Soper on Little

Barry Soper views the world through red tinted glasses. He really misses the cosy chats he had with Clark so the past 8 years have been a bit of a shock to his aging system.

Given you are only as young as the woman you feel, he is has perked up a bit in recent years. His article at NewstalkZB on Andrew Little says more if you read between the lines.

The latest telly opinion poll, at 28 per cent, puts the party about where David Shearer had taken it to before he was dumped. So what’s gone wrong with this party that began the year with a hiss and a roar, offering free tertiary education to those who haven’t had the benefit of it before?

Actually David Shearer got Labour to around 35%.

Even though he spent a couple of years as Labour’s President before becoming a list MP, essentially because he’s been unable to wrestle his home town of New Plymouth from National’s clutches, he’s still a relative political newcomer and at times it shows.

No one trusts a scum list MP…and Andrew Little has shown he has tits for hands when it comes to local electorate battles. He is seriously challenging Sue Moroney for the title of Labour MP who has increased his opponents majority more than anyone else.

He does make comments that should resonate with Labour followers, even those occupying the centre of the spectrum, like after last year’s Budget saying it didn’t seem fair that a 30 year old doing a similar job to a 66 year year gets less because the older man gets an extra payment.

Fair point but the only follow through came from the party which was forced to say it’s not considering means testing the pension and it had just dropped plans to raise the age.

But this year it’s gone from bad to worse. Even though John Key lost the flag debate he’s untainted with National at 50 percent.

Labour’s had the policy of doing away with the current flag ever since Little was a schoolboy, but when they didn’t like the process they threw their toys out of the cot and voted against their own policy.

Voters saw through their crass charade.

Labour was the architect of the Trans Pacific Partnership but Little ordered his troops, with the exception of Phil Goff, to vote against it.

Then there’s been several rushes of blood, like legislating to force banks to follow the dictates of the Reserve Bank, Chinese and Indian Chefs taking kiwis jobs when in realty they’re desperately needed here and the failure to sell the message of the excellent Future Work conference that became sidetracked by a universal income.

Little admits their people aren’t listening – a consistent, coherent message would be a start.

Coherence isn’t one of Andy Pandy’s strong suits.

If Barry Soper is writing negative articles about Andrew Little then Little is on borrowed time.




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  • Keeping Stock

    Even though he spent a couple of years as Labour’s President before becoming a list MP, essentially because he’s been unable to wrestle his home town of New Plymouth from National’s clutches, he’s still a relative political newcomer and at times it shows.

    Soper is playing fast and loose with the truth.

    In 2008, New Plymouth was New Zealand’s most marginal electorate, with Jonathan Young beating Harry Duynhoven by just 105 votes. Little stood against Young in 2011, and lost by 4270 votes. Undeterred, and sure that the voters made a mistake in 2011, Little stood again in 2014 and lost by a whopping 9778 votes.

    If Little had any credibility as a candidate, he would have taken New Plymouth back in 2011. Now however, and largely because of Little’s lack of electability, New Plymouth is Fortress National.

    Somehow, I doubt that Annette King will trust Little with her majority any time soon.

    • Dave

      Well said KS, I bet Andy Pandy won’t contest New Plymouth again, far too embarrassing for the leader (or ex leader) of Labour to be defeated for a third time in 2017.

      • benniedawg

        That’s a given. No doubt the dumping will be too much for such a ‘morally’ principled person, as he loves to quote, and a he will leave politics to take up another union post.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        That’s one of the changes I would make to MMP, i.e. you can’t be a leader or in cabinet unless you have won an electorate seat as you ARE / CAN then be held accountable.
        AND you can’t hedge your bets by being both, i.e. on the list AND standing in an electorate.

    • shykiwibloke

      Leaders can win electorates and make them safe seats. ‘Nuff said really.

  • cows4me

    New Zealand must be becoming a very depressing country if you are an old socialist, utopia in our lifetimes, I think not. Soper needs to visit his old mate Trotter, you can by cheap port at the four square.

  • Dan

    Little admits their people aren’t listening – a consistent, coherent message would be a start.

    And if their people aren’t listening then you can bet your bottom dollar that the remaining 70-odd percent are not listening either. And what is their definition of “their?” Is it still 28% + 1 million, or is it their internally polled 35%. If they are realistic, their 28% are listening. The rest are not theirs to begin with, or were theirs once, which if my paleo-politicology serves me correctly was during the Clarkacene Period.

    • Metricman

      Yes, the Johnkeyneolithic Period will be a geopolitical historians dream in the years to come.

    • kayaker

      Andy admits ‘their people’ aren’t listening. Classic, blame the listener. Angry needs to look at the message he and his lot are delivering. Love how he says ‘their people’ – who are they?

  • Wolfman Jack

    Soper does say that he employed Little as a babysitter when Little was a student. So according to Labour that is a conflict of interest

    • Aucky

      I wonder if Little paid tax on that transaction or whether it was a cashy. We demand a public enquiry.

    • Kiwiracer

      imagine being babysat by Angry Andy. . . . . .i suppose long hair and sideburns

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The seldom read er’s are amassing. SopER and TrottER will no doubt be joined by others.

  • Abjv

    28% want Labour for the Government. 7% want Andy. That means that three quarters of those that support Labour don’t want Andy as PM. That has got to be embarrassing.

    • johnandali

      He might even be further embarrassed at the next election. It might be an idea if he became a List MP – just in case…….

      • Platinum Fox

        If there isn’t a change in the Labour Party constitution (relating to the process for electing the leader of the parliamentary party) at this year’s annual conference and Angry can’t convince a Labour MP whose electorate seat is deemed as “safe” (e.g. Annette) to retire in order that he may parachute into said seat then I expect that Angry Andy will announce that he will not stand in an electorate in 2017 in order to concentrate on dealing with issues through the campaign that impact the nation.
        If he is still leader of the parliamentary party, Angry will automatically be allocated the #1 position on the list.
        It remains an arguable point whether he should be ranked ahead of Sue Moroney on the party list – past [dismal] achievements (by both Angry and Moroney) in electorate voting and their respective performances in the House indicate that particular contest should be fairly close. It’s worth remembering that the party’s view in 2014 was that Moroney should be ranked higher than Angry!

  • Left Right Out

    “But this year it’s gone from bad to worse.”

    Interesting that he says the years gone from bad to worse….. implying they came into the year bad…… yet if you listened to the red rhetoric at the end of last year, it was one cohesive party ALL moving in the right direction… (hmmmm maybe I shouldn’t say right direction as they are clearly moving far left)

    That clock is starting to tick loudly now…. when the reddy red writers start talking poorly of the leader it won’t be long before the door

    When we hear that Mr 7% has full support of the party, he will be clearing out his desk

  • Superman

    I sure hope Andrew Little lasts as Labour leader till the next election.