Sonovamin’s Cartoon of the Week

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin


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  • Sally

    Hope Lani Hagaman gets to see this. It would bring a smile to her lips.

    • Tom

      She should get a framed copy!

      • Dave

        She should get many framed copies, and hang them in the Loos of every Scenic Circle hotel, remind all their guests of Andy and his vile style. Just knowing Andy couldn’t brush that off would be priceless.

  • john Doe

    Thats a ripper. Nice one Sonovamin.

    This picture is worth more than thousand words.

  • Keeping Stock

    Is Jacinda looking in through the window, or does Andrew have a picture of her on the wall of his dunny? Either scenario is creepy!

    But once again SonovaMin, you have excelled yourself. Well done sir.

    • sonovaMin

      Heh – As an outsider looking through the window.

      • I do believe you need to study the actual shape of Y fronts. This is starting to bug me more than the fishnets. ;)

        • Keeping Stock

          Looks more like a large and decidedly full nappy to me, as best I can remember such things from 25 years ago!

          • Cadwallader

            The nappy is far from full, just look at the floor and walls.

        • Rick H

          That’s the Y-fronts with the “Red Peak” shape.

      • Rick H

        Looks like, judging by the smile on her face, she was the one who told Little to go ahead with the smear.

  • Nermal

    Where did he get the nickname “y-fronts”? It’s hilarious and suits him so well>

    • sonovaMin

      from this cartoon

  • George Carter

    What should be a concern to the left is that in one cartoon SonovaMin has summed up Little’s whole argument to involve the Auditor General!

  • JustanObserver

    I love the apparent ‘explosion’ across the wall and floor … lol

  • Big_Al

    HaHa, that cartoon is brilliant and is so spot on with it’s message.
    It clearly portrays the current political situation. Well done.

  • Boondecker

    I cannot express properly in words just how much I laughed at and enjoyed this depiction of Captain Y-fronts. This is simply classic.

    ps. love the wall splatter backdrop. Says it all really!