The most Russian video ever

I don’t often say “much watch”, but this one is just one of those gems you shouldn’t miss.


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  • Orange

    Can cats actually get stuck in trees or is it that they just don’t want to come down?

    • zotaccore

      The latter. Independence is the name of the game for most cats… the gut usually dictates its time to go home – does in the case of my cat ;)

  • DemocKot

    A very Russian way of doing things…
    They didn’t call it a b……. more like rascal

  • Spiker

    Kittys не пострадали в создании этого видео.

  • Nesher

    Cat “salvage” operation by Russian rescue professionals:

  • LesleyNZ

    Imagine if this happened in NZ. The Greenies would be so mad about the tree. They must really love their cats in Russia. Mind you I am not sure what the guy’s hat was made from!

  • Nige.

    Certainly used up at least 3 lives by my count. No wait…4.

  • Tiger

    Was that guy a younger Gareth Morgan?