The end of Maori support for Labour (at least while Chippy is in the House)

Chris Hipkins and Andrew Little are going to ask their caucus to vote to close eight schools in Labour electorates that contain mainly Maori and Pasifika students who are thriving and trying to break deeply entrenched education failure cycles.

It may even be 10 schools by the time it fails to pass.

There is a likelihood that, if it gets to a vote, at least two Labour MPs will cross the floor (and maybe even a Green MP). Chippy must have started sleepless nights on this one already.

The unions won’t allow it but it really is time that he stepped aside and let Peeni Henare become the spokesperson for education. In 90 months as opposition spokesperson for education Hipkins has only had two ideas – to bring coding and driver licensing into the NZ Curriculum…he sure is brilliant.

He is colour blind to problems and runs the union line of “nothing to see here” in terms of negative outcomes for Maori and Pasifika families. This is despite 2014 UE results seeing:  

73% of Asian school leavers with UE.

53.8% of European school leavers with UE

37.6% of Pasifika school leavers with UE

and only 27.2% of Maori school leavres with UE


Yep. “No problem at all. None. Nothing. I see nothing.”

Unions think they are conspiring here and think they are on to a winner.

All they are really doing is hitting the Titantic with ice axes and don’t realise they are tied to it.

The fact that Chris Hipkins hasn’t even visited a single charter school and looked those kids in the eye and told them he is going to close their school says much about his courage…or rather his lack of it.

I’d love to video him telling a class of eager children that they are actually part of a failed experiment and they are going to have to go back to the school down the road that they fled from.


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  • oldmanNZ

    one would wonder, why so many Asians stay in school to gain UE.
    Is it because we are driven by our parents? Maybe.
    Is it because asians parents are rich? no, many of us still work in takeaways and growing veges, teaching our kids to get a higher education.
    is it because we have a passion to succeed? yes,

    why cannot Maoris and PI do the same? because they see the short term goal, want money now, get bored at school, if they leave school, they can go on the benifit if they dont get a job.
    In Asian countries like singapore, there is no dole. you have to get a job.

    • Mick Ie

      You are correct OMNZ. Many parents that struggled financially in their own lives, encourage their offspring to succeed and hopefully each generation flourishes.
      Some families do not have the same philosophy. They are resentful of other family members that attempt to make personal choices that will improve their lives. I think that is why many go to live in Australia (to get jobs and get away from the negative pressure).
      Successive governments in NZ have forgotten that a benefit used to be a hand up; now, it is a lifestyle choice.
      We are now looking at a 3rd – 4th generation of families who are all unemployed and unemployable. They themselves, with the assistance of various governments have made a career out of living off others.
      I think the cycle is slowly changing but only while National remains; If Labour/Greens were to get back in, they will all slip backwards. It’s much easier for a Governemnt to control its people when they are dependant on the State.

      • Bartman

        I’m fairly sure Orwell was writing about a left-dominated social order!

    • Kevin

      I would say it’s cultural. Asian cultures put high value on children doing well academically at school. Same with the Jewish culture (Jews have won far more noble prizes per population size than any other group).

      I went to a school that had a large PI/Maori majority and the higher up the class was academically, the whiter it was (today it would also be the more Asian it got as well). And for most of the PI/Maori kids, studying was something only nerds did.

      • Skydog

        Also, a lot of Asians wouldn’t know what welfare is. In the Asian countries I’ve visited it’s work or starve. I suppose that’s getting past down the generations.

    • Skydog

      At a guess, Asian students want to succeed, while other classes of people want to be staunch, die for their red or blue allegiance, get smashed, live in the past and wanting things with minimal effort.

    • Usaywot

      I’ve always wondered why apologists for poor maori achievement say that our education system doesn’t cater to their style of learning. What tosh! Learning is learning and just because they are lazy and want the easy way (note the number of maori who do performing arts or think they will be professional rugby players) doesn’t mean the system is wrong. Asians can come to NZ with no english and end up Dux of their school in a few short years. it is all about attitude. Good on the asian students for working hard and succeeding.

      • Mick Ie

        If the apologists are really wanting to help and support Maori learning, where aren’t we hearing their loud voices demanding Labour stop trying to close down Charter Schools and ask the government to open more?

    • raumatirover

      Asian cultures have a work ethic. It’s as simple as that.

  • Doug

    Any bets on these results having a correlation on the amount of money the parents receive from the various governmental agencies?

  • sandalwood789

    If I were a parent with a child at one of these schools, I would be angry enough to want to start a full-on war against Labour.

    Labour doesn’t give a damn about children. They’re just a mob of paternalistic power-grabbers. It’s as if they are saying to Maori and Pasifika people – “there there (pat pat). Don’t get hopes and ideas above your station in life. We will close those nasty succeeding charter schools and your children can go back to the nice failing state schools. You people *mustn’t* have choice! You people *mustn’t* succeed! ”

    Given this attitude by Labour to Maori and Pasifika it is a complete mystery as to why those people keep voting for Labour.

    • MarcWills

      Labour are only interested in their Union mates, getting as many of the workers signed up as they can, and then subjugating them to harvest their votes forever.

  • Dave

    Before the grandstanding Hipkins tries to ban Charter Schools, he might to look at why Some students are falling through the cracks, and why the majority of these students are Maori and PI, and actually get to understand the root cause, what allows these kids to fail the system, what can be done to get to them to achieve, and most importantly, why are the stats the way they are, as Oldman points out so well, it’s not financial.

    If Hippy had a workable ten point plan for these kids to succeed, and could explain why those groups to have a much higher pass rate, then he might be credible, until then, it’s so obvious it’s straight out of a union playbook.

    Ps. Perhaps Hippie might like to travel a few km south of the Hastings to the highly successfully Hato Paroa Maori boys college and establish why they have such successful outcomes of their students, or could it be they operate in a very similar mode to charter schools, albeit with huge fees?

  • sandalwood789

    Parents of children at charter schools should band together and take a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Labour.
    There are *mountains* of evidence showing that charter schools are *succeeding*.

  • cows4me

    I don’t know who is thicker, it has to be close tie. Are Maori who vote Labour because of some blind loyalty thicker than the idiots in Labour who believe they will always have the Maori vote.

  • axeman

    Maori have been significantly treated better under the Key lead National Govt than any Labour Party, and with genuine desire to help improve and make generational change.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The remaining native support base for Labour is only remains for two reasons. Firstly historically because they have always been supporters and secondly because the rest are blunt instruments at best without the prospects of ever being sharpened.
    The latter group got “through” or bypassed the education system but gaining the knowledge of which queue led to the best benefit. For this many got these lessons from home instead of the native word tangle and thus also a lack of culture apart from perhaps which I Want It group they are attached to.
    Contrary to the last word above they did not all flee but in large part were cast aside by the state system since they constituted the too hard group.
    The glory of the Charter School system is their enthusiasm and commitment to guiding students to reach Their potential as well as their survival being dependent of results.
    There is no one size fits all and some are ready to strike out in the world with a sound secondary education because they are toilers while others need to attain higher education to achieve equally.
    The serious majority apart from wanting the best for their children also want every child to be enabled to reach their potential by toil or tenacity. The Charter schools are the safety net who never assume there are failures but rather more seeking the key to learning and success.

  • zotaccore

    Chippy is a beltway boy, just like Robertson so double the amount of those that don’t have a clue about reality. Continuously clouded by their own cocoon of Welly politics. Unlikely to see change there.