So what is Zionism and why has the UN censored an exhibit about it?

Zionism is about indigenous people’s desire to return to their country of origin. Specifically Jewish people.

Imagine that most of us were thrown out of New Zealand after a war and our land, houses and businesses were all taken over by Australians rendering us all nationless. Imagine the loss of our identity as a nation and how that would feel. Now imagine that the name of our country was changed to reflect the new occupiers and New Zealand was claimed as part of the State of New South Wales and Australian territory. Would our desire to come back generations later be racist? If our return made us the majority again would our desire to rename our country New Zealand be racist? Unbelievably the UN has decided that Zionism is racism and have censored an exhibit about it.They even have deemed the displays about Israeli Arabs and┬áJerusalem to be ‘inappropriate’. With this in mind I have included a couple of examples of these allegedly inappropriate displays so that you can form your own conclusions.

History is a strange thing considering that it was the UN who gave Israel back to the Jewish people in the first place! If that isn’t supporting Zionism I don’t know what is.


The United Nations has decided to censor displays on the topics of Zionism, Jerusalem and Israeli Arabs included in a new exhibit about Israel, deeming them “inappropriate.”

Israel’s Ambassador to Israel Danny Danon, who organized the exhibit in cooperation with StandWithUs, wrote to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, demanding that the decision be revoked.

If the decision is not revoked, Danon said he will display the censored topics as part of an exhibit protesting the absurdity of the UN’s decision.

The exhibit was scheduled to open on Monday.

“According to this outrageous decision, Zionism doesn’t benefit the United Nations and that is why I decided to protest,” Danon said. “We’ll work to distribute the censored content to millions across the world.”


About 40 years ago, the UN passed a resolution defining Zionism as racism, which was only cancelled 16 years later. Danon asserted that the UN’s decision to censor the displays is in practice exactly the same as that resolution.


“By censoring displays on Zionism, the UN undermines the very existence of the State of Israel as the home of the Jewish people,” Danon said. “We won’t allow the UN to censor the fact Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal capital.”






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  • biscuit barrel

    The romans overthrew quite a few native rulers and suppressed the population.
    Carthage comes to mind and Celts in England were banished to the miserable parts by the romans and when other people arrived ( saxons, angles, norse etc) they didnt get ‘their nation back’. Do I have a 1500 year right of return ? For most kiwis a bit of OE is all they have nowdays, and thats after 50-150 years away.

    The Chinese are after a lot of lost teritories too, and we arent talking 2000 years ago.
    Does the Byzantine empire which lasted till around 1450 get their Greek empire back, or do the Ottomans which took over until 1920 have a better claim to lots of places. Osama Bin laden made quite a thing about the lost arab land in Spain ( Andalucia)
    Even today, Putin wants Crimea back (oops.. solved it the Israeli way), after all they are Russian people and they were part of Russia till 1954.

    So many grievances, so many ‘lost lands’.

    • Jman

      Israel has also fought and won wars to keep their land. By any measure of international law, the Israeli Jews are the rightful owners of their own land. It is therefore their legal right to promote zionism and the right of return which allows for any jewish person anywhere in the world to go and live in Israel and become an Israeli citizen. Their land, their laws.

      New Zealand if it wanted can enact a similar law saying anyone with Maori ancestry no matter where they are born can automatically become a NZ citizen.

    • Nesher

      What makes Arab claims any stronger than Jewish claims or vice versa? When historical facts are losing their relevance: after 1000 years or 100 or 10 or may be just 1? Why 1948 Arab refugees from the Jewish state is historically significant event, but Jewish refugees from Arab countries is not?

  • Isherman

    After Danon’s blasting, the UN have partially backtracked. The Panel on Zionism will now be displayed, though the ones dealing with the Status of Arab Israeli’s and the historical connection and importance of Jerusalem are still nixed.

    • Orca

      So, the UN considers that it is “inappropriate” for Israel to treat everybody equally and give them the same rights? (which is what the “Status of Arab Israeli’s part is all about). Sorry, what was the stated purpose of the UN again?

  • Tiger

    It is becoming apparent that the UN has been “captured” by Anti-Zionists (anti-semites?), perhaps the money is flowing from the Arab states. This then begs the question, what is the position of the lefties, over-represented in the UN, on bridging the abyss between freedom (Israel) and oppression (Arab states)? How do they reconcile this logic with their supposed human rights, environmental, arty farty, lovey dovey DNA? Well we saw Helen first hand, autocratic, ideological and inflexible and that might go some way to explain it. Helen in a burqua?

  • Annoyed

    Aren’t the “Palestinians” who want Israel for themselves by definition Zionists? Doesn’t that also make them racists, going by the statements of the UN?

  • sandalwood789

    No surprise, given that the UN is one of the most anti-Semitic groups in the world.

    Before Israel was formed, the then League of Nations set aside a larger area for the Jewish people. They then chopped that back and chopped it back again, finally ending up with the tiny sliver of land that is now Israel.

    • johnandali

      I’ve been told that Israel is about the same size as the Wairarapa.

  • Simon

    But isn’t judaism a religion not a race? For example – if I converted to Hinduism that shouldn’t really mean I should somehow have an ancestral claim or right to live in India.

    I guess the other problem with supporting zionism is that should mean being ideologically consistent and allow every race/creed/religion to claim their ancestral homelands and demand a right to return, which obviously is a gigantic can of worms.

  • Rick H

    I wonder what Comrade Helen’s view on the Jews is.
    Being from the hard left, probably not supportive.