That looks great, Now we need a larger one for the Missus


Here was me thinking that Maxwell Smart’s cone of silence was cool.

New technology which blocks out unwanted noise without the need for headphones has been developed by a university researcher in Auckland.

It sounds amazing and those to benefit from it first will be premature babies.

Noise can be annoying and hard to stop.

And it’s the one thing problem Sir Ray Avery has been unable to solve as he’s developed his revolutionary Life Pod.  

“We’ve got the right humidity, we’ve got the right temperature, but sound has been really largely neglected,” he says.

Not any longer, thanks to Unitech scientist Dr Iman Ardekani. He’s come up with a way to cancel out noise in open spaces that Sir Avery wants to use.

“This fan is in the incubator and it’s the main source of noise inside the incubator. We are using this electronic board driving the loud speaker,” says Dr Ardekani.

“The loud speaker is going to produce another noise and the combination of the two noises inside the incubator around the head of the baby will be silence.”

Noise from incubator fans can cause health problems for babies — including impaired cognitive skills.

Babies who are premature, who have just come out of their mother’s womb, and they’re in a sound environment which is very rhythmic, and they can feel their mother’s heart, suddenly go into a white noise environment — which is the equivalent of going into a vacuum cleaner.

Auckland Hospital also plans to use the tech for its incubators.

Now all we need is this commercialised and made for the missus…and children for that matter.

 – Newshub


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  • dumbshit

    One in the cafe, for the two Johns!

  • duve

    When annoyed by neighbours playing their stereo loudly, I’ve often thought it must be possible for someone to invent an electronic device that can send it into overload and emit a high picthed scream, like the feedback you sometimes get with public address systems. I’m sure such a device would be a best seller.

    • PsychoKea

      I heard some years ago that if you can place an arc welder close enough to the offending stereo it can cook it , effectively an EMP device, but I think it has to be very close

      • rantykiwi

        I think that’ll be urban legend – otherwise every time I weld I’d kill my cellphone. I’ve been playing around with making a HERF gun (a directional EMP device) for a while. It works, but needs to be so close to the target that carring a baseball bat and smahing the target is equally feasible.

  • Davo42

    The first car company to patent and offer this in a family sedan will rule the world. Infact NZ could probably revive its vehicle manufacturing industry with this gem.

    • Jonat

      Actually I have heard of vehicles using a similar technology already. They use microphones to capture the road noise, then they reverse the phase and play it back through the speakers to cancel the low frequencies out.

      • PharmaBloke

        Audi S8

  • hookerphil

    Is the one that is to be made ” for the missus” designed to stop them having to listen to us mere males? I often think the female species already has the – smile, yes dear and ignore – down to a fine art anyway.

  • sheppy

    I’d love something like this in my garden to shut up the shouty kids next door….

  • Dave of the West Bank


    Boy, you like to live dangerously, Mr Slater!

  • JohnO

    noisy neighbours, noisy kids, noisy music inside the house, noisy work environment, noisy car …the applications are endless.
    I can forsee a personal 1 for each person on the planet . When can I get mine?

  • cows4me

    Should install a big one in parliament, most of it is just mindless noise.

  • sandalwood789

    Ahhh….. so now it’s *Cam’s* fault………. ;-P

    • spanishbride

      The question is… if a man says something in the woods and there is no one there to hear him is he still wrong?

  • Shane Ponting

    Need one that does an excellent job of subsonic frequencies so we can all crank the doof doof (bass) and not annoy each other.

  • FornaK

    Please be true!
    I hope it’s not a delayed April Fools joke :-(