Stats disprove Police claims

I’m in shock that the Herald has actually investigated something. But, in doing so, it has hit a home run with some decent facts about guns.

It makes for interesting reading because the Police are the reason guns exist in criminals hands!

The Police Association, which represents rank-and-file officers, had already voiced concerns about the proliferation of firearms in criminal hands. Police figures show a steady rise in the number of illegal firearms seized, with 1504 confiscated last year – a 50 per cent increase on four years ago.


According to the latest figures police released to the Herald , shotguns were the most common illegal firearm seized. During the 2014/2015 period, 272 full-length and 79 cutdown shotguns were confiscated, as well as 44 pistols, 23 military-style semi-automatics and 47 cutdown rifles. There is no legal purpose for a cut-down firearm.

So here are the facts we can glean from this:

1. Almost all guns criminals get are stolen in burglaries;

2. Most guns confiscated are shotguns, not military-style semi-auto weapons;

3. Surprisingly, the crooks are also stealing pistols – which most firearms owners cannot buy unless they have a special licence;

4. The cops don’t have a register for stolen guns. In short – they don’t bother to follow up behind burglaries and, when guns are stolen, they don’t bother to follow up on those either.

So, the issue is that the cops are just not doing their job properly.

In failing to bother with burglaries they’ve unwittingly created the situation whereby criminal scumbags point guns at them. Brilliant.

It’s their own fault. Absolute muppets.

Worse still, they are promulgating scaremongering that doesn’t match the facts, especially from the Police Association spokesman Greg O’Connor. But more on him later.

The claims about semi-automatics have been found to be wanting. It was nothing but alarmist scaremongering from Greg O’Connor, the Police and the hapless and idiotic media.


– NZ Herald


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  • cows4me

    I would like to dedicate this song to Greg O’Connor and his mates on this firearm kangaroo committee, what’s really going on.

    • Clydesmum


  • Hard1

    Police seem to have a major aversion to paperwork, sitting at the desk, hour after hour. Doesn’t fit in with the “Better Work Stories” Mantra.
    No mention of the countless hours sitting at the office desk in this recruitment propaganda promo…so they just avoid as much paperwork as possible!

  • Mr_Blobby

    No register of stolen Guns, so in reality they have absolutely no idea how many Illegal firearms there are out there.

    Customs seize about 150 Guns a year. Given that there hit rate with drugs is about 10% that could be 1500 Illegal guns being imported every year, about what the Police are finding.

    My gut feeling is that there are some serious arms caches out there hidden by criminal gangs.

    The Police are very rarely finding the good stuff.

  • Ghost

    Because pistols have been very tightly regulated in New Zealand for longer than MSSA’s, the police should have a fair idea if they are stolen B or C Cat’s. Wonder if the would be keen to let us know how may of these wre stolen or if they were all illegally imported?

  • Uncle Bully

    I disagree with your first “fact”: Almost all guns criminals get are stolen in burglaries.

    While the article states that police believe the source of most illicit firearms in NZ are from burglaries, it is a stretch to purport most as being almost all.

    The police go on to say “Most of the illegal guns we come across are from burglaries or from rogue licensed owners”.

    So rogue traders owners, collectors and dealers are a source of illicit firearms too, and this should not be dismissed as an insignificant source. From the two rogue licensed owners cited, more than 170 guns, some of which are pistols and MSSAs, are still unaccounted for, and are probably in the hands of criminals.