Sonovamin’s Cartoon of the Week


Credit: SonovaMin


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  • Keeping Stock

    That’s superb SonovaMin, especially the Hi-vis backstab proof vest. I suspect as further gaffes are committed, and as a certain leadership aspirant senses the time is right and removes the knife from his drawer, the vest will come in very handy.

    Just as well he doesn’t have a nose peg as well, otherwise the next time he is handed a couple of snapper he wouldn’t notice how badly they smell…

    • In Vino Veritas

      I think there is a beautiful situation developing. The perennial back stabber, Mr Cardigan Wearing Lifetime Politician, has been given a big role, and is making as much of a pigs bottom of it as Angry Andy is of his role. Perhaps its a cunning plan by Angry that if he goes down, the prime back stabber will be taken down with him? Or am I attributing way too much intelligence to Angry and it is in fact, just blind luck that CWLP will come a cropper as well?

  • Isherman

    LOL, says it all succinctly, however, I suspect the they would have to be the ‘foot in mouth inhibitors’ from hell to have any chance of being effective. If they only come in a single standard issue, they might not cut it in Little’s case.

  • Whitey

    Good to see Captain Y-Fronts is all ready for the new health and safety regulations.