The House Today #nzqt

Parliament is sitting today.

You can follow proceedings starting at 2 pm on TV (Freeview 22, Sky 86), streaming audio via Radio New Zealand and streaming Parliament TV via the internet. After the sitting day, on-demand replays can be found at In The House.

Questions to Ministers

  1. TIM MACINDOE to the Minister of Finance: What economic and fiscal conditions is the Government factoring into its planning for Budget 2016 on 26 May?
  2. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Does he have any financial interests which may affect his decisions around foreign trusts; if so, what are those financial interests?
  3. JAMES SHAW to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements?
  4. ALASTAIR SCOTT to the Minister of Revenue: What is the Government doing to reduce tax compliance costs for small businesses?
  5. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements?
  6. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by his statement that “there’s a difference between surgery people actually need, and surgery people think they need”?
  7. NUK KORAKO to the Minister for Small Business: What online tools is the Government providing to help small businesses make informed decisions and reduce costs?
  8. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for Building and Housing: Does he stand by his statement that “The areas that Mr Twyford has identified are not on any of the lists that have been provided to me by officials” in relation to his Auckland Crown Land Programme?
  9. JOANNE HAYES to the Minister of Justice: What recent announcements has she made as part of the Ministerial Work Programme on family violence?
  10. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all his statements?
  11. CATHERINE DELAHUNTY to the Minister for Primary Industries: Will Crown Irrigation Investments Limited continue to invest in the Ruataniwha Dam Project, in light of information released this morning that the total cost of the project is nearing $1 billion?
  12. JONO NAYLOR to the Minister of Health: What steps is the Government taking to improve the oral health of New Zealanders?

This post is a Debate post about the goings on in The House. It is not a general debate post. Off-topic comments will be removed.


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  • Isherman

    Re #2. What does Andrew Little mean exactly with “affect ‘his’ decisions around foreign trusts”? Does Andrew think the PM just decides what the rules governing foreign trusts will be all by himself, because that what the question would appear to imply.
    What a numpty.

    • kayaker

      Angry gives numpties a bad name.

  • XCIA

    THE PRIME MINISTER to the Rt Dishon Winston Peters: When are you going to pay back the $158,000 you stole from the taxpayers in 2005.

  • Aucky

    Little. Peters & Shaw collectively attacked the PM for the first 30 minutes of QT. Little and Peters of course took it to a new personal level. They all lucked out in particular Little along with Hipkins and Parker who raised questionable points of order to support Little.

    Labour won no new friends today.

  • Graeme

    And those clowns get paid for asking those stupid questions. I didnt realise that we had kindergarten students on the opposition benches.

    • contractor

      Although many kindergarten students grow up and go on to great success, more than can be said for the Labour lot!
      Edit word

  • willtin

    Question to Mr Little: Do you have any connections with Trade Unions that might affect your performance as a ‘politician’?
    Supplementary question: Mr Little, why is your face blue?

  • contractor

    How dare the Prime Minster be hard working and smart enough to become wealthy and own a Trust! Just not good enough.

  • WBC

    Isn’t it funny how many senior Labour MPs turned out to have trusts or property administered by them… I don hope Mr Little will be standing those members down. After all, he does want us to believe he is not a hopelessly incompetent hypocrite doesn’t he? Maybe they could pay for his Chief of Staff’s tax fraud out of the contents of their trusts?

    Oh dear oh dear. He just doesn’t learn.