The Key/Obama bromance is likely to last past both of their current jobs


Don’t Johnny and Barry just make a cute couple.

Prime Minister John Key has just attended a dinner hosted by President Barack Obama in the East Room of the White House.

It was for leaders in Washington attending Mr Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit.

Mr Key said he sat between leaders of Hungary and Poland.

He had a brief chat to Mr Obama and was due to have a longer talk to him tomorrow where one of the subjects would be TPP, he told the Herald after the dinner.  

Mr Key had dinner last night at the residence of ambassador Tim Groser, the former Trade Minister, along with United States Trade Representative Mike Froman and several sector group leaders.

He said no one had raised the issue of patents on biologic medicines with him, an issue in the TPP which irked so many in Congress that there has been talk that the US might try to get changes to the TPP agreement through side letters with countries.

“No one has raised biologics,” Mr Key said.

“We thought that they might but …the sort of general feedback from everybody is once you start trying to play around with re-negotiating then everybody has got something on their wish list.”

“You’d just be effectively re-opening Atlanta and that is not a winning strategy.”

Atlanta was where the final round of TPP negotiations was concluded in October last year among 12 countries: New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Chile, United States, Australia, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico and Japan.

I’ve got to say that John Key has far more politeness than I will ever have. It is why he is a politician and I’m not. I have no time for grandstanding commie bastards who play golf.

Barry has just bought a new retirement mansion in Hawaii, so I guess he doesn’t believe his own rhetoric regarding sea level rises.


– NZ Herald


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  • Dog Breath

    Can anyone imagine Andrew Little in this role with the same respect that JK manages to pull off time and time again. Would AL be a bigger presence at the big boys table, I don’t think so.

    • Cadwallader

      The only thing Little Angry could add to the debate is his unfounded conviction that the “workers” who build the nuclear weaponry were under-paid! His contribution would be framed with his usual grouchy rhetoric complete with ingrained bitterness and despondency. He really is a sad one!

    • Barnacles2

      Can you imagine any of the Labour ‘talent’ in such high powered company, Jacinda, Grant, Andy, any of the David’s, would all be so out of their depth and God only knows what would come out of their mouths. Hopefully the majority do realise this and see what a great job John is doing in representing NZ.

      • OneTrack

        Unfortunately, I can imagine them in that role. Absolute train wreck are the words that spring to mind.

        • niggly

          They’d come across as a bunch of simple-minded, gushing patsies around Obama!

          • FornaK

            Well, imagine Donald Trump around them!

  • Nermal

    I hoped he listened to the leaders of Hungary and Poland about strengthening borders against Islamic invaders.

  • September Reynolds

    But we all know Barry is only a pretend commie.

  • Duchess of Pork

    I hope JK encouraged Obama to overcome his reluctance to voice the phrase Islamic terrorism now that “containment” seems to have backfired.

  • BR

    “He who sups with the devil should use a really long spoon.”

    Just sayin’.


  • J Ryan

    I wonder what Jonny would do if Obama kneeled and prayed to Mecca??
    I wonder if Jonny congratulated Poland on their stance relating to refugees, they don’t want and reject people that cause problems. I hope he listened and learnt.