The chart of doom for Andrew Little

David Farrar has posted the chart of doom:

labopp-560x366Those are the preferred Prime Minister ratings of the last four Labour leaders. It is rather telling.  

Andrew Little is now on a par with the worst years of Phil Goff and certainly worse than David Cunliffe (who was dreadful) and well under the lofty heights gained by David Shearer.

There is something interesting though: in election years the leader gets a boost. Phil Goff rose to the levels of David Shearer in the 2011 election and David Cunliffe rose to 14% in the 2014 election.

Andrew Little, though, starts below where Goff was, and even Cunliffe, in the lead up to the election but, crucially, an election is only worth 6-8% boost in popularity and not enough to win the treasury benches.


– Kiwiblog


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  • JeffDaRef

    By next election, even a 6-8% bounce probably wont take Little to double figures…

  • Toby

    all that shows is that Goff is and was the best hope for Labour.
    He was the most sensible, down to earth and semi-likeable leader that Labour has had in a long time.

    • simblor

      He’s also a serial leaker of confidential information, and a proven liar. Google it, you’ll see.

    • one for the road

      And he wants to be Auckland Mayor! Please save us..

    • OneTrack

      And spitting on Returned Serviceman isn’t a “major” problem. Is it?

  • Brian Dingwall

    He’s busy attacking Key (not a broken moral compass, he never had one!) and English in the house right now. Obviously he still believes that attacking Key leads to success, even though evidence sugggests the opposite….keep it up Andy

  • Keeping Stock

    Little’s contribution in the General Debate this afternoon was cringe-worthy, and truly appalling. Even as we speak, I’m guessing Grant Robertson has sent some staffer out to the fish shop for a couple of whole snapper…

    • Second time around

      It was one of his worst performances, not even prepared for his own questions. The only redeeming feature was that Shaw was even worse. I hope the Panama Papers are dead, but there are things that an effective opposition and not Annette King could press the government on- they are vulnerable on health where national bowel screening and nasty little things like cataracts and hips seem to be of little concern.

      • Keeping Stock

        I fear the Panama Papers thing will go on and on, long enough for Hager to write a book just as the next election campaign gets underway.

    • benniedawg

      The way he has openly bagged John Shewan is appalling. I hope he finds someway to get some redress on this poor excuse for a politician. Bet little will be gone by the end of the year. Even the media party are getting careful how they handle this fiasco. Heard Shewan on the radio earlier and to say he was not a happy camper would be an understatement.

      • OneTrack

        Nobody enjoys personal attacks against the integrity of a private individual like the “progressive”(sic) left. They are just very nasty people.

  • cows4me

    If this was a patient chart in a hospital Labour would be in ICU.

    • Wheninrome

      They would have called the familiy to the bedside, and someone would have sent for the priest, he would be cycling at great speed.

    • Day Day

      “I’m sorry, there’s nothing more we can do.”

      • kayaker

        Go home, get your affairs and trusts in order, spend time with your family.

  • One_step_beyond

    In technical analysis terms, that is a classic ‘head and shoulders’ top – the target being somewhere down around 2%

  • Cadwallader

    I think that had Labour scoured this entire country they couldn’t have found a more miserable, unlikable and inept leader. His unsuitablity and grouchy demeanour was obvious from the day he ascended the throne of no return. Anyone in New Plymouth could’ve advised Labour of his “attributes” given his utter failures in his home-town. They say we all deserve the leaders we get, the Labour constituency certainly deserve Little!

    • Doug Hannan

      In one memorable Taranaki Daily News article, even his mother couldn’t promise she’d vote for him.

    • JeffDaRef

      Aunty was unlikeable and miserable.
      Goff was unlikeable.
      Shearer was inept.
      Cunliffe was unlikeable and inept.
      Little is all three!!

  • axeman

    Goodbye Andrew, you are the Weakest Link

  • JohnO

    The instability of the labour party leadership is on display here as well as it’s low popularity. Instability is a huge turn off for voters who want a stable environment.

  • ChrisM

    Give him a break. We haven’t got to know him yet.

  • one for the road

    Sorry, chart doesn’t factor in Union support..

    • Platinum Fox

      That only counts in the vote for the leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party. It has absolutely no positive effect in a general election.
      I will grant you that if he can hang on as leader until the selection of the party list for the next general election, the unions’ support will ensure that Angry’s place at the trough for the next parliamentary term is assured through his being ranked at #1 on said list by dint of being the leader rather than his #11 ranking at the last election. It is a very shallow talent puddle for such rankings though (even Sue Moroney was ahead of Angry on the 2014 list).