The ends justifies the means for the left-wing

The left-wing are all over the “Panama Papers”, like white on rice.

They were all over Nicky Hager’s illegal use of my private correspondence.

Both cases involved criminal hackers illegally obtaining private documentation and then shopping that to left-wing activists who laundered the documents, published them and claimed public interest…all as a result of a crime.

But dial back on the personalities and the politics and put what has happened in a different context.

Let’s say a group of criminal defense lawyers kept a database of their confidential conversations with their clients.  That would include clients charged with murder, robbery, DUI, drug abuse, and so on.  In turn, a hacker would break into that database and post the information from those conversations on Wikileaks.  Of course a lot of those conversations would appear to be incriminating because — let’s face it — most of the people who require defense attorneys on criminal charges are in fact guilty.  When asked why the hack was committed, the hacker would say “Most of those people are guilty.  I want to make sure they do not escape punishment.”

How many of us would approve of that behavior?  Keep in mind the hacker is spreading the information not only to prosecutors but to the entire world, and outside of any process sanctioned by the rule of law.  The hacker is not backed by the serving of any criminal charges or judge-served warrants.

Yet somehow many of us approve when the victims are wealthy and higher status, as is the case with the Panama Papers.  Furthermore most of those individuals probably did nothing illegal, but rather they were trying to minimize their tax burden through (mostly) legal shell corporations.  Admittedly, very often the underlying tax laws should be changed, just as we should repeal the deduction for mortgage interest too.  But in the meantime we are not justified in stealing information about those people, even if some of them are evil and powerful, as is indeed the case for homeowners too.

Now all of a sudden it is a terrible crime.

Imagine for a minute that Rawshark and hacked David Fisher’s emails, or Matt Nippert’s. I hazard a guess the other media would have locked step and refused to publish and certainly wouldn’t have gone to town like they did against me. I hadn’t committed any crimes, done anything illegal I was just practicing robust and effective advocacy and politics. My error was to do it for my political beliefs not for theirs.

The Media party who were so complicit in my dealings, were now trying to make sure I went down completely so that their involvement could be hushed up. Nicky Hager said as much too, by not publishing their emails he said they had a chance to redeem themselves. He never said from what…but his objective was clear…as was the Media party…silence Slater, no matter what.

That campaign is still underway. Take Bryce Edwards by way of example. He sends out an email newsletter which is also a column in the NZ Herald.

Yesterday he said this:

And there have been other signs of Labour going overboard in the campaign against National on tax. For example, Trevor Mallard apparently made a major allegation on Twitter against John Key, about his complicity in tax evasion – see David Farrar’s Mallard defames Key and Pete George’s Media ignore Mallard tweet.

Something missing? Both of those posts referenced my post about Trevor Mallard’s awful defamation of John Key via Twitter, and his breach of parliaments standing orders. Yet Edwards and the NZ Herald used other bloggers instead of using my original post about the issue.

Have you wondered why I am no longer on Larry Williams show? An edict was sent down from Jane Hastings office forbidding Larry using me on the show. They never had the courage to tell me to my face, they just stopped ringing. But I have had it confirmed from several NewstalkZB sources that Hastings was angry with my constant pointing out of errors at the NZ Herald and my ongoing holding to account of two of the most dishonest journalists in New Zealand, Matt Nippert and David Fisher.

The reason I bring those two up is because they worked hand in hand with Rawshark, they trawled their way through the stolen documents, and they know precisely who the hacker is. But their ethics are such that trying to destroy me is far more important that making sure a criminal hacker is brought to justice.

Of course Matt Nippert in writing about tax dodging international companies ignored his own publisher and their own tax dodging ways, such is the dishonesty of the Herald.

The point I’m making is that the Media party are all claiming public interest, yet so far there hasn’t been a single example provided of wrong doing in the Panama Papers, just like there wasn’t a single instance of wrong-doing in Dirty Politics.


– Marginal Revolution


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  • Pluto

    Imagine if John Key’s private email was hacked, left would be all over it like a rash, citing “public interest”.
    Then imagine if it were Andrew Littles emails published on this site. “Public interest” becomes “dirty politics”

    • Left Right Out

      Mr 7% emails LOL

      Dear Mum

      Today I’m going to ask John why he keeps beating me in the polls. He is not a nice man you know, he has money!! Because of this he is everything that is wrong with NZ.

      Oh, and mum I’m going to make sure no Indian or Chinese chefs come to NZ as surely we can do it better. Also, I want to giver everyone in NZ $200/wk I’m thinking that will be good and make people like me.

      Just so as you know mum, I’m banning blue rinse for those over 65yrs you are now going to have to have a red rinse it’s only fair.

      talk soon Mom

      Mr 7%

    • Ruahine

      I think it was Russell Norman who tried to get John Keys texts become so-called Public Interest. Of course not his or Andy Little’s.

      Really it is just poking ones nose in other peoples business.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Lefties seemingly lie awake at night desperately thinking of ways to ‘destroy’.

    Not me, I think of ways to build, to improve, to learn and to cooperate. As my motto is ‘fair and reasonable’, I wouldn’t even know how to think like a leftie. It would be like trying to think in a language I don’t understand.

    • Edward M Blake

      Imagine junkie desperation an continuous all consuming NEED! Slowly the need burns away all morals and everything is short term. Lie’s come naturally.

  • Isherman

    Nearly two years after the fact, the media still look for reasons to keep alive Hager’s ‘book’, Dirty Politics, it’s still mentioned constantly, and every time it is mentioned, you will invariably find the phrase “public interest” tethered to it. Yet oddly, another book, written with far more honesty, is never mentioned now…ever. This book was a true expose, with no illegally sourced material, which raised very real questions not only among the interested and casual observers, but I’m sure, among members of the very organisations that had the shutters ripped off to let in the revealing light of day. That book was of course “Dodgy Unions”, and I for one can only hope that one day it will have a companion on my shelf, just as revealing to sit along side it titled “Dodgy Media”.

  • Wheninrome

    Time for a ground breaking radio station all over again – I loved the whole radio hauraki pirates as they were then. Trouble is the cost and the obtaining of an airwave or whatever. But what a breath of fresh air it would be.
    the religious have theirs, we know the left wing have theirs, time for something balanced. The top journalists, and there are some, I am sure would be happy to step in. Advertisers would be happy given the majority of NZ voted for the mid ground.

    • Isherman

      If it were broadcast from a ship as Hauraki originally was, I fear you would need to make sure the hull beneath the waterline was extremely well reinforced.

      • Wheninrome

        Yes, but nowadays you just apply for a licence with all that involves, although the pirate ship would be way more exciting.

  • RightofSingapore

    Whats wrong with using legal means to avoid tax? Tax is just state sanctioned theft anyway.

  • XCIA

    “The ends justifies the means for the left-wing”. It will be justifiable irony then if the left-wing’s means bring about their end, but collectively they are just too stupid to see it.

  • RockinBob625

    Similar to this piece, if a lawyer acts for a murderer does that make all their clients murderers.

    John Keys lawyer works for a firm involved in foreign trusts, therefore JK is in a foreign trust. And now the left are jumping on an Overseas Investment Office case as the investor used the Panamanian firm?


  • Miss Phit

    I’m guessing the question has been asked before, but why not front foot the nay sayers and publish the rest of the “dirty politics data”? Let the NZ public see just who did what and who was complicit in what or is it embargoed in some way?

    I guess the legal ramifications (defamation and legal proceedings from all quarters) of such an act would potentially bring down WO and the WO team.