Tamati Coffey opens mouth with predictable results

Watch as the stupid rolls forth.

To paraphrase: Now is the time for decisive action! But I don’t know what that is. How about you tell me? You know what, let’s have a discussion. This is the governments fault and we should pass around ideas!

Decisive talk! That’s it.

Coffey ignores the total costs of delivering that water to market including the building of a food grade bottling plant, packaging, bottling, labour costs, marketing costs and freight costs of a bulky and heavy product like water.

He also ignores the employment created and the export dollars earned, and he has clearly forgotten all about the GST, and other taxes paid by this 100% NZ owned company that he seeks to destroy.

The effects on the environment are negligible, especially when you compare it with milk production.

The man is a blowhard and a fool.




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  • geoff2112

    Worse than that…..he’s a total idiot!

  • metalnwood

    He is a dunce. He says water is not free because they can sell it, yet I dont have to pay for water?

    I could certainly go out and pay for water if I was inclined to but I dont have to and neither does anyone else. So it’s not driving up the cost of water for me or anyone else so it is nothing more than envy at a company making money.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Coffey does not understand that the ‘water’ is not lost. Someone will drink it and pee it out. Then it goes through the sewage system, evaporates, comes down as rain and back into the ground and lakes.
    The bottlers are just providing a service to thirsty people.
    Stupid boy.

    • Kerry

      Exactly,we get this water back some time Free again.

  • Skydog

    I thought I would never say it. I agree with Tamati. Any company taking water over seas to sell, should be paying a royalty, just like those companies that take oil, gas, coal etc.

    The Saudi’s didn’t become wealthy by giving away their oil just because it was in abundance.

    Referring to the t.v advert when all the nations are sitting around the table, and god is handing out resources and industry, NZ didn’t only get pineapple lumps, we got water as well. Like some said the other day, let the market decide.

    • And all that water pouring down our rivers out to sea? More of that in 1 minute than being exported.

    • Urbanviper

      I think you can reasonably believe council or central government could charge more for consents on these things without falling for Tamati’s logic or decisive talk.

      • biscuit barrel

        Because why ?
        The courts have whacked councils before when they try to ‘profit’ from consents – of any kind. It has to be in relation to actual costs involved

    • Kerry

      Jesus. Its exactly the same as the Saudis it comes from the ground and its sold.Its the age old problem of envy,

    • Charlie

      When you get back from the psychiatrist you can reflect on all the other industries that already use the water, either in their product or in the manufacture of it. Hope you recover from Tamatitus soon, it appears quite debilitating. Maybe a nice fresh glass of water would help

      • Skydog

        Nice to see a person can have the freedom to voice opinions without personal attacks….oh wait.

        • Urbanviper

          Personally I took it with a bit of humour. The implication being you might want to question your sanity if you agree with [x person] therefore you might want to self-admit. I do now see a darker interpretation of the comment but not sure if that was meant.

    • Charlie

      Just pulling your leg Skydog, you did say that you never thought that you would agree with Tamati.

  • anniem

    What a tosser! He has too much free time. What does he do now anyway?

    • Urbanviper

      He owns a bar and when not complaining about bottled water he encourages people to drink more water.

      • Urbanviper

        So you know I’m not joking this is the image they’ve been promoting. The idea is to drink only water for a whole month. It promotes healthy choices and sugar awareness. Anyway when you sign up you get a free water pack. Plus what would make it easier to avoid sugary drinks when out and about than to have bottled water available everywhere you go as well.

        • anniem

          OK drinking water is healthy and I’m all for it but it’s getting off the topic of silly Tamati who wants Oravida to pay for the water they bottle in their plant that provides I don’t know how many jobs in the Lakes area. Clever idea? Maybe not.

  • Spiker

    Wheres Capt. Mainwaring when you need him.

  • Jtbnz

    In most cases you are paying for a bottle a cap, someone to put the water into the bottle, and transportation. The water is pretty much free. From what I understand if the water isnt put into bottles at the a spring (for bottled at source) the water keeps on flowing out to the sea.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    The wind and the sun are ‘free’ energy, all you need to do is get a huge turbine or array of solar panels on somebody’s land to capture it. Then they sell this ‘free’ energy to us for money, heaps of money.

    The coal is free! It is just sitting there in the ground…etc.

    I think he is assuming that everyone is just as dumb as him and will bite. No political career prospects, at all.

  • Isherman

    I really should have stopped at about 0.37 where he states the bottling company ‘makes’ the water. Jesus wept.
    If Labour wants to raise the royalties issue…I would definately find someone else to push it, because this guy…just… no.

  • Boondecker

    Turn that tap on in your kitchen, Tamati. Put it in a bottle, cap it, and then sell it. You too will become rich. Simple, huh.

    First though, before you start selling of course, you will need to get the infrastructure set up to make sure you don’t include any impurities and produce a marketable product that people want to buy here and overseas. Kiwi companies manufacture and supply all the plant, equipment and buildings. Taxes get charged, paid and collected for all that. Then you’ll need a bottling machine to really get going. Kiwi companies manufacture and supply all that. Taxes get charged, paid and collected. Then you need a label, an advertising company, a distribution network, a transport company, an accountant, a lawyer… and so on and so on. All Kiwis and Kiwi businesses, working, contributing to and generating an economy. Crazy stuff, I know.

    Get off reading your Facebook page and start actually being constructive with things yourself. You don’t have to be negative about it and by the way, John Key has nothing to do with it. This drivel you posted just sounds petty, ridiculous and somewhat driven by envy.

    • Hailstormers

      Totally agree Boondecker. The water bottle plant in Elwood rd in Hastings is huge. I mean huge. No change from 10 million for the building and double that for the internal stuff. Huge amount of locals employed to build it and fit out. A nice new road beside it built by kiwis, a landscaper a kiwi also, security fencing also built by a local kiwi, people to make bottles and bladders and labels and caps, forklift drivers, marketers, office staff, window cleaner and lawn mower contractor also kiwis. Security patrols are kiwis. A huge increase in truck drivers needed, dear I say it, kiwis.

      The well their also drilled by locals and is really deep. The water from that aquifer goes straight out to sea and will never be used by any other industry.

      What now….

      • PhantomsDoc

        Before the EQ in Chch CocaCola Amatil were lokoing at upgrading their plant. The EQ provided the impetus to do so. I heard a figure of $1.5 mil just in the cost of disposing of the old plant before being able to install the new one. I’m pretty sure that money didn’t go overseas…

  • Miss Phit

    If there is more money in water then maybe some of the farmers with water rights could do the same and bottle/sell it instead of dairy. Better for the environment in the long run with less effluent and nitrates in the water ways?

    Who knows…

  • Mick Ie

    He should have stuck with reporting the weather. At least he used to be right some of the time.

  • benniedawg

    With all his calls as to ‘what are you going to do’ one can only imagine how this is likely to play out. Some misguided disenfranchised facebook follower will probably see it his life’s mission to try and sabotage one of the extraction facilities. Hope the dimwitted Tamati has got himself a good defence for suggesting civil disorder.

  • rexabus

    Our 1st maori pm maybe? With jacinda as deputy. The alarming thing is they’re not that far from the corridors of power. How on earth does this happen? God help us!

  • zotaccore

    “we as Kiwi’s don’t like this”… On whose authority does he profess to represent Kiwi’s? He is isn’t an elected MP (electorate or trough-lister otherwise). If I don’t have to listen to this tool ever again, i’ll chalk that up as a great achievement.