Tim appears to be hung up on anti John Key and anti Donald Trump non issues. I will not be visiting the Pundit site again any time soon. The fact that The Nation gets funded and put to air is somewhat troubling though.

  • Nige.

    “The nation” really are a) drawing a loooong bow to compare our former figure heads to Lenin and Stalin b) barking up the wrong tree.

    They are self appointed holders of righteousness.

    Just report the bloody news instead of trying to make it, please.

  • Orca

    I like to keep tropical fish. A fishkeeper like myself uses “Media” all the time. Filter media is what you use to filter out the crap that fish do, and make the water clean again.

    Filter Media is a lot like the Mainstream Media, because once the levels of crap in the system builds up too much, then everything coming out of the media from then on gets polluted.

    What you need to do at that point is to clean out all of the crap from the polluted media. If you don’t, the inhabitants will suffer terribly.

    • Davo42

      Don’t forget the role of the Hypostomus plecostomus (bottom feeding scum sucker) in your aquarium analogy, the MSM has plenty of those working around the media too.

      • Orca

        They have plenty of clownfish doing the muckraking too.

  • Hard1

    Ah, yes, revisionism, a suitable tool in the hands of the left…One of my favorite stories…the good old Captain Stewart tale. I don’t think he ever got his flax.

    “The arrival of a European trading ship would not have raised any particular alarm among Ngāi Tahu. Stewart lured the chief Te Maiharanui (Tama-i-hara-nui) aboard by offering to trade flax for muskets. Once they were aboard, Te Rauparaha and his men seized the chief, his wife and daughter. Ngāti Toa warriors attacked and destroyed Te Maiharanui’s settlement, Takapuneke. Several hundred were killed and dozens enslaved.

    The brig returned to Kapiti with Te Maiharanui and his family held captive. Rather than see his daughter enslaved, Te Maiharanui strangled her and threw her overboard. Once on Kapiti, Te Maiharanui suffered death by slow torture at the hands of the widows of the Ngāti Toa chiefs slain at Kaiapoi; his wife met the same fate.”

  • ex-JAFA

    Without that so-called “genocide”, I and most other Kiwis wouldn’t be here. My great grandfather was in the Imperial Army, and after several years killing as many Indians as he could, he was sent here to kill as many Maoris as he could. That ensured the safety of all the other immigrants already here or yet to arrive. We don’t have to like it, but it was his job. Suck it up.

  • Frank N Further

    I don’t have access to a suitable trough, so haven’t done the research. But I would imagine that there are many Maori carvings etc in various pa and marie around NZ depicting warriors of the past that to another tribe or hapu were murderers. Do we remove them as well?.

  • taxpayer

    Yes lets all judge people who lived 150 years ago or more by the standards of today.
    Then we can all feel like superior human beings and shake our heads at those long dead who can not defend their actions right or wrong.
    What’s the point of this drivel from The Nation?
    We have already been told we should all feel ashamed by Helen Clark (my opinion on that is not printable here).
    By this logic we should smash all the busts/statues that remain of the Roman emperors as they were pretty nasty a lot of the time.

    • Wheninrome

      ISIL are doing a grand job in that regard.

    • Orca

      Did you say we that should be ashamed by Helen Clark, or ashamed of Helen Clark? (grammar check).

      • taxpayer

        Helen Clark (when PM) stood in the house and stated every person in NZ should feel ashamed about what happened (to Maori) during the early years of our country.
        Not long before she stated every person in NZ should feel ashamed about the ways gays have been treated over the years.
        I am sure plenty of bad and unjust things went on, but I have always wondered why Helen thought people should feel ashamed of events that happened long before they were even born.
        Maybe she thought somebody could get us a time machine and we could all go back and make our displeasure known.

        • Sailor Sam

          She also offered an “apology” to Vietnam veterans on behalf of the “Crown”.
          No apology for spitting on her countrymen which made her henchman Filthy Phill infamous.
          She was as sincere as a working girl in a brothel.

    • InnerCityDweller

      They’re interpreting the Treaty of 150 years ago in today’s terms (think radio spectrum etc.) so this is, in their minds anyway, quite the next logical step…

  • Cadae

    Religious organisations have been and some continue to be a far greater source of genocide and racism than those colonial figures – so for consistency Watkin should also promote the pulling down of religious symbols nation-wide.

  • Isherman

    The attribution for the second photograph might not be correct, that is the Great War (1914-18) memorial, the Nixon memorial statue is a few meters behind it on the same corner and is pictured below.

  • Wheninrome

    The idea of history, the good, the bad and the ugly is to remind us, and to serve as building blocks hopefully for a better way in the future. Most of all to let us learn from our mistakes, and hopefully not repeat them. Monuments are a quick way of serving that purpose.

  • Deano

    Like the Taliban destroying historical sites

  • Kevin

    It’s not only revisionism but one-sided revisionism. Maori have more than their fair share of blood on their hands.

    (BTW, the only people who would be offended by the last sentence and see it as racist are leftist white liberals – ironically the most racist people I know).

  • Raibert

    I think Logan Campbell was right! There are no pure Maori left, only part Maori and they are very busy ensuring this gives them advantage over all others any way they can, including those with whom they share non Maori ethnic ties. This includes rewriting or redefining history. The fact that some people feel misguided guilt for historical actions that no one can rightly correct is used to justify stupid misguided comments like those “historians” quoted here.

  • Plantagenet

    I wondered when this would come to NZ given how much publicity the ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ crowd at Oxford have garnered. The left is always quite eager to expunge the past or, even better, rewrite it completely. ‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’ – George Orwell ‘1984’

  • Urbanviper

    Surely we can place leaders in their historical context? Just like we don’t judge Maori leaders of the time by standards of today, I think we can look at these people for their many aspects or their impact on history. Just as Mongolia can put up statues of Genghis Kahn or Uzbekistan can dwell on the legacy of Tamerlane.

  • Wayne Hodge

    These so called media are an absolute disgrace. Their desire to posit everything through their particular lens renders them incapable of any objectivity. NZ media are no longer reporters of news, they are purveyors of propaganda and drivel.

  • Ruahine

    Tim Watkins. Does sound like an Anglo-Saxon derived name. Would that mean that you or your forebears came here from Britain, perhaps as colonists or settlers or that new term known as immigrants/refugees. Perhaps it might behove you to return to Britain instead of occupying land that some ‘Maori’ person feels that they should have. If you did return to Britain you would probably find a lot of people there that also could be called colonists or settlers or immigrants.

  • Superman

    You have to remember the quote: “The future is certain, it’s the past we’re not sure of”.

  • SaggyNaggy

    Governor Grey is New Zealand’s Lincoln and Churchill all rolled into one. For better or worse, he shaped this country in the 19th Century.

    No way should any of his statues be pulled down.

  • Mr_Blobby

    They would have forgotten to “uncover” some pretty unpleasant history about what Maori did to each other before and after the white man came along.

    The biggest threat to stone age Maori was themselves.

    This inconvenient truth is conveniently overlooked.

  • NeverMindTheBoll

    Te Rauparaha seems to have been left off the list (statue at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua) – I’m sure that was just an oversight.

  • Francis Urquhart II

    And the atrocities committed by the Maori Battalion?