The left have gone full retard; never go full retard

With the backdrop of a terrible poll result for the left, they are now desperate to pin the Panama Papers on John Key.


So, John Key has decided to have an independent enquiry into our tax laws to take the sting out of it.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said National were in damage limitation mode.

“He hasn’t admitted that there is a problem, he said that they are hiring an international expert to tell us if there is a problem. I think we are past that stage.

“Last week we had the unedifying spectacle of the Prime Minister denying that New Zealand was being used as a tax haven, whereas everyone from Inland Revenue, Transparency International and a whole group of international experts were saying that there was [a problem].”

Shaw said he hoped meaningful changes might come from any expert’s review, however the Green Party wanted an open inquiry into the issue.

Shaw is right in as much that the enquiry is simply a device to take the issue off the front page. Nothing to see here, and I won’t pre-empt the results of the independent enquiry.   The Greens are the first to call for independent enquiries on everything, including what the Prime Minister had for dinner. But when they don’t call for it, then it’s an ass-covering exercise.

But Andrew Little managed to find a way to go even more retard than Shaw.  

Labour leader Andrew Little said a full, independent inquiry was needed. New Zealand’s reputation was being “sullied around the world” because of the revelations, Little said.

“One tax expert isn’t going to solve this, especially one appointed by a Prime Minister who doesn’t think hiding their finances behind tax free funds is morally wrong.

“A full inquiry must instead assure New Zealanders that everyone pays their fair share and that we are not part of an international tax evasion racket.” …

Little suggested the Prime Minister might have something to hide, saying he was “far too cagey” when asked by media if he had ever used a tax haven for his finances.

“He needs to clear this up and quickly. He must come clean if he has directly or indirectly benefitted [SIC] from funds in a tax haven. The last thing our international reputation needs is for rumours to swirl around our Prime Minister’s tax affairs.”

The louder he stamps his feet, the higher the chance that the Media party won’t bring up Mr Seven Percent’s party poll ratings in the 20s… But the Media party march on, hand in hand with their Labour and Green friends:

The “Panama Papers”, the document trove is the largest ever of its kind and is said to reveal how “heads of state, criminals and celebrities”hide their assets offshore.

“The cache of 11.5 million records shows how a global industry of law firms and big banks sells financial secrecy to politicians, fraudsters and drug traffickers as well as billionaires, celebrities and sports stars,” says the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which spent a year analysing the leaked papers.

About 60,000 of these documents are believed to relate to New Zealand and more details are beginning to emerge.

Prime Minister John Key has come under increasing pressure to act because of New Zealand being described as a “tax haven” in some international media Last week he repeatedly insisted that trust laws had been unchanged since 1988 and no tweaks were required.

The only pressure has come from the media who are happily channelling the retarded whining from Little.


– nobody has the courage to put their name to that piece, NZ Herald


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  • Quinton Hogg

    11.5 mill dox, 60k relate to NZ. thats 0.5%
    Not many really.
    Little will be wishing/hoping/praying that there is a Cameron type gotcha in there somewhere. And even that is not really a Gotcha…

    • Aucky

      I’m thinking that if Cameron has been caught out and that’s very questionable then how will the Blair government stack up?

      • BigDogTalking

        Has he been caught out.
        Having a trust (it was actually his fathers wasn’t it) and doing something illegal are two very different things.

        • Quinton Hogg

          Receiving a gift from one’s mother isn’t illegal either.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    I heard JK on Paul Henry this morning catorgorically deny he had any money or trusts in Panama, so it would seem that Little is whistling into the wind, again.

    • Quinton Hogg

      I heard that too except it was with Hosking on ZB..
      Thinking the PM would lie on his declaration of assets is wishful in the extreme.

    • Seriously?

      Yes, but the question is the rather ambiguous and in the past tense “… directly or indirectly benefited [SIC] from funds in a tax haven”. It seems Little calls just about everywhere a tax haven, and given the Key spent many years working overseas it is hard to imaging that he never had any funds anywhere that Little might call a tax haven.

      Maybe Key could say, “I have money in a bank in Auckland – according to Mr Little that is tax haven. Maybe you should ask Mr Little if he has any idea what he is talking about.”

      • Grizz30

        Surely according to the Labour Party Masters having money in a Trade Union bank account would be regarded as a tax haven.

        • Seriously?

          Yep, even Mt Little keeps his money in a tax haven according to him own definition of one. He ought to be so ashamed.

    • kayaker

      I also heard JK on ZB with Hosking. JK was anything but cagey when he was asked if he had any offshore trusts.

  • JustanObserver

    Typically we here at WO ‘read’ the MSM for what they are trying to continuously achieve … the manufacture of banana skins to place in front of the Govt / PM , out of thin air.
    The funny thing is the Looney-Left actually seem to despise the media just as much because they don’t seem to be manufacturing those banana skins, so much desired by the left, and are therefore ‘cuddled’ up to National.
    Is is really quite amusing to witness the impotent-rage being ‘trolled’ on … ‘The Dark-Side’

    • Annoyed

      Yeah, it’s amazing reading Stuff and seeing them attacking people like Chris Trotter for working for National. According to them, not baselessly attacking National makes you biased towards National. I also find that they attack each other a lot for having slightly different views.

      • JustanObserver

        Like trapped rats eating each other just to survive.
        They are all fully-paid-up members of the “An enemy of my enemy is my friend” society.

  • Grizz30

    It must be hard to find something to pin onto John Key. Imagine having to search through 11.5 million documents with the words John and Key typed into your search engine. Imagine the mad hours required to sift through that data.

  • Second time around

    I suppose repeating unsupported accusations whose origins date back several months constitutes “increasing pressure”. But in a normal world a crisis should be declared only after the first Kiwi politician has been fingered, and not just the hapless David Shearer who forgot to declare his Chase Manhatten accounts. Even Corin Dann thought that WInston Peters should explain what was so bad that it needed a full enquiry (

  • Usaywot

    Well Nicky Hagar’s got his work cut out for a while. I’m sure he’ll manage to make a book out of it to be released just before the next election

    • JustanObserver

      I read a ‘plea’ for … Nicky over on the red-bog this morning …
      “Nicky, the country needs you. If you are here, please do what you do best and expose all of the corruption from John Keys. Get your offshore allies to help and bring him down …”
      Once I cleared the little bit if sick I had brought up into my mouth when I read the country needed him, I sat momentarily in stunned silence at how desperate the left really are.

      • R&BAvenger

        Hagar should get into this boots and all. It worked out well for the country the last time he published a book in an election year.

        • Sally

          Hager is involved boots and all.

          Quote from an online blog written today by the man himself. “News has been coming out of Washington DC recently of a massive leak of tax haven information. I have spent the past 15 months working on this project, helping to dig through the leaked material to find what should be publicised. It is probably the most secret financial information to reach the public and I hope it will be interesting to share some of the story…….
          …….I got into all this 18 months ago when I was helping organise an investigative journalism conference in Kiev. Midway through the conference a man from a Washington journalist organisation, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, asked if we could have an early breakfast meeting the next day. He explained cautiously that he had received a huge leak of financial information and was looking for help to use it properly”

          • Sagacious Blonde

            “to find what should be publicised” and “looking for help to use it properly”.
            Succinctly sums up Hagar and his World view.

          • Sally

            Once again it shows there are 2 standards in Hager’s world – one that it is ok to troll through other people’s private communications but not ok for the police or anyone else to examine his personal communications.

          • Annoyed

            Those are exactly the two phrases that worried me too. Shows that they have intent beyond simply reporting the news.

          • R&BAvenger

            There ill be a meeting here in Auckland. It will look like this.

      • Mrs_R

        Nicky has had 18 months searching frantically for even the tiniest morsel of information that could link and sink JK. The fact we aren’t reading any headlines hot off the press speaks clearly to the fact our JK is squeaky clean. Innuendo is all they have left. This country needs Nicky like a dog needs fleas.

    • OneTrack

      He will be furiously flicking through the papers, for the third time, looking for any mention of Key in them – “It MUST be here. Somewhere. Wah”

  • Jman

    Littles accusations of the PM here are disgraceful. They have simply no basis in fact. Nowhere is Key mentioned in the Panama papers. Little is just showing what low-life pond scum he is. Shame on him.

    • Second time around

      Like when Cunliffe said that if it was a choice between believing Dotcom and his fake Hollywood emails or the PM, he would believe Dotcom. Cunliffe was sitting on the beach, all by himself, less than two weeks after that pronouncement. I wonder how it will fare for Andy. In any case, respect the office of PM if you ever want to get the job.

  • Rupert

    So where can you actually see these papers? Is there a link, torrent download or something?

  • Grizz30

    my understanding is that these trusts are not a vehicle for NZ tax residents to avoid paying tax. The legislation was in place long before this government came into office. If this incident has highlighted a problem with the tax laws then I am all for a review. However I agree that trying to blame the Prime Minister for it all is going full retard. The opposition parties should be demanding to work with the government to highlight problems and make the law better rather than to look like miserable protesters standing outside a ball venue on a Saturday night.

    • Christie

      Parties behind NZ foreign trusts are usually non residents. This means they only pay tax in their country of residence. So, you are correct – a foreign trust is not a vehicle for NZ residents to avoid paying tax. They are not vehicles to assist anyone in avoiding tax. Most of these foreign trusts have no tax liability here at all.

  • R&BAvenger

    Shaw is drinking form the same bottle of Koolaid as Little “…whereas everyone from Inland Revenue, Transparency International and a whole group of international experts…” John Nash from IRD had a statement in an article on page 2 of Saturday’s Press explicitly stating NZ is not a tax haven.

  • cows4me

    Is Ritalin subsidized ? It would seem many on the left and media are suffering a mental health crisis, maybe a course of ritalin would be helpful.

    • LocalYokel

      They should drink the koolaid.

      • OneTrack

        I think they have already drunk far too much KoolAid.

  • Sailor Sam

    And the left wants to see John Key’s tax records.
    Good, let the enquiry also show the Incite Union, EPMU tax records and also David Shearer’s tax records and NZME’s tax files while we are at it.
    And let us look at a little tax records as well.
    Let us get all the “dirty” washing out al together

    • Aucky

      I reckon there could be more Kiwi UN employees than Shearer who might be worthy of some of the investigator’s time. if there’s nothing to hide then there’s nothing to fear.

      • phronesis

        UN employees don’t pay income tax as I understand it. The UN is essentially a tax haven.

        • Wheninrome

          According to their recruitment page

          “Tax exemption
          Salaries, grants and allowances paid by the United Nations are normally exempt from income tax.”
          So Aunty Helen is not paying tax and this will go alongside the Trusts she already has.
          Nothing illegal here, but morally questionable, maybe?

          • phronesis

            I assume the “normally” means that some countries don’t play the UN game and force UN staff to pay income tax in the countries they work. If NZ doesn’t want to be a tax haven I’m all for starting with the UN employees here.

    • kiwisnab

      Not forgetting David Cunliffe’s trust he set up for the leadership bid

  • axeman

    So the trust laws haven’t been altered since 1988, so I guess all previous leaders and Governments have been complicit in this all the way. The law is the law and as long as you operate within it then fine. If the law needs to be changed so be it but lets look first and then decide, this is typical left knee jerking reaction. If the law changes then people and corporate’s will adjust to suit

  • Aaron

    Wont it be funny if after a full investigation it is found that the only ones with dodgy trusts are the ones on the left?
    Mind you if this happened while they were in power and they were to be found to have dodgy trusts. They will just change the law to make them ok.

  • Greg M

    The lefty’s have once again completely missed the point. NZ trusts are used as a SAFE haven, not a tax haven. They still pay tax in the country it was earned in.
    The reason they come here is because we are a safe country, and they want to protect their assets from corruption and dodgy usually socialist governments in their home country. If they are breaking NZ tax law then come down on them like a ton of bricks, but I bet you two bucks they are all fully compliant with our tax laws and reporting and disclosure requirements.

    • Dog Breath

      Only $2 if your are absolutely sure it’s all above board you have to bet better than that, put your house on it then you have credibility in your beliefs.
      I expect There will be NZ’RS embarrassed by revelations and I expect it will come from all quarters of society. If Nicky Hager is coy on investigating this then maybe he and his family trusts are soon to be named. Look for all the silent ones who are normally on the end of a trumpet. It’s going to be an interesting reveal.

  • Cadwallader

    New Zealand is not, and never has been, a tax haven. I wish like hell it was!
    It is a tax jurisdiction which happens to be attractive to some off-shore interests. The reasons why it is attractive are numerous and go beyond our tax treatment of off-shore parties, not just trusts. NZ is attractive in part due to its stable and savvie government. As long as the fools in Labour and Greens are kept well away from the treasury benches then we’ll continue to bask with a stable and savvie government. If the lefties got into power there’d likely be a tsunami of $$$$ flushing out of here together with citizens who possess enterprise and self-reliance. As each day passes it becomes easier to detest the lefties. In the past I have felt a bit sorry for them due to their absurd and unfounded beliefs but not now, they are like rodents trapped before headlights desperate to make a move, clueless as to where and clueless as to why.

    • contractor

      If Labour get in I’d sure want to shift ourselves and our assets offshore, because Labour would definitely need mountains more tax. Nope, no tax haven here!

  • CheesyEarWax

    Its the same old insinuation “rich pr1cks can’t be trusted” from the left, this is what Shaw and Little is doing with the complicit media. Once they find find that no laws was broken they’ll use terms like “morally wrong”, “open to abuse” etc.. This is tiresome stuff from the left, and voters are clever enough to see through this.

  • Left Right Out

    ““One tax expert isn’t going to solve this, especially one appointed by a Prime Minister who doesn’t think hiding their finances behind tax free funds is morally wrong.”

    those last 2 words, morally wrong…… does that mean that it’s not illegal to do this just “morally wrong” in the view of some? I ask as I have no idea about this sort of stuff…. if it’s legal, then surely it’s fine or have I missed everything?

    Every accountant I have ever been to has found ways for me to save paying tax is this also morally wrong???

    The Panama Papers Bus is coming watch the left try and catch it

    • kayaker

      And even when the Panama Bus parks at the terminal, they will still be trying to catch it/chase it.

    • WBC

      You’re quite right.

      And what is morally right in Andy ‘Snowball’ Little’s eyes down on Labour Farm is likely to be morally repugnant to the majority of normal Kiwis.

  • CJA

    Okay I’m an accountant. I still have not been convinced by any of the rhetoric that anything illegal has been committed in New Zealand. No illegality (happy to be corrected) no issue as far as I’m concerned.

    Edit: spelling.

  • Macca

    Wow! The left just don’t get it do they! They have now been in opposition for around 7 and a half years and even the day after another good spanking in the polls, revert back to the ‘same ole’ same ole’ Dirty Politics mentality and attacking John Key.

    There is no doubt about it that the left just have a different mindset. Where I really struggle is that with this continued display of stupidity, year in, year out, they can’t work out why they are unable to gain on National still somehow believe that they can get voted in to power and miraculously, overnight, wake up with the intelligence to run the country. Imagine Little waking up one morning, looking in the mirror and exclaiming, ‘well blow me down, would you look at that, I’ve grown a brain!’

    One poor Muppet rang Leighton this morning to tell him to stop sticking up all the time for John Key and that everyone knows (except the media which isn’t really saying much), that the polls are rigged! They really are beyond help.

  • Time For Accountability

    And have a look at how super auction funds and general fund managers invest their money and some of your future income source should you hang into parliament long enough.

    And while we are on the topic of transparency please publish the accounts for the side company to the EPMU and the side charitable trust where all those millions of members funds were diverted to and spent.

    • Bryan

      and why they have an emergency fund that has not been used for years regardless of all the hard up family stories they keep coming out with

  • localnews

    I think we should definitely have an inquiry. If some of these overseas high rollers have cash sitting in their NZ trusts, we need to let them know they could be investing in the Auckland housing market or buying up some great dairy farms, that are going for very good prices at present. It seems silly for them to missing out on those opportunities

  • Ruahine

    Was it not Helen Clark’s Government that passed the present overseas Trust Laws?

    • contractor

      It was. Funny watching the baseless and insane attacks from the left and their media puppets.

  • benniedawg

    Been working from home today and have had red radio on in the background mainly for the news. It really has been something to behold listening to presenter after presenter almost beside themselves with grief and disbelief of the latest poll and andy’s, and labours poor showing. Plus all the muppets they have interviewed on the issue. Their disbelief is awesome to behold. Obviously they had all written their scripts on the latest poll being the end of JK re the flag etc. What a sad bunch of losers. To think that a considerable amount of our tax goes to the funding of this totally left leaning institution is galling at best. Their boldness apparently knows no bounds. Time for a funding cut methinks.

  • Bartman

    If “Records” and “Documents” mean one and the same in this context, then NZ featured in 60k or 0.5% of the total 11.5 million haul. Impressive – and consistent with a tiny economic nation.

  • contractor

    The Herald is way out on a spindly tree limb with their increased and over the top screeching about John Key, conjuring up and embelishing anything they can possibly cling to, to make the PM look like a sinister, conniving crook, which he most certainly is not (other than being too politically savvy for the left).

    Well, guess what Herald and your other media friends (Katie et al) the public just aren’t buying your stories one bit. Moreover the economy is one of the best in the world, with one of the lowest govt debt ratios. Ok, not everything is perfect, but most are in work and National is working on improving as much as it reasonably can in an increasingly complex world.

  • Rick H

    I heard that Hager was not involved, as in, the other “investigative journalists” either didn’t know who he was, or didn’t invite him to join in.
    It may be that Nicky actually knew nothing about this till a week or so ago.

    If that is true, he will be mad as hell.