So, where now for the gun enquiry?

After the absolute slaying by the Herald yesterday (yes, I can happily admit it when they pull some good quality journalism) it’s apparent that the whole farcical gun enquiry is now a total waste of time.

Firstly – many politicians, along with a legion of media big names, have made the unfortunate mistake of jumping in to slag off guns and call for restrictions and law change.

They’ve been absolutely certain that guns are obtained from gun shops that don’t check paper work.

Some media have even gone as far as forging police PID numbers to pull stunts to prove it despite no evidence that it’s ever occurred before.

Others claimed the gangs order guns from overseas, which are dropped off the side of fishing boats in the dark to waiting organised crime wearing black balaclavas.  

And then there is all the hype and fear mongering about military-styled semi-auto guns. Despite that, only a handful have ever been confiscated.

What is certain now is that all the noise and claims are bollocks.

The issue is that thugs rob houses and steal guns. The Police can’t be stuffed investigating because they are too busy issuing tickets for minor traffic offences.

Thankfully, someone at the Herald bothered to get the facts. I, for one, am grateful. I might like to point out that I’ve been saying this for weeks (it feels good to be right).

An enquiry now is entirely pointless. Let’s not forget that it has a sole purpose – to answer a question about how criminals get guns.

Well, it’s been answered. The answer is that guns have been nicked from houses. The Police can’t be bothered mustering the energy to follow up the burglaries. It’s the fault of the coppers!

If anything, the enquiry (if it’s to continue) should resolve to suggest that Police perform their basic functions and duties.

But, if you ask me, it might be better for the enquiry to be pulled and for the minister to have some strong words with her Police.


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  • I have had 2 instances of burglary investigated by Police, one ended up in a family group conference where the offenders just laughed at us and the Police, the second resulted in the Police telling us they were pretty sure who it was but they would have passed the stuff on by now and anyway they have been convicted of about 10 other similar offences and are still outside. If I was a “copper” I would be asking myself “why bother” when the court’s obviously don’t.

  • Bud

    If you tried to defend yourself or your property from criminals with a leagaly owned gun you would see a great deal of activity from the police…